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Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Mass Arrest Coming + Italian Government to Fall Apart


Tags: #arrests #italiangovernment #italy #stevepieczenik #tomclancy

Steve Pieczenik is the real deal. A Master Spy and Exploits of Coups across the world, most bloodless. He was involved with The Tom Clancy Books and Movies, and His Own Spy Novels. He has worked in many Presidential Administrations, so he is NO Hack. His New book “American Warrior in Crisis’s” is a great book of his exploits in Spydom. I am kinda skeptical like Alex, too good to be true, but Steve gives a credible analysis and inside info going on. Who doesnt wanna believe Trump will be in a Second term and the Traitors being locked up? We will see next week I guess.

SurviveTheNews 3 Jan 14

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