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Situation Update, Dec. 15th – Parallel electors chosen by 7 states as Trump accelerates ops to seize evidence
The election is not over: Biden has not been elected. There is no “president-elect” currently.
Biden makes false claim election was “free and fair,” even knowing it was rigged and fraudulent.
Bill Barr exposed as deep state traitor and fired from his position as AG / DOJ.
Newt Gingrich named to the Defense Policy Board which advises the DoD and Chris Miller.
Alternate electors chosen by 7 states, providing two parallel sets of electors to be considered by Congress on January 6th.
Trump must convince America before Jan. 6th that the election was stolen. This can cause the pro-Trump electors to be chosen.
Many lawsuits are under way in swing states and pending before SCOTUS.
Time running short for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and seize ballots as evidence of fraud.
Trump may also activate his 2018 executive order on foreign interference in US elections. Possible timeline for this is around or after Jan. 6th.
The Epoch Times also joins the call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.
Xi Jinping tells elite Chinese troops to “prepare for war.”
Trump tweets: “What a fool Governor @BrianKempGA of Georgia is. Could have been so easy, but now we have to do it the hard way.”

ajhilder 7 Dec 17

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