I'm still waiting to hear a rational (keyword there is rational) explanation from the leftwing ...
bobbo666 comments on May 14, 2021:
Did he really admit that he was the tool in blackface? I'd have thought that as a Demo, he was the guy in the KKK hood. Don't forget, Demos created/staffed the KKK, wrote all the JimCrow laws, owned all (anyone has yet to name five Repubs who owned slaves) the slaves, and do their best to keep blacks subservient to the DNC. It appears to be genetic, or in order to call yourself a Demo you have to demonstrate some ACTUAL racial hatred. The latter should be quite easy, BTW, just work for Harvard. :)
Man Spits on Hikers Not Wearing Masks, Claims He Has COVID - Louder With Crowder
bobbo666 comments on May 13, 2021:
Out here in CaCaLand (in so many ways) having to wear a mask whilst exercising in public was not required . REgardless, enough Karen's on the local social media platform (i.e., Nextdoor) insisted that since the governor's edict included the word "mandatory" in the first para that it was required that you wear a max regardless of where you are or what you are doing. I repeatedly pointed out that in para X.y of the same edict there was a clear exception regarding exercise. Nope. "Mandatory" means shut up. My wife jogs in local park. Does not wear mask (but carries it) and keeps distance. Regardless, a SJW/snowflake yelled at her. Luckily for him he did not approach as she is armed.
WE ARE CLOSED Trends As MORE Photos Of Job Walkoffs Emerge, Biden $4T Plan Will DESTROY The Economy...
bobbo666 comments on May 13, 2021:
That is his goal. Major casualties of shutdowns were small businesses. SM's are owned and operated by capitalists. Cap's are primarily conservative as the latter are cost/risk sensitive and any cap who isn't is soon roadkill. So, the goal from the start was to kill middle Americans' livelihoods as that makes many of them serfs of the government. And, to "preserve" the serf class (at least until the means to eradicate are built) yah have to tax. Pushing those monies thru gov'mt offices allows enormous skimming by existing elites -- who are primarily liberals, and that word no longer means what you think it means. Saw an interesting video today -- on WuhanFlu response in EU. Sweden never had lockdowns or mask mandates. But, they are in lower third of WFlu cases. Hmpf. Did that without killing economy, education standards, increasing drug use, spiking suicides, etc., etc. And, THEY ARE NOT (ANY LONGER) A COMMIE COUNTRY. They gave up that crappola (like Denmark) years ago.
Biden May Try To CRACK DOWN On Cryptocurrency, Or Introduce Some Kind Of 'Fed-Coin' []
bobbo666 comments on May 12, 2021:
Although I'm skeptical of anything beneficial with regards any cryto-currency; I can absolutely guarantee that BeijingBiden will do the exact opposite of what would benefit western civilization. He is not random, that would give him a 50/50 chance of doing something "good". No, he has his marching orders (assuming he can still put one foot in front of the other). So long as the checks keep coming. And, when those stop we get a new Pres. And, don't say it! Yes, it can get worse.
Racism Can't Be Quantified Like Global Warming, Progressives NEED To Focus On REAL Energy Options ...
bobbo666 comments on May 12, 2021:
You are expecting progressives to actually come up with any solution to any problem? C'mon, that has to be sarcasm. Proggies want only destruction, so that they can "build back better". That is why BeijingBiden keeps saying that. He and his ilk do not expect anyone not already a well-monied elite to survive. And I do dispute your point. Racism can too be quantified: anyone guilty of wrongthink is a racist. And anyone not mouthing today's mantra is guilty of wrongthink. So, either keep up with the "correct" verbiage or off to the gulag with you. As to global warming, yesterday's news. Aside the math is total caca. CO2 is good for plants and is now at the level at which it cannot further warm anything. Ditto for cow farts. In any case, civilization has already lost that battle since BB has reentered the Paris Accord. So the US is already on the tab for billions to be skimmed by the UN and the remainder to be shipped off to African hellholes. Meanwhile, the biggest CO2 generator, the CCP, gets a pass -- so long as the checks keep coming.
Bolshevik Bernie Sanders goes to bat for Liz Cheney
bobbo666 comments on May 12, 2021:
Going to bat for an old bat?
VIDEO: Another Black-on-Asian Violent Crime, This Time in Baltimore In what seems to be a ...
bobbo666 comments on May 12, 2021:
Uhh, Baltimore? Wanna guess what their rules are in regards a shop owner being armed? This is exactly why inner-city crime (and next week, the burbs!) has been so bad for years, decades even. Small-business owners/operators (obviously capitalists and probably conservatives) are not allowed to protect themselves in their own "homes". Had either of these little old ladies (waitammit, I'm older than either of them!) been armed the cinderblock idiot would have been dead in a minute. As the police are ordered to sit back on their fat butts it will not be long before every crime gets a death sentence. Which would be a good thing on any count.
