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Joe Rogan Experience #1494: Interview with Bret Weinstein. Great analysis of the current political climate. Detailed information on mice telomeres scandal.

ThoreauYou 4 Aug 6

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I trust Bret more on the understanding of Coronaviruses and how this strain reacts to UV light rather than Fauchi. Fauchi rather would tell us to stay inside and wear a mask whereas Bret among many others would tell us to go outside, work out, eat healthy, and not wear a mask because it's not needed.

Has Bret said not to wear a mask?


Well, it's my decision not to wear one in public. While working though I'll wear one because it is required and it was required even before this virus and the panic associated with it.


I used to listen to Joe religiously. I think he's a good guy but I can't stand his Melba toast stand on everything political. Take a stand. I get it, millions in ad revenue...but damn this is for the republic.

I don’t listen to anything religiously, but I do listen to Rogan regularly, not to hear what he has to say, but rather to listen to his guests. I listen to anything that references the Weinstein’s (either brother), Peterson, etc...
The recent episodes with James Lindsay, and Malcom Gladwell, were great.

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