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The "other side" is not democrat, liberal, libertarian, independent, conservative, or republican. They are not brown, beige, pink, mahogany, amber, chocolate, olive, nubian, ivory or coffee. Their orientation matters not. Their economic status isn't important. Doesn't matter if they believe in one god, no gods, many gods, or the holy cabbage. Their age doesn't matter, though maturity is a factor. Their education level appears to be moot, although these days less seems to be more...

The "other side" are the people that aren't open to different points of view. Those people who spew boilerplate responses with no backing, no examples, no proof to their claims. These are the people that when asked a challenging question or given a legitimate counter-response, give the same tired insults that have become reflexive with no meaning.

These are the people that follow like sheep and destroy for no reason. These are the hypocrites who preach "do as I say, not as I do" and enjoy you living in fear.

These are the talking heads that say things so they're part of the 'popular crowd', who think their and fame give their point of view any more value then the 'common man'.

They are the ones that take excerpts of their religious tomes and use it as fact, even if another can counter with other examples from the same book.

They are the ones who insist they are right, until so much evidence proving them wrong piles up that they "agree to disagree" and then make fun of you to their like-minded friends.

They're the ones that take any form of entertainment that you watch to escape the world, or any forum for you to keep up with the news, and use that forum to beat you over the head with accusations and insults, all while looking down on you from 'on '.

They are the ones that don't know any history except what is fed to them. They try to make you feel guilty over things your ancestors never did. They discriminate against you because of your (supposed) race, age, gender, orientation, religion, uniform, etc. Their anger and emotion escalates scarily quickly and with no provocation. They have social media pages where every post is about the same browbeating party theme that won't broach any contention (and if you do have the gall to disagree, you get swarmed!).

They're the ones that attack you, dox you, get you fired, put your family in danger, beat you, bully you, cut you from their lives, and try to make your life hell, all because you disagree with their views.

They are the ones who won't read all the way to this paragraph, because they may recognize themselves in the words, got too angry over simple facts to continue, or just don't have the attention span to finish.

Learn to identify these people quickly, and your life will be all the better by avoiding them.

ktpinto 6 Aug 2

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In conclusion, they're all just sensitive little whose lives are so boringly perfect in the western world that they feel the need to create problems to make them look special and unique... Weakness wins supreme apparently.

"In other words" is another way of saying "Not at all what the OP said", I guess... LOL

@ktpinto I said "in conclusion" 🤷♀️😂, so I'm referring to the people in "These are the ones who...", because the people you described were basically what I talked about... the intolerant "woke" left, who are ironically probably the most discriminatory group of them all-- in the western world, anyway.


Um... this has nothing to do with Twitter...


I think this type of mentality has it;s base in religion as I have met religious zealots like this. Life, viewpoints, politics are so complex many want a simple explanation. I was like this years ago until I found out there is no simple explanation, except maybe duty, honor, country. Most folks are not that complex and a simple explanation gives them solace. IT was probably always this way. The term sheep is overused, but a lot of truth to it. Pop culture serves this purpose and is used incessantly by the left for propaganda. When this mentality is infused into the left, it is very scary. God is always on the side of the self-righteous according to them. Even if God is a doorbell or the communist manifesto.

Um... to which "mentality" are you referring that has its base in religion? -confused-

ahhh, religious mentality...

Are you are a zealot too?

@johnlondon Not religious at all. Thanks for playing.


THESE ARE THE SAME {ones) TYPE that fostered and promoted Communism and the 60 to 100 millions deaths attributed to it....


To step back in time, long before there was an internet, self righteously opinionated people were around but were not so easily heard from. It is especially unfortunate when people with the mentality you described hold positions of some form of authority over your life.


Wow ... it took an awful lot of describing to get to that last sentence.
I learned to “Walk Away” decades ago.
Every once in awhile I try to convert one but mostly just to remind myself why its a worthless endeavor.

Never forget the first #walkaway! []

It was a brain dump, which is why it's on my profile and not in a group.
No one forced you to read the whole thing. LOL!
I give them a chance to prove themselves worthy, and if they don't, I get a good laugh out of it.


maturity is a factor. Their education level appears to be moot, although these days less seems to be more...

Yes indeed

The less time spent being “indoctrinated” the more likely they are to be able to see beyond the confines of the “box”.

Less is more ...


Tyranny of the majority. Imagine every person as a gummy bear. The color of the bear represents its personality. You put them in a blender, and cook them into one big, big bear. The color of the big bear is the average personality of this society.

Now, you could compare how similar each bear's color to big bear's. You would get a score. You make a list top to bottom based on that score. If you take the top 51% of the people on that list, you got yourself a majority. These are the people who cause all the problems: from witch-burnings to Nazis.

