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The best and only way to avoid being unjustly restricted by Facebook for 24 hours, 3 days, or forever, is to open shared Information postings ( which should be done each time when reposting sensitive info ), with the words “ if this be true”. Example. “If this be true, then we need to investigate further, If this be true, the authorities need to be notified”, etc.. This way, we are not declaring it to be factual until irrefutable evidence confirms it. Of course, if someone admits to something on video, we would still be on safe ground by declaring if this be true. After all, they could be lying to protect an ideology, whether good or bad.
Here’s an example below in an attachment of something that appeared on Facebook that is supposedly true. Can he be trusted? What was his job description? Why should we believe him? “If this be true”, further investigation is required.


If this be true, it reveals a nefarious plan by the oligarchy to eventually be able to monitor every human being on the planet. It would be the ultimate intrusion into our private lives. When Aaron Russo was still alive, he gave a videotaped testimony about a meeting he had with one of the Rockefeller clan. He was told that their plan was to get everyone “chipped”. If this be true, it lines up with what the man in the attached video said.
The thing is, we constitutionally ARE allowed to do our own investigations into any subject we deem to be important to society. The constitution we are speaking of is given to us by our Creator, and not just the one written into free nations’ documents. Those documents are in line with the divine plan. It gives us a clearer understanding of what is meant by All Men Are Created Equal.
What’s admirable about the IDW community, is that they have a balanced and proper policy for how their site may be used. There ARE rules about obscenity, pornography, and using the platform to incite violence. Of course, fact checking is also part of their strategy, but both Left and Right leaning people can share their ideas and observations. We believe that Facebook will literally wither and die, and will be replaced by IDW, Bitchute, Patreon, and others, who are fed up with pick and choose censorship.
A recent photo depicting Donald Trump kissing Jeffrey Epstein in the back of a limousine, is STILL on Facebook ( unless they finally removed it ). When looked at closely, you can see his daughter’s hair on the sides of the cut and paste head of Epstein. Very sloppy job, but still on Facebook. No “face check”. What does this tell us about Zuckerberg’s affiliations? The point being made here, is that fact checking itself has a bias.
What it all boils down to, is that people from all walks of life have different preconceived ideas about things, which has been programmed into them by their parents, and their teachers and professors. They will share information they deem to be important, and there will be bias. But regardless of all the incoming data, there is ALWAYS a common, underlying thread we all need to see. Rational people want to live in peace, WITHOUT having their freedoms taken away, unless someone’s concept of freedom is to harm others. The elite want to enslave the masses. That’s beyond dispute. But the freedom to share information, whether valid or false, can and will enable us to eventually put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Let’s hope and pray that the final picture will be a beautiful sunny day, and not a destructive storm. My question? Will the universities ( unity out of diversity ) ever return to the days of quality, socially constructive format they were originally created for?

Radar 4 Aug 18

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I went into my security to erase my birth date and now I can't get back in. They want my ID. I sent 2 forms of ID but still can't get in. strange thing is they send me email each time one of my friends posts a pic or update but I can't get in to see it. It's been about 2 months. Not sure what to do. Any tips?


Who ever controls your means of communication controls you.

Digital separation en route to physical and political separation.


The phrase socially constructed format is never something that I can get on board with


the only way to beat facebook is to leave facebook twitter etc and encourage others to do so. call your friends and family, set up group text threads for thoughts memes and pictures share information directly to people you want to see it or not at all. leave facebook and twitter. turn them into Myspace

I actually have recommended IDW on Facebook. They are going to fade away because of Zuckerberg’s Marxist adherence.

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