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INDIVIDUALISM. This is what I believe: You can educate people. You can train people. You can even "cancel" people. But, you can NEVER force HOW people FEEL. My idiosyncrasies are no less no more than yours. Accept me as equal & I'll do same. I am but a tiny light created in the image of God who is Light. This is my Shallalism.

drshallal 6 July 11

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I Think you will find Ads and Google and even the pretty lady on the bus, Can Change the way you feel!!!

Ye of little faith.

@drshallal And what faith would that be? I am to trust my feelings? That my feelings are my individual self. Is this your faith?

You are slightly correct. These may influence me slightly, but no, my individuality will remain intact. I have reached an old age and all the temptations for change are behind me. Thank you nevertheless, because there is truth to some of it but perhaps with others, not me.


Individualism is not sufficient organizing like-minded people is also important

As long as I don't lose my individualism in the midst of like-minded people. Remember, this IS the Dark Web.

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