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“We’re not going to control the pandemic. We are gonna control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas.” - White House chief of staff Mark Meadows

This is like saying we aren't going to control drunk driving, we are just gonna focus on the accidents.
Or we aren't going to control murder, we are just gonna focus on victims compensation.
Or we aren't going to control the opoid crisis, we are just gonna focus on drug rehab.

This is also insight into what the Trump presidency will be: no action on COVID until vaccines come online, which are slated for at least another 6 months to a year, or a reliance on therapeutics like Remsivir, which have been shown after months of study to not be as effective as once thought.

At what point do we embrace being preventive instead of reactive to our nation's ills?

TheMiddleWay 7 Oct 26

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Japan has had no government enforced restrictions and is doing much better than any European country. It's not a government problem it's a people problem at least beyond the obvious such as closing borders, health care, etc.

One interesting side note is the Japanese government claims 45 percent of the population has the anti bodies from exposure to the virus. That points strongly towards other factors besides containment being critical in the severity of Covid 19 in a population.

Hmm... I wonder if biological differences among and between populations might have some impact on susceptibility and/or severity...

Like Sweden, the difference isn't in biology but culture.

In Japan's case, they wore masks religiously even before the pandemic; they have a "mask culture" and did not have to be asked to wear masks, they just did it. And amazingly enough.. well, amazing to people that deny masks... their government didn't need to shut down.

In Swedens case, they restricted their social outlets and distances not because the government asked them too but because they knew it was the right thing to do. Also amazing... a culture that cares about each other enough to self distance, to self regulate to self mask didn't need the government to intercede.


A according to the Japanese government mask wearing didn't prevent exposure. Stop with the emotional analysis and come up with a better theory.

Japanese government said what now?
Stop with the emotional retorts and come up with a better evidence.

April 2, 2020
Japan to give two masks each to 50 million households to fight virus

May 28, 2020
Masks helped keep Japan's COVID-19 death toll low, says expert [japanese] panel

August 11, 2020
Japanese social conformity behind wearing of face masks amid pandemic


Are you really that stupid? What did I say? I'm done with you.

You said "A according to the Japanese government mask wearing didn't prevent exposure" yet provided zero proof that Japanese government said anything of the sort.

Stop with the emotional retorts and come up with a better evidence.
Or admit the Japanese government said nothing of the sort.
Or just walk away to save face.

No big deal what you do; the evidence does the talking for us not failed attempts at insults.


It's more like saying we're not going to control a hurricane, or an earthquake.

Exactly like that

Evacuations prior to hurricanes help control the damage done by them... Being preventive saves lives.

and building codes using earthquake preventive measures help control how earthquakes interact with buildings.... Being preventive saves lives.


Yes, thus isolated shutdowns, preservation of PPE for places most needed early on, flatten curve, social distance, reduced red tape for treatments and vaccine testing,, persuading manufacturers to tool up for equipment and supplies... The virus isn't under our control, but management of response and resources is ongoing.

Masks, contact tracing, etc, etc. Exactly.
To simply wait for a vaccine that won't be here for 6 months or on the treatment after you've been infected while eschew ways to NOT get infected is an irresponsible position for the WH to take. 😟


Another "unbiased" post.

Not at all. Very biased. Not sure what is gained by pointing out the obvious even if sarcastically

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