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I believe it is true that a majority of Democrat voters are voting FOR Harris. I think a majority of them KNOW Biden wouldn't survive 4 yrs in office.

And Harris is an empty suit.

tracycoyle 8 Oct 23

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That's more scary than ignorance.


The fact still remains, these politicians could care less about any of us. I think they are all petty and out for themselves, period. I have always hated Trump because he’s a self absorbed pig but I can’t stand how the left has gone so extreme.

I just can not believe that there is not 1 decent, intelligent and qualified American to run this country. Are the politicians getting worse or do we just have more transparency due to technology.

Trump may be an ass but I’d rather someone be in office that goes against the powers that be than a sheep that just wants more power & .

Sadly, it seems that the decent and sincere candidates are pushed to the sidelines very early on. Trump is far from perfect, but even with that being the case, he is the only choice, IMO.

The qualifications you seek preclude someone from wanting power over others....

I'd prefer this lady:

@MichelleD But the Libertarian Party is nuts...

@tracycoyle some, not all. She's less scary than mandatory vaccines (Trump) or a socialist dictator (Harris), or a man that's mentally and morally impaired (Biden). Besides, I kinda like her.

@MichelleD I'm curious why you think Trump will make (or has made) vaccine(s) mandatory?

@tracycoyle I don't think he's made them mandatory yet. IDK, gut worry maybe. Other than that, I have no problem with him.

@MichelleD I think your gut is suffering from biotic deficiency !! 😉

I can't imagine he would even consider it considering his established behavior todate

@tracycoyle I may be suffering from that, and many more things. But it matters very little now as I've already voted. It is what it is. I tend to do well by trusting my gut. I don't expect anyone to understand. I could have been less honest and told you some ridiculous justification that sounded reasonable but I chose to be honest. I embrace my stupidity along with my intelligence and only time will tell which one of these my gut was utilizing when I cast my ballot. But, then again, that's the way it is for all of us.

@MichelleD I trust my intuition ALL THE TIME, it has seldom let me down - but it only operates in times of 'insufficient information'. It's not that I prefer one over the other, just one supplements the other.

This country has elected a dead person too often....

@tracycoyle this is true. Just doing my best to navigate in the dark.


Biden is nothing more than a Trojan Horse, and Harris is there for those Democrats who hear the dog whistle....


For a majority of Democrats that I know, neither Biden nor Harris are the issue. Trump is the issue. They would vote for ANY Democrat. That’s what the very popular phrase “Blue No Matter Who” is all about - getting rid of Trump.


I disagree - somewhat. They aren't voting for Harris - they are voting against Trump.

I'd bet they would say they support President Harris...

@tracycoyle they would say that about anybody with a D before their name and not named Trump


A good bunch of us are voting against Trump, not for Biden or Harris.

I am going to exercise some hyperbole to make my point:

That is like embracing Islam because you hate Jews.
That is like supporting China because your Taiwanese VCR was crap
That is like quitting your 100k a year job and driving a taxi because they didn't support BLM
That is like buying a moped because your car needs oil changes too often
That is like buying an electric car because you don't want to support fossil fuels
That is like moving to a homeless shelter because capitalism sucks
That is like cheering North Korea because THEY have equality amongst their citizens

Frankly, I can't conceive of a reason why your dislike/hatred/loathing/displeasure over someone should encourage you to pick someone you wouldn't in the first place.

I am sure there are reasons why what Trump's Administration has done might not be acceptable to you. But given the utter failure of the previous Administration - the 2nd most important person IN that Administration who is on the ballot you don't support EXCEPT that he is not Trump, and despite his 40+ years in the Senate accomplishing NOTHING - you think HE is a better choice?

Sorry. My blog is called the Moderate Mainstream. Your handle is 'The Middle Way'. I don't see how we can be in the same place politically...


Frankly, I can't conceive of a reason why your dislike/hatred/loathing/displeasure over someone should encourage you to pick someone you wouldn't in the first place.

Just because I wanted Bernie and not Biden doesn't mean I think more highly of Trump.
I, and others, don't like the way Trump has run the country these past four years; why is that so difficult to understand?

@tracycoyle you do realize many Republicans did not want Trump. Most people wanted Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. And yet, even not joining in the cult of Trump, they hated Hillary just that much that they voted for Trump - or rather, against Hillary.

With our current two-party system, it is really vote D or R or throw your vote away. You can disagree with Biden's policies, but still see them as being better than Trump's.

It's more like going from 100k job to take an 80k job instead of begging for change on the street. Or buying a cheaper car or an electric car rather than hitchhiking.

@TheMiddleWay Because the guy you support sucked so bad at it the last time...

@TheMiddleWay, @JacksonNought Given I worked on the Cruz campaign, I resemble that remark. And any of the GOP candidates were better than Clinton. I didn't hate Clinton, I thought she was a corrupt woman willing to sell the country out for a few million bucks. I didn't trust her to BE in the White House with the silver, let alone be in the Oval Office.

I said in 2008 that I'd rather not vote for McCain because I thought he was a nightmare for the Country - I didn't vote for Obama however. And yea, I've used the phrase: voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. In the current election, I don't consider it such a choice: one evil, one less than perfect. I prefer not to ignore the good enough because he's not perfect.

I can't think of a policy Biden has promoted that I'd support, even if I actually believed his statement ON the position to begin with. On the other hand, I've been really happy with the actual policy implementations of this Administration, even if they weren't always exactly my choice.

I am willing to accept that my way isn't the only way to accomplish something - it is the accomplished end that matters to me. And yes, sometimes the means are justified by the ends.

But I am amoral so I can concede that comfortably....

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, I agree.
But that means that allowing Trump to remain in office is allowing what is to me the greater evil to reign.
Hence, I do what I can to replace the greater evil with the lesser evil.

