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Do you approve of totalitarian censorship?

Tiana-Maher 4 Jan 14

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No!! Only the left are anti-free speech




OF COURSE I don't approve of censorship. I am a fascist. In spite of the absolutely idiotic propaganda, fascists are very very anti-censorship. We insist on an open society in spite of the nonsense you have probably heard.


The majority of people know what they want to hear, see, say or read, they also know what they don't want to hear, see,say or read we neither want or need anyone government especially dictating this to them
. It's called being and adult. These companies that think they have a right to dictate what we can or cannot hear, see, say or read are little more than tin-pot dictators, They have not the right or maturity to make decisions like this for grown adult, and to assume they know better than us what we want or need is both arrogant and down right insulting.


To retain one's humanity you cannot nihil even the Enemy.


I don’t support Totalitarianism in ANY aspect.
By preference, Totalitarians should be eliminated with extreme prejudice.


Anyone who abuses the rights and freedoms of another is not worthy of power.


From individuals or the private sector?

From government?

Do you support freedom to associate for individuals and the private sector?

When individuals and the private sector are regulated by the government, they are bound by the laws of the government, unless they’re leftists...

Of course.

But the government doesn't regulate social media in the USA and thus there are no laws (barring violations of contract or TOS) against an ISP dropping a client.


Would you support repeal of anti-discrimination laws as they apply to private sector?

In some future paradise, yes.
At this moment in history, no.


In some future paradise, maybe we'll quit bitching about private sector clamp downs on ideas and suppression of information that doesn't fit the story they're spinning.

For the time being, however, the butthurt bitching doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Yes. True. Any idea how to improve the effectiveness?

That most important yet least practiced skill of all: honest self reflection.

For example, this is my mantra to try to minimize bias in my own views:

If I see something I agree with, I look for ways to disagree with it.
If I see something I disagree with, I look for ways to agree with it

In the constant back-and-forth tension of using this mantra, I can (to the best of my abilities) process both sides of an argument and arrive at as consistent and coherent an opinion as I can.

By comparison, most people follow the following mantra:

If I see something I agree with, I look for ways to agree with it more.
If I see something I disagree with, I look for ways to disagree with it more

Which leads to echo chambers and insular thinking.

@TheMiddleWay and yet your butthurt bitching never seems to end...

Perrito, I fully support all actions gov't and private sectors have undertaken these past weeks.
No bitching from me.

Whatever @TheMiddleWay has to tell himself...

What if the true de facto government is corporations?

What if the corporations are being pressured by the government?

Your thinking is muddled, probably because you are on the other side of this war due to genetic sympathies.

Until Amazon gains the presidency, FB is the house, Twitter is the senate, Google is the supreme court, and Apple is state governor... then their obvious lobbying power doesn't equate to them "de facto" being the government.

"What if..." is a good platform for understanding "What is..." but decisions should be made on "What is..." not "What if..."


Absolutely NOT!!!!

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