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Daily I get the unfortunate opportunity to receive leftist personal attacks, based on my posts of truth. Their weak minds are so firmly made up based on the MSM propaganda, that they refuse to even consider any other possibilities. They don't even watch the video, or read the articles. They just launch personal attacks, quickly and with a vengeance. Just like they have been doing to every freedom supporting person in North America and our leader President Trump!! Ask yourself WHY? Mind control? Stupidity? Fear? Peer pressure? MHA? Communism? Technocracy? Satanism? Nazism? United Nations OWG?

jakuboj 7 Aug 1

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Well, I'll wish you well, from me in Australia.


Now you know the definition of cognitive dissonance.

Yes I knew it before, but we are all seeing the proof of the theory very clearly.


Because the majority don't face adversity, which is necessary to develop empathy. Without struggle, there's no need to self-doubt hence no conscioussness to tell you when you're wrong.

Depends on your definition of adversity.


How do you expect this massive percentage of people to react?

Most of them came up in Our Public School System and many through “Institutes of Higher Learning”.
They have Deliberately NOT been “taught” to question anyone they accept as “Authority”.
They have Deliberately NOT been “taught” to Think Critically ... or even Think ... they have, in fact, been “taught” NOT to Think.
After 12+ or especially 16+ YEARS of “Indoctrination”...

They are INCAPABLE of Processing New Ideas ... of Arriving at an Original Conclusion.

I was lucky I daydreamed out the window at school, and only got 100% in Spelling and Art with making things, only because I liked those two subjects, but because I never listened, I actually think illogically, so I see both sides of the coin at once. I was not brainwashed by anything, I think for myself, then see what's right. I taught myself after I left school by reading and learning what was the facts after checking through multiple ways. A few of my friends are like me to, so I don't feel too alone with my thoughts. I like what you said. I wish you well.

I think that the best form of education is self taught.
My father once said to me when I was about 8 or 9 that “The ONLY thing you NEED to learn at school, is How To Learn.”

Education is a lifelong occupation.


"They don't even watch the video, or read the articles. They just launch personal attacks, quickly and with a vengeance."

I think one of the worst offenders of automatic response would be, "I didn't need to watch/ read it" followed by "everyone knows that (insert view here) is wrong" Who's everyone? Why wouldn't you want to watch or read something to better debunk it?

I don't really understand the mentality of the thrill of social media trolling. (I'm unsure if that's what you're experiencing, but I thought it fits) I enjoy seeing people with differing views engage in debate. I just don't see the point of flooding comments, pages, and hashtags with memes or resorting to only personal attacks.



The left is doing the same here in AUSTRALIA, but I'm a wake up to them!! The problem is, people Don't think for themselves, they have become followers, Not leaders of their own lives anymore!! I wish you well.


Have you noticed that if someone posts something supporting the hoax and scam narrative of COVID-19 being a pandemic that requires loss of freedom, they don't say anything but if you post something that contradicts that point of view, they ask whether you have a medical degree?

That is a common and enfuriating response, to a carefully thought out post. Question the validity of the source. Invalidate the credentials,
Tucker Carlson stays of a lot of things that are basically true, so they brand him and anything he or Fox says racist.
Fox is the ONLY msm news that ISN’t totally leftist, so they invalidate it.

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