@tracycoyle as Middle Way says, in my view the evil one is Trump, the less than perfect one is Biden. If you think Hillary would sell out the country for a few million dollars, I think Trump would sell out the country for a nickel.

@tracycoyle lesser of two evils

@avan16 certainly depends upon which you consider the lesser....

Bingo Bango.
Hopefully you can now conceive why a bunch of us aren't voting for Biden, but against Trump.

@TheMiddleWay Oh, I KNOW why, I just don't understand it. So, I can conceive it - I am capable of holding competing thoughts at the same time, I just don't act on both at the same time...

But then if you see that we don't like Trump and want him out...
... why isn't there to understand why we would want the only other viable candidate as a replacement and vote him in?

Mind you, I'm not saying you would need do the same with said understanding.
Just that you understand why we want Trump out which by default means Biden in.

@tracycoyle : frying pan, meet fire.

Nice to meet you fire ,
my name is Boris Johnson.

@TheMiddleWay I choose candidates by the principles (such as they might be) that they espouse. Trump most closely aligns with a classical liberal POV....I don't vote against a person.

@TheMiddleWay, @Mikewee777 I don't know enough about Boris to be comfortable with him - but I fully supported Brexit. So did my family living in London's burbs.

@tracycoyle Joe


As someone voting Democrat, I disagree. A good many of them, being moderates and centrists, are voting for Biden because they like him and his policies. And another good many of them, myself included, are voting for him to get Trump out of office.

Yea, except NONE of Biden/Harris' planned policies are remotely centrist or moderate...

@tracycoyle I very much disagree.

@JacksonNought Ending fracking is a centrist position? The Green New Deal is a moderate position? The Iran Deal is a bipartisan position? I am sure there are a couple he has been for, then against, and for that I might support - but given the big ones....I am not willing to sacrifice the country for a few of the little ones...

@tracycoyle except Biden has said time and time again he is not banning fracking. He also does not support the Green New Deal. Biden is the nominee, not Bernie, not AOC.

@JacksonNought So, no NEW permits for fracking and end to carbon based fuels by 2050 isn't ending fracking NEXT YEAR....

Look, politicians will say anything to get elected and then ignore what they promised. Trump broke with that trend, much to the enjoyment of many on the Right.

Biden will do whatever serves Biden and the power brokers - in keeping with historical precedent.

As long as people continue to let Lucy hold the ball...

@tracycoyle not sure what you mean by your Trump statement? Are you saying he didn't ignore his promises? Where are his tax returns? Where is his health plan? Where are his term limits and draining of the swamp? When is Mexico paying for the wall? Why isn't Hillary in jail?

Do you really think Trump cares about anyone but himself?

@JacksonNought As to your last question : Sure. His family. And most Americans. I'm sure you can say the former about Biden, but not the later.

As to the other questions - I will ignore for the sake of brevity a couple (you will demand proof and I am sitting in an apartment in the midst of minor destruction (painting going on) and focus on two: the Wall - there was never going to be a check in the mail, the reading of that 'promise' is certainly subject to interpretation and 1) the redrafting of NAFTA and 2) preventing illegals crossing into this country certainly put the onus on Mexico - neither of which would be acceptable to those demanding proof of a check drawn on a Mexican bank. Trump can't arrest Clinton, he has to rely on the DOJ and state agencies to arrest people - and given the emphasis by the FBI to go after Trump and his campaign people for TWO YEARS and the House to go after him for THREE, Clinton got a pass.

There are lots of things Presidents say they want to do that require others to actually accomplish, not the least of which is Congress.

His efforts with regard to judges, foreign policy, regulations and the economy where he had some direct control were fulfillment, or at least a long way towards such, of his promises.

@tracycoyle I will say you are 100% incorrect that Biden doesn't care about Americans. And 100% incorrect that Trump does. To me it seems so obvious. But I guess we'll just have to accept that we'll never come to an agreement on this.

@JacksonNought True, perspective matters. Truth being relative....

@JacksonNought Fundamentally, I believe, our differences can be distilled down to this: you think government has a responsibility to care for it's citizens and I think government, specifically the Federal Government, has no business in the individual lives of the citizens.

Further, somebody has to be held accountable for poor decisions, if it is not the citizen, it is no one because government has proven to be immune to accountability for it's bad/poor decisions.

So, I'd rather give them less opportunities to fuck up if we can not hold them accountable in a way that makes them feel the pain for their actions.

More laws are useless when the laws we have are not being enforced, or/and, being enforced unequally...

ie Flynn being tried for lying to the FBI but Andrew McCabe walking free...

@tracycoyle while I think some sort of social safety net is a good idea, more often than not I think the government should stay out of people's lives. Which is why I support drug legalization, marriage equality, and full abortion rights.

@JacksonNought I'm a classical liberal. I support drug legalization with stiff penalties for DUI. I support marriage equality - I was partnered for 18+ yrs (she didn't want to get married until her last year but made the request post a very serious stroke, we never got to it before she passed), and I support abortion PRIOR to the 20th week unrestricted, prior to the 24th week with some restrictions and after that only in the a threat to the mother's life - the child, once viable, has rights.

I benefited greatly from our social safety net, and it worked exactly as it should - it caught me, got me back on my feet and stepped away.

The Federal Government has become too intrusive, it has taken over the obligations of States that they abrogated wrongly.

I would wager, that if we sat and discussed issues over a long weekend, you would find our positions much closer than you might think. I can say that because a good friend, so liberal she makes Occupy look reasonable!, and I have had these discussions and we are 95% in agreement on most issues and I am coming from the individual liberty, government is necessary but as little as possible POV.

@tracycoyle I am sure you are correct.

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