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Poll: Impeach Joe Biden Now? (New Facebook Page at)

ALIPAC 6 Jan 21

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Beijing Biden is NOT our president.
He was NOT elected a majority.
The fake media β€œelected” himπŸ˜•

Level 1 Jan 21, 2021

Biden, Harris, Pelosi...would make no difference because the Communist Party (formerly known as the Democratic Party) regards the post of POTUS as titular.
The person who occupies the White House and the Oval Office is merely a proverbial hand puppet - a person who signs and "approves" or rejects policies according to the will and the whims of "the party leaders"...they have a makeshift politburo. A Committee that formulates policy, and directs the POTUS accordingly.


Joe magic dumps Biden should not be impeached his replacement would be far worse.

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