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As we enter our second full lockdown in the UK for a virus that is no more deadly than the flu unless you are in a care home sky news reported on a qualified nurse attempting to remove her 97 year old mother with dementia from a care home in order to care for her herself. She was promptly arrested and her mother returned. This lady watched as her daughter was arrested and was taken back inside causing who knows what trauma to her My thoughts and prayers go out to her she has not been able to see her mother for 9 months and making the decision to care for her in a preemptive move to spare her from the second elderly cull that is enveloping the UK and Europe at the moment was dashed in a despicable show of tyranny that is the Gold Standard Eugenic Board now in control of this nation.

The only hope is the Appeal for Judicial Review and the many more in the pipeline on COVID Lockdown in the UK. Although these will not halt the draconian measures they will at least allow court actions against the decisions and the effects on the general population and effects on business that might dent the coffers of the establishment. Having said that this government seems intent of our complete ruin unless of course you are Amazon or corporations who have made enormous profits in our subjugation this might hasten our own demise. It’s like a slow painful suicide here but swings and roundabouts at least you can have 30 people at the funeral. The people calling for this I’d wager couldn’t find more than a couple to attend their own.

On this day when this lockdown was up for debate Boris couldn’t even be bothered to stay for the duration citing a meeting he had to attend non specified of course. If this tells you nothing more than the plight of the British means nothing to Boris when he can have a smoke and a drink in the Westminster Bar until way past 10 o’clock all at the tax payers (if there are soon to be many left) expense because the Palace of Westminster is exempt from the rules for the plebs

More work for the psychotherapists I suppose for years and years to come but let me tell you it is so awful out there that I have decided to devote all my time to the charity The Samaritans helping the suicidal because it’s growing and growing and someone needs to be there for the lost and scared and hold their virtual hand as they make their decisions.

CHFandango 7 Nov 4

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The scamdemic or plandemic is a legalized form of genocide.

Absolutely but the people are genuinely scared. You can only pick up the pieces, comfort the terrified or reassure the vulnerable.

@CHFandango as a 45 year healthcare professional I do my best to educate people on infection control, viruses, mental health treatment and provide compassion whenever I can.

@dd54 What more can you do?? I would wager that you, like me, have many a sleepless night exacerbated and feel exhausted by circumstances beyond our control but pertinent in the minds and lives of clients.


The lockdowns are harming far more than Covid itself, with suicides on the up tick. It's not much better over here in the states.

Yeah I think the current situation you are facing has hit me hard I was kind of hoping for sanity to prevail and I am just at loss for you guys. The west seems to be falling or should I say robbed of their freedoms. It seems that reality is now perfunctory and part of me wants to think of the self fulfilling prophecy but more of me wants to believe in justice. Stay well

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