You see, I don't believe IQ is quite that important, it's just that we use our brain's processing power in different ways according to which area of it we use to interpret our sensorial input, whether it's the reptilian brain, the limbic system or the neocortex (body, soul and mind respectively.) But that's for external affairs of oneself, it doesn't help when it comes to maturity and introspection. For that, we need adversity. Without it, we can go trough our entire lives being pedantic selfish assholes without any kind of consciousness as we delegate our sins to be divided among the members of the group, so they don't have to feel the pain. They feel society as one, so that's not a problem at all

Society is certainly not one. You and I know that. We have developed consciousness about ourselves by all the self doubt we have been confronted with. That made us mature. And sadly, sometimes societies get so god damn spoiled and adopt the snowflake mentality, that's when you get adults with too much self-esteem which makes impossible to get them to self-reflect once their brains have fully developed and there is no authority to command them to anymore. Because it hurts. Cognitive dissonance is a lower form of pain. It goes from bottom to top in intensity. Physical pain is the worse, then emotional agony follows, and then there's cognitive dissonance. That's why they avoid it. And since society has been constructed around the majority, that means they can get away with it as being mindless is a perfect fit for such society. You don't need to know the truth as long as you are in line with the truth of the majority. It doesn't matter if the sky were actually red if everybody says it's blue. You won't be able to influence anybody into looking up if you are the freak.

@fschmidt Useful idiots. They're everywhere. And in Mexico, that's the majority, that's why they were active there, they were being used. Anyway, Mexico is hopeless, I don't care for it. Just trust me: it's a no go. You would need to make the people grow some balls, have a complete government purge, and start over; before we can be in any position like in the first world. So talking about it is wasting time. Back to civilized nations: I don't think we can expect people to be doing all the "research and development" of emotional strength and ethical theory on their own. A huge mistake, is to undervalue the importance and the skills needed to be successful in that realm. It's almost like expecting somebody to know how a computer works, and the OS, and the networking in order for them to be allowed to use the internet. We rely on the work of our ancestors to be able to live in the way we do. But we underestimate everything related to the soul, because it's so easy to see it all as abstract "stuff" and disregard it as fantasies and illusions. It takes strength to master it just like it takes intelligence to develop some scientific theory. The brain thinks, the heart feels; and strength is the ability that allows you to try different paths and way of doing things just like intelligence does help you think of other ways to go about some issue.

It is quantifiable, but in a relative ruler. Meaning, you can tell about yourself, and you could contrast and compare with others who are honest and as long as you are so yourself. But you can't rely on that to come up with any sort of policy or social monitoring. That is the core difference between science and religion. So it's not "useful" for social engineering (for brainwashing, that's not the part of religion I'm talking about--I'm using it in the more "getting to know yourself and work along with your mind, body and soul to be able to maintain a holistic homeostasis" kind of sense of the word.) The term has huge emotional baggage because of its mishandling in the past. We could talk about that, but trying to keep this short.

Point being... Damn, I'll have to use another term with lots of baggage in order to make it, so bare with me. Remove the bad connotations of the word "indoctrination" for a second. Try to think of it as pretty much as the regular education system when it used to teach religion too, but being upfront and honest about it teaching subjective topics that people are even encouraged to test, theorize about, and try to reform as needed. But if done upfront and straightforward about the methods, and more importantly, the intentions; that would be a way not to lean all of the burden of the emotional "research and development" of the spiritual skills in order for a society to get along and be actually empathic with their peers. Here is the deal: our brains are better than our conscious self, right? I don't know if you have noticed that once you get to really understand something, it's almost impossible to undo those connections in your brain. So I would suggest that if we start building a structure of the belief system in the right path, laying down the reasoning and all the theory necessary of how and why, then maybe we could have future generations leaning on and building up themselves too. Just need to make it self-correcting like the Justice System. And I'm pretty sure that's perfectly feasible with just the very, very basics of it: humility, honesty, and virtue.

There's this TED Talk with this North Korean refugee, she says something like "'Love' in North Korea has only one meaning: love for the dear leader (Kim Jong-un.) There is no concept of romantic love in North Korea." Then she goes to say it's the same with compassion. That she used to see dead people on the streets, but she felt nothing until she learned the word, and the concept; and now she feels it. We are the same, and people right now, have forgotten we have the ability to feel certain ways. And those feelings are what lots of them are craving, but they don't know how to get to them. There is joy in helping out, there is joy in being selfless, there is joy in sacrifice--especially for the kind of personality who relies mostly in the limbic system to process their worldly perceptions. We just need to instruct them in how they can achieve the path they are looking for, because in there times, all they've know is that emotions are for the weak and the losers, and the crazy people. Some of them are so pissed off because the path traced for them by contemporary society is not working, and never will.

