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Washington DC police officer 'fighting for her life' after shooting kills teen, injures 20


RAZE 7 Aug 9

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The mayor said ... “It is illegal to drink on the street in the District of Columbia; it is illegal to smoke marijuana on the street in the District of Columbia. It is illegal to be in a gathering of more than 50 – all of those things are not good," she said. "And, sadly, when you put illegal guns in the hands of people willing to use them, it means some person could lose her life or some people could lose their lives."

Who put illegal guns in the hands of people willing to use them?

I was, however, somewhat comforted to read the following statement from the mayor:

“As a community, it’s really important that we have zero tolerance for this type of activity; that we support the Metropolitan Police Department … and that may mean that people will have to go to jail.”

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