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Hey, I'm not the one buying guns to kill off half the country instead of growing up and resolve his problems talking things out.

A1fredo 8 Nov 30

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Alfredo, firearms are simply tools. Tools used to thwart and stop criminals. The founding fathers that wrote the United States Constitution also knew that once a government can legally disarm the people, there will no longer be a way for the people to revolt against any tyrannical government. The US is about to become tyrannical but we have the means to protest, resist, fight, and overthrow any government that means to turn us into servants.

Furthermore, firearms are great equalizers. An elderly woman can defend herself from a strong young criminal. A poorer person can defend themselves in neighborhoods where police don't even respond! Police, in our country, are under no legal obligation to defend our lives (Supreme Court decision). And the average response time for police assistance, in some areas, is over fifteen minutes.

What would you have us do? That which happens in other countries? We should just allow ourselves to be victims? Or, live in a home caged with bars to protect us from criminals outside? Why would you want to live like that?

I've been to Mexico City, Mexico. I've been to Santiago, Dominican Republic. I've lived in New York City. I'd rather have the means to protect myself and never need it, than to need a way to defend myself but am denied it by politicians that have armed guards.


People buy guns to defend themselves from other groups attacking them (not just to attack). Not everyone will respect words, but they will respect a loaded gun. It's not just an offensive weapon, but also a deterrent to other people's aggression...
..."The problem with melting your swords into plowshares to raise crops, is the one's who don't, will steal your crops"...

I know this. And the Commies also know you won't use them for anything other than to defend your own private property. Unless it's from the government. Because we all know you are good boys and girls, on the right. Perhaps it's not the time to respect words when you are being stolen of your liberty, your constitution, your middle class, your savings, etc....

@A1fredo I'm in Australia, so no constitution, no liberty and no guns. We don't even have a legal right to self defence. It's just one big, open-air prison colony. Ironically, my family emigrated here in the 80s to escape communism.

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