I always appreciated the Canadian Air Force motto "Per Ardua Ad Astra" -Through adversity to the Stars. My trait of introspection was the gift which pushed me through the adversity I brought on myself by my feckless youth. But now, with the leftist mentality of a large portion of the population, I think the only thing that will "stop their world" and give them pause to rethink, will be a catastrophe wide-spread enough that they are personally affected.

@skaarda There is no consequence big enough to affect them that wouldn't affect us all as well. Perhaps personally though it could be done. If i were to strategize or something, there would need to be several simultaneous approaches: 1. Lots of culture-making, as in people speaking out promoting our values in any way possible. Not responding or talking in their terms, but drawing our own path from our own perspective, especially if done in a non-confrontational seemingly unrelated way. Like I don't know, moms making a channel of what's so great about your child, how they learn so much by seeing somebody grow. Or teenagers talking about how it feels super awesome to be very romantic, and how to enjoy the suspense of taking it slow, or doing something very elaborate to woo someone; or some little show where you help somebody, or do stuff for others. You know, instead of showing up to mock them by talking about them. Forgetting about them and show we could enjoy life in our terms without thinking about them. That way we could attract the centrist who aren't that involved. Arguments and debates are done, they do nothing for no one. Forget it. But the left is actually the only ones doing any thinking right now. Pointing out the obvious on how stupid they are is not creating anything new. So coming up with new interesting ideas or theories that distract people from racism, sexism and homophobia would be another great incentive. I'm talking about the silent majority, stepping up, and making channels, blogs, music, any type of content. We don't have a counter culture because we aren't really creating.

Well, my point with that was that my actual reply to your comment wouldn't be the only approach. Now, about the causing them adversity, we don't want to cause any big tragedy for anybody. We don't want war and destruction. We always have emotions. I am more than anything in every sense a limbic-system kind of persona, I'm all about feelings. And I tell you: it is okay, perfectly acceptable to hurt each other emotionally in order to help them understand they are out of place. It's one of the last resorts we have before violence. People need to take advantage of the few connections they have on the other side and squeeze every ounce of consideration they can out of them by blackmailing them shamelessly. That's a touchy topic for people who aren't used to dealing with raw emotion, but that is the purpose of it. You ask somebody if they would just hear you out uninterrupted for a few hours, not to leave until we can talk it out. Then pour your naked wounded fearful soul to the other person. You show them your humanity in order for them to feel compelled to do the same in return. That's how it works. As a group, they will burn you alive, but as a person, they will feel the empathy once you resign to the pride and the tough social persona, and let them know that you are hurt emotionally by the lack of consideration they have toward you, and what they are bringing upon the rest of us. You could talk some shame into them. And accept they didn't know better and hopefully reach that intimate moment when you hug it out. You, know... humanity... like we used to. Young adults don't know that. I suspect they don't even know they have the capability to feel that way. So they would be scare to explore that side on their own, and they would need somebody to walk them into it. And experience the freshness of coming clean by being true to somebody else.

And other approaches are welcomed too. The more soul soldiers we get, the better changes we have. Big Cats will fight Big Dogs, but a mob of littlel people can bring down a Big anything. No Big Person is anything without the influence they have upon the little people. So it is important for the little people to take their place in the war while there's still some hope to prevent catastrophes.

That's what I think at least. I may just be retarded... Who's to say...

If we were given the order to go out and kill all non-believers we would wind up with one badly wounded person.

@Pand0ro I have no idea what you mean.

@A1fredo You will never find two people who agree on everything. I was exaggerating the possibilities that if you kill everyone you have a disagreement with you will wind up with one person left. What we seem to have lost is the ability to recognize ourselves as imperfect. Everybody is worthy of some basic due respect, you do not torture people, you do not kick when someone is down, and you should respect others beliefs while disagreeing with them when they do not represent a clear and present danger. That takes effort, sincerity, respect, and good judgement.

@Pand0ro Where are you getting I want to go around killing everyone or torturing people, or kicking people when they're down from? Seriously. Where?

@A1fredo I was not targeting any one person, I was taking the situation to absurdity. I hope you agree that there are those, probably many, people who would go to war and kill and die for their faith. Of all the billions of people alive or who have ever lived I very much doubt that two people can agree on everything. When we live with others we can usually put aside our differences so we can accomplish greater things that one individual can on his or her own. Eventually we can come across something that we cannot agree with and move on away from the other. Again I am being absurd because no chain of events could possibly bring universal slaughter about. I am trying to state that no two people agree on everything and in order to get along we must be careful in our dealings but have a due respect for others. I think we are losing that in America today.



Wow... you completely missed the point of the post, huh? LOL!

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