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Strange thought, Imagine if all the religious experts over history had it all wrong. Constantly looking for visual proof of God and trying to document visual proof of God, when all along they were all wrong. What if, there is no visual proof, just the inner voice of reason and common sense that He implanted in us all at birth. Everyone of us have it, but some chose not to use it. They take the forbidden path of bad decisions, pedophilia, murder, rape, assaults. All examples of disregarding that reasoned and common sense seed of God in favour of their own selfish desires. Imagine?

jakuboj 7 Aug 1

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Religious experts never looks for visual proof of god.
Scripture is clear that it is a faith thing and if you need proof it is no longer faith.
It was common sense from god to keep slaves and to kill anyone who does not believe like you. You should read the Bible a bit...

I hate to say this, as I never tell anyone, but I've read the bible right through 3 times, after being thrown through the windscreen of a car doing 140k an hour and ran straight into the side of another car, I was thrown a block up the road, and I should have been dead. Then a few years later I read the complete Encyclopedia right through 3 times also. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I haven't read right through a 1933 Encyclopedia I have yet though. My preference is the old Testament. Like, "Jesus is the sOn of God" but if you go back through the Archives of the old Libraries, before religion took over, people will find this, "Jesus is the sUn God" Because we can't prove anything, we tend to believe what we're taught. All people need to believe in something, because to believe in nothing at all, leads to a closed mind. Great talking to you from Australia. I wish you well.

Oh so people never look for miracles?

Did not Jesus say that only a wicked unbelievable people look for miracles?

People yes, they look for miracles. “Religious experts” not so much.


Selfish desires = PRIDE! First sin in heaven was PRIDE.
if you think you don't need God, He will grant your desire.
Ravi Zacharias once said that, "putting people who hate God and want nothing to do with him, in heaven would be hell for them. He will grant their wishes and they will be separated from Him forever," and that means separated from "common grace" as well.
The rain and the sun falls on the good and the bad.


GOD is the word for LOVE, and it's in every single living thing, so you're seeing a God every day you look at people, animals, the trees, the sky, and the list goes on. Athiest have no realisation of anything other than their own self, so can't see what is right in front of them, and surrounding them, which is love. I love everything and everyone, and I feel positive, and everything good comes to me. Those who don't see that which surrounds them which is love are full of hatred and negativism, and only bad comes to them, I guess that's why they're named Athiests, as they don't believe in anything other than their own self. And what I've said above has no religion in it. I wish you well.

Insults atheists and then insults atheist some more...
Then tells us how he is for love... insult atheists a bit more and then wish you well... pretty much sums up religion.

@Hanno Yes, I can now see how it sounds, but I wasn't meaning to have a go at Athiests, just that I know a lot of them, and they don't see that everything around them is significant to them. I feel we are all connected, all things are connected through an unseen energy, maybe that's what they call God. Sorry to all Athiests, and I do understand why they think their way, and some of it makes a lot of sense. I wish you well.

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