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Well, I recently was going through some organizational surveys and I came across a few that said "NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY". Of course these immediately grabbed my attention. As the chairman I like to know what people think. Turns out they don't think much at all. Oh well, AGM next month and I will be speaking. How do you think I should respond?

Let mer clarify first, the NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY surveys completely rip the CEO and myself apart. Apparently his vision is not what people want to do, and I don't operate how they want me to. By that I think they mean I obey the laws of the land and don't pander to their whims. In one case a person wanted me (us) to change what we were doing because it did not suit her or her husband. I explained that to do that would cost 20 people(families) their jobs, and that maybe she was less important to the organization than she thinks. I might add there are few of these people in the organization that are out spoken and undermine operations.

So, How do you think I should respond?

CynicalGrump 6 Oct 26

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AGM happened today. Fortunately my speech was cleverly crafted, thanks to some smart people (wife who is a clinical psychologist) finding some diplomatic ways to both encourage people and discipline them at the same time. There was not even one objection. A few raise eyebrows though as I push forward with organization vision and some explanations. I also took a lesson from Jordan Peterson and gave some credence to their concerns. However, I did paint a global picture of issues around our friend COVID, essential to bring perspective to how small our issues are in the organization.



I could calmly chew them up and spit them out.


Not sure of the context, but if you are the chairman of a business organization and you are reviewing questionnaire responses, you should probably remember two things: first, I presume it was you or someone working for you who created and sent out the questionnaires and second, you probably wouldn’t be where you are without diplomacy, decisiveness, and an understanding that people have different skills.

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