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Twitter Traitors TM

I have a new term called, Twitter Traitors TM In light of what happened on 6 January in Washington DC. These are people, especially politicians, who Tweet and make statements that is contrary to Christian America and historically inaccurate.

You have people Tweet, like Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, say, “no one has a right to attack ANY federal institution. We have a proud history of resolving our differences peacefully.”
Need I remind you of the wars America was in; of the “authorities” (British soldiers) we shot? Did that harm America's cause? No! And as far as Donald Trump, his lawyers and his supporters trying resolve things peacefully. But the anti-Christ Communists sympathizers seem to forget that. It's when all else fails is when people resort to violence. If you are a Christian and know your Bible, there are plenty of stories of wars, of self-defence, etc.

revealedforyou 5 Jan 7

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