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I have zero intention of voluntarily taking the flu-19 vaccine or, in the new media non-threatening, friendly parlance, The Jab.
The annual flu shot is a choice and it changes every year because of me variants. As we’re seeing with Flu-19, it’s a mutating corona. Does this mean that once you have The Jab that you have to then get it every year for the new variant?
My main concern will be the public shaming and ostracism campaign that is coming. How will this affect my employment, my ability to be a part of my community and medical treatment?
Currently, the Australian Government is talking openly that every Australian will have had their FIRST jab by October. This doesn’t sound like choice to me.

Jedly 6 Mar 14

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For information purposes only .. Astra vaccine has been or is about to be pulled due to blood clotting issues

Sabotage by Pfizer so they get the worldwide monopoly?

@Jedly doesnt bode well for independent testing either way. i guess the guineas pigs must suffer


Without legal support the vaccine will be forcibly given to all. you will not be able to function without a "green" passport of sorts. this the just the beginning

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