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A few of my opinions on transgender and the politicizing of this subject.
First and foremost it is my belief that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want within the normal laws that govern decency. However...

A bloke in a dress is not a woman. Fact. There is no moving away from this indisputable and natural fact. I cannot and will not kneel at the altar of PC just because a bunch of fetishist, sex obsessed, porn addled transvestites demand it.
Women and men traditionally have their own spaces when it comes to things like changing rooms, toilets and other gender differential spaces. It is disgusting that we find ourselves in a situation where women are having to fight for their rights to their own safe spaces against a growing army of men who want to invade those spaces in the name of "transgenderism."
We enter a very dangerous area when a man who can claim to be a woman can access a space where women are in a vunerable state. A man who may not even be making the effort to look like a woman wants access to a woman only space, where they can commit crimes against women or at the least indulge in voyeurism.
No man should have access to any woman only spaces and vice versa.
I understand that there are people out there that genuinely suffer from gender dysmorphia but there are many porn addled transvestite, crossdressers who are using this current wave of pc, tg political bull to get their rocks off and to attempt to breakdown the traditions of our civil society.
There needs to be a fight back against this. There needs to be a massive step back to what is normal and decent. I winder if there are enough of us to do this?

Stevezombie 4 Aug 1

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Transgender and transvestite mean completely different things. Also, where are the figures to back up your claim of "Many porn addled transvestite, crossdressers" using this situation to "get their rocks off"?


There is no evidence whatsoever of cis men dressing as women to gain access to women's spaces. The trans women who get access (as they should, because they are women) are no more dangerous than cis women.


I understand where you're coming from-- there are some really crazy people out there who claim to be trans (but really, they're either fetishists or hopping on the trend train), however, there are actually genuine trans people with actual gender dysphoria who actually look like the gender they identify as... and they want to be left alone and not he associated with the "woke" left.

Like my brother is trans and you really wouldn't be able to tell that he was born female at all. Now if he went into women's spaces, he'd be called a pervert or whatever, because he looks, acts etc. nothing like a woman.
It's the same with my male-to-female best friend. She's at Oxford University at the moment and literally nobody knows that she's trans-- and she wants to keep it that way, because she doesn't want to be associated with the toxic LGBT community. Now, she looks completely like a woman-- passes incredibly well-- so if she went into the men's toilet... what do you reckon would happen?

Anyway, overall, may I advise not putting these trenders ("women" with beards, crazy woke left people etc.) with actual trans people? Because, as I said before, actual trans people just want to be left to live their lives and they really just want to blend in, not scream and whine and stand out.

@Stevezombie definitely. Trans activists nowadays are just trying to get special rights at the expense of everybody else's rights.
Like feminism, trans activism has no place in the western world anymore... women and LGBT people are fully protected by law and are even treated special (e.g. believing women and LGBT people without question). There's nothing to whine about now. They're so sensitive and privileged right now that they feel the need to create problems, because their lives are so boringly perfect.


Ohhh ...
Come On!!!
The Left & Globalists are out to Fragment Society ...
First They managed to break apart men and women
Second they broke men into straight and gay and women into straight and gay
Third they’re breaking THOSE into “Micro Groups”.
Then there’s races and ethnicities ...
Then there’s levels of wealth...
Then there’s levels of lifestyle ...
Then there’s types of religious beliefs
Then there’s types of scientific doctrine (?) belief ...
Then there’s types of history doctrine (?) belief ...
BELIEVE What I BELIEVE or ... “How DARE You ...!?!?”


How much more “Divided” can We Get?

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