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I kinda like this one. This is me trying to mimic a "babe" mirror selfie. It was hard to do. Hard not to look at the camera. In retrospect, I had a remote that came with some light rings I bought, that I could have used Also far from properly centered. Should probably also use manual focus or else you end up focusing on the mirror maybe, and not the image behind it.

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Screenshot of a livestream using chromacam instead of a real green screen to insert a fake background. Crappy webcam is built into my gaming laptop. 720p fixed focus : (
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Hey that's my car!!! That was before I put the Caddy Emblems on the hubcaps. Those are standard Steel Wheels with spoke hubcaps, I thought it looked more stylish than the stock caddy mag rims.
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Taken around the same time as the "dressed up" picture 2013-14 maybe? Wearing a vintage commando sweater.
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I feel like my beard was a bit outa control here. But this was one time when I had dreds when I was dressed up pretty fancy-like.
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My old profile pic. My Daughter took it when she was about 14 years old. I think that was about 20 years ago. I know it's not current, but I'm kind sentimental about it for that reason.
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