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All right, lets have some fun! if the IDW are the Avengers or Justice League then who are the Injustice League or Dark Avengers?
Don't just name SJW buffoons. Try to think of people who stand against IDW values or are at odds with them but are still formidable intellects.

I'll start:
Owen Benjamin is the first apostate of the IDW, cast out for his ribald humor.

Alex Jones the renegade journalist, banned from youtube for his alternative facts. Everyone, including his former friend Joe Rogan has turned against him.

Who else?

L0g1c9uy 4 Feb 19

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So far,
Alex Jones with his trusty side kick PJ Watson
The regressive duo of Ana Kasparian and Cenk Yuger
Anita Sarkeesian
Triggley Puff and Aids Skrillix
Faith Goldy
Jack Conte (he's the behind the scenes guy who funds them. Im thinking about replacing him with either Bezos or Zuckerberg)
Gummo Weinstein
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Dancin' Congresswoman
Sam Seder, Dave Rubin's arch nemeses who is always jumping out and yelling "debate me coward"

The Emotional Luminous Network

Some other possibles: Agent of Chaos Mr Jim Metokur. Natalie "Contrapoints" Wynn


very intellectual video. But kind of off topic tho. =(

@L0g1c9uy What? Does Peter Jordanson not make the IDW villain cut?


Oh, I just thought of someone obvious. AOC is definitely in the Emotional Luminous Network.

The Emotional Luminous Network! What a brilliant title! Yes, and I fear that although I loathe him, we must also cast Sam Seder in a key role, because he is among one of the most contemptuous figures in that whole seedy progressive shithole from which their SJW stupidity spews. Perhaps he could be like Thanos, who along with his underlings Michael Brooks, Ana Kasparian and David Pakman finds some sort of Infinity Glove, snaps his grubby little fingers and creates a horrible new world in which David Rubin's desire to converse in the free exchange of ideas evaporates by fifty percent; killing off (at least metaphorically) all of his willingness to engage with an entire side of progressive political figures. Because surely, David would never shut down from engaging as he has unless someone as twisted as Sam Seder had massively altered Rubin's outlook on the MarketPlace of ideas!

It's a truly dark time now for Rubin. He is at his lowest now that Seder's fingers have snapped, casting his desire to debate anyone, but those that agree with him into the Quantam Realm. And the truly amazing (and demented) thing about Seder as a villain is that he probably believes he is doing some great good by inducing all of the misery he's created. But Rubin and others like him who possibly suffered from this snap (like Ben Shapiro & Steven Crowder) will one day re-emerge from this doldrum and victoriously fight in the battlefield of conservative ideas again!!!

@SonOfPetersson Seedy Seder


What about this mmmm guy?

I feel like if there's a White Nationalist slot it goes to Faith Goldy. Since she does have that feud with Jordan Peterson.

@L0g1c9uy Don't know too much about her, saw she got in trouble for something about words? 14 I think?


Anita Sarkeesian, Michael Erik Dyson, Cathy Newman, Cenk Yugar, Ana Casparian, Rebecca Lewis, Jack Conte.

We've already let in Sarkeesian. I feel like Cathy Newman is more on the bufoon end of things. Cenk / Ana definitely because they're part of Rubin's origin story, they are mad at him for his betrayal.
There definitely should be a tech bros billionaire, not sure if it's Conte though.But he's in the running


I would have to go with Eric Weinstein, simply for his complex, mathematical mode of communication. He's like a wizard mastermind. His brain is so powerful, its sort of like a MODOK type.

well, he's already in the IDW. He can't be in both can he?

@L0g1c9uy but it’s cool though if he gets ousted for being too dark you gotta admit

@Saget2Me I feel like the Weinstein's probably have some like retarded subterranean deformed brother who they don't let out of the basement. Gummo Weinstein.
Gummo is actually the biggest brain weinstein. He can be in the group.


Stefan Molyneux? Young Turks for giggles?


trigglypuff aidskrillex

oh hell yeah! Definitely


Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson, OBVIOUSLY, because they are Jones's key henchman and purveyors of hidden truths.

Dennis Prager, because he's assembled nearly all of the IDW on to Prager U and weaponized their wisdom into truth-bombs for mass consumption.

And Anita Sarkeesian because she single-handedly started the culture wars that propelled the IDW to greatness, unwittingly. She's like Glass, she's evil, but she creates IDW super-heroes.

DEFINITELY Sarkeesian. I like the idea of PJW at Robin to Jones' Batman. But I don't want to load up on too many infowars henchmen, want to keep it intellectually diverse just like the IDW

Having Prager there is like when Professor X turns evil. Who would've thought it was him all along!


Matt Drudge maybe?

Is he opposed to the IDW?

@L0g1c9uy Honestly not sure.

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