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Breaking news: democrat drops out of the 2020 presidential race amid scandal investigation!!!!!

TheMiddleWay 7 Oct 9

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? I don't get the joke?

There is SO much attention on Hillary and her emails lately from Trump that you'd think it was her running for office. 😉

@TheMiddleWay weak - you're better than that - ha!

No. No I'm not. 😀😀😀

@TheMiddleWay are you accepting the mantel of the proverbial - mythical humorless lefty?

I thought I was poking fun at myself. 🤔
But I don't wish to be rude: I'm willing to accept any mantel you wish to offer.

@TheMiddleWay I got that joke - I'm just playing I said the other day. It's often hard to convey humor and differentiate between that and rudeness and sarcasm on Social Media

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