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OKay, it seems this sight is just becoming a place to repost MSM dribble and American ploitics. Is there agroup for original thought anywhere?

CynicalGrump 6 June 25

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go into groups click most popular 40 groups per page went through 8 pages before I got to groups with less than 10 members, spend time going through groups see what they are talking about join the ones that interest you this is not face book you have to look for things that interest you. there are new groups starting every day explore and most of all let us know what you think on concepts, issues, and life practices. I have been on here about a year and still have not been through all the content.


can you give an example of "an original idea" ? I don't think there is any such thing. We must interact with the World as it lies before us. I'll use the millieu of Golf for metaphor here: Play the Ball as it lies otherwise the game has no meaning - it is pointless.
The reality before us and how we interact or respond to it is all there is unless you get into the realm of ether which is of little consequence.
The great big and useless "what ifs". To that the only response that makes sense is that "if things were different" they just wouldn't be the same.
But hey - if you have something "original" to say - lay it on us. Can't wait to see what it is.

Probably 'original thinking' was the wrong phrase. I was thinking original as in not the same as everyone else's train of thought.

I do have some original thought though, well I think they are original. Will be doing my thesis on one around "business chaos theory'. Probably heavily based around chaos and hierarchical psychology theories". Nonetheless, not yet fully explored and examined in the business academic world.


Ah ... I suppose that is a matter of where you go when you logon.
Since IDW has created an “Alter Ego” called SLUG ... there has been somewhat more “drivel” ... but, I can’t say I see much of it ...
There is one thing to note ... if you are a “member” of more than 3 “groups” your “landing page” will be populated with new posts from ONLY the groups you “belong” to. I have been here quite awhile and strictly limit my groups to THREE ... I can see posts in other groups, and if I want to engage, “join” them long enough to comment or respond but then I go to the top and IMMEDIATELY “LEAVE” the group.

Maybe you need to limit ... or choose ... different groups?

Point taken. Need to spend more time exploring I guess.

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