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Violence is at the heart of what both repels and attracts iñ watching Trumps attempt to crash Americas democracy. The threat and reality of violence under pin all fascist and racist ideology. Violence is primal and intrinsic to human and nature but not fundamentally the most relevsnt issue in the legal or political sense of whats happening with Trump and what he claims as HIS Republican party. His supporters and those who he now disavpws, the "special ones that we love", are being sought, investigated for charges of Conspiracy, Sedition and Insurrection. The proximate offences are trespass, vandalism, assault, murder etc but the deeper investigation and subsequent charges will be way more serious.This is as important as a determinant of America's place in the world as 9/ and for the USA even more critical.

N0DD 7 Jan 14

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Would that domestic terrorism by whites was persecuted as aggressively as international terrorism by browns. 😟

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