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America Is Not The Only Failed State

Christian Patriots see that America is a failed State; that we have systemic crime, lying, cover-ups going on in the highest places (as witness the electoral ). But it's not just in America this is happening – it's happening all over the world. How? The fact that newspapers, political leaders and academia agreeing with the US Supreme Court – that there is no evidence – is being an accomplice! When you have foreign leaders turning a blind eye to all the evidence of done at all levels of government in the US, they are just a guilty as those who perpetrated it. In short, they would do (or have already done) things like that in their own country.

We just have to pray that people in their respective countries wake up to the criminal organisation that they live under, too.

revealedforyou 5 Jan 7

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Not only that: should the US ultimately turn Socialist, we little guys will be easy pickings.


The greatest system of government in the history of humanity is also the easiest to destroy. Concluding that someone successful in taking it down proves that Constitutional Republicanism is not valid is ignorant and foolish. Even those who participated in our destruction will realize their mistake in time. And only blood will bring it back.

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