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"Every time you indulge an angry thought, you give birth to darkness. That darkness cannot be controlled nor contained. It will never serve you. Eventually it will consume everything you love."

JesusOfHistory 6 Jan 27

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I agree but as we think we create. Each of us is connected to the lower spiritual Earth all the time. The average person uses the solar plexus center for this. This is the reason we sometimes hear "I know it in my gut". If we think an angry or violent thought for more than just an instant we actually create it in spirit. It remains vital for a long time. Othes can feel it and react. Anger hurts many people, not just he or she who expresses it. If the average person was aware of the fact of the spiritual worlds and the way that each of us interacts with them they would be much more cautious and control their emotions better. Have we noticed that advanced men and women usually are portrayed as being quite well balanced, never emotional, always thoughtful? And we commonly see Jesus portrayed as being calm and almost non involved. This is because as we advance spiritually we are less connected to the lower heavens where all the emotion is. Advanced human beings have connections to the heavens too but to a much higher level where emotions are much more pure. As for dealing with the darkness of an anger form. It is not so hard to do. If one knows how to do it one may locate and remove these, permanently. I, myself, have found the remnants of anger and physical violence when asked to do so. They are very concrete but I mean concrete in spiritual matter, not physical. Having found them they are easily disposed of. We live in a world where most of us are not spiritually advanced. Ours is a world of strong emotions. This is the nature of the Earth. It is a training ground for what will come later when we return to the heavenly fields. Jesus (and others) came here to teach us how to manage our spiritual lives so that the suffering would be minimized. This is the reason he is reported to have said: "I am the way (to the Father)". Navigating through and surviving all the negative lower spiritual darkness is what he referred to. A last thought is this. Here on Earth we need to learn these things through metaphors. These are like the parables of the New Testament. The average human is not equipped to understand our spiritual nature so we are given religions to help. The purpose of religions is to provide guidance but this is usually in a form that will appeal to the average man. Later after we return "to the Father" we will note that there are no religions nor are their scriptures or prophets in heaven (paradise). None at all. They are no longer needed. They are of the Earth only and for good reason.

The best way for the average man to combat the darkness formed anger is to envelop it with light. This is easy to do. Return good for evil. This is the hidden, esoteric, reasoning behind Jesus' admonishment that we turn the other cheek.

Sorry to be so long winded. I feel strongly about these kinds of things. Our world and our own natures become so much easier to understand when we finally gain the ability to realize the fact of the spiritual worlds in which we move every minute of every day. And we DO have a degree of control.

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