The DarkSide Attack On the Colonial Pipeline And Why We Should Pay Attention As the eastern ...
bobbo666 comments on May 12, 2021:
I repeat earlier comment: any Management and/or IT idiots who designed such an expensive asset so that its controls interfaced in any way with the WWW need to be shot. The control systems for all such critical assets must have an airgap between actual controls and outside access. If you don't preserve that I hope YOU will be on the first remote controlled commercial airliner that is hacked. Yah idiots. Aside that I thought it was just darlin' how the PR TWOT for BeijingBiden took this opportunity to take the position that since Colonial is privately owned the WHouse will be hands off. Yeah, right. I fully expect them to stand back until the hue is so loud for someone to do something that they will suggest nationalizing it -- like what Obama did to GM. Uhhh, I smell a rat.
Biden's Withdrawal from Afghanistan Returns Middle East to Tribal War The consequences of the ...
bobbo666 comments on May 11, 2021:
Early on the rules of engagement included letting commanders in the field decide how to treat the leaders of a newly encountered village. If the guy acted like he wanted to work with yah, was anxious for the safety of his people, there were schools that admitted girls, etc.; he was probably a good guy. Work with him but be watchful. The other type of "leader" was belligerent from the start, called you invaders, invoked Allah on every bloody thing, wouldn't approve anything without approval of local Imam, etc., etc., etc. Him you took behind a wall and shot. "OK, number one had an accident, who is number 2?" Village was pacified. This changed shortly after. It became a quagmire. There is no hope for such a tribal society unless you are willing to be brutal with your obvious enemies. Let 'em kill each other. But, reserve the right to bomb any place that looks to be turning into a training came for the next BinLaden.
Yet Another Black-on-Asian Attack; When Will the Black Community Act?
bobbo666 comments on May 9, 2021:
Not at all surprised. Frisco (~30 miles west of me) is a hellhole. Coppers are no where to be found, unless you park in the wrong area. And, since this is Ca there is no way you can be packing. Had she been able to brandish a gun the Ahole would have had to back off. Even pepper spray would have helped, but using that is considered assault. The basic human right to defend oneself is denied in this entire state. That blacks seemingly have it in for asians befuddle me. Envy, perhaps? Asians are one of the groups that still practice family cohesion, hard work, giving back to community, etc. I do wonder what the %ages are. Are most anti-asian hate crimes perpetrated by lone blacks? Dunno. I do know that if that is the case the MSM will never say so.
Can you believe this shit?
bobbo666 comments on May 9, 2021:
Good for her. But, yeah, if she is in the wrong state she could be charged. I didn't catch the state but a news head said it was a stand your ground state. So, fire away, you go Girl!. Mind, this is probably one of the ~300K incidents per year where a gun stopped violence. Some states, like Maryland, say that if you face this you must retreat outside your house. How anyone figures the "back yard" is safer is beyond me. When we (wife and I ) used to live in Texas the local sheriff noted that if you are forced to bag the bastid on your porch just drag the corpse thru the doorway. No problemo. This is also another instance wherein state laws mandating you keep guns unloaded and/or locked in a safe would have had this woman killed.
PODCAST: The Biden Administration Proposes Other Countries Raise Their Taxes, Too In an attempt ...
bobbo666 comments on May 8, 2021:
What was the name? Paris climate treaty? Can't recall. Anyhoo, it imposes enormous taxes on Western democracies, especially the US. That is by design. Look at early speeches by head of the IPCC -- "we have an opportunity here to rid ourselves of capitalism". The Paris treaty is designed to impoverish the West and ship monies to everyone else. Where? Doesn't matter. Like the oil for food program administered by another UN department during the Irag war -- hundreds of millions of $$ were skimmed by the UN elites. Only a few percent made it to actual starving Iragis. This is all part of the GreatReset -- the communist takeover of everything. Over the last few years the US elites have been very busy insulating themselves -- just like the same ilk did in 1930 Germany and any communist/socialist/democraticsocialist/progressive country ever.
Fauci Behind Wuhan COVID-19 Leak - WaPost Reporter Tells Joe Rogan []
bobbo666 comments on May 8, 2021:
My understanding is that Fauci was "on the approval board" that approved funding for continued research at the WuhanFlu lab suspected of being the leak source. I'm not sure that counts as "behind" as it being implied. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trust him to accurately talk about sunrise. He is a hack. Like every "scientist" pushing global warming being caused by humanity. No, 97% said nothing of the sort. Go look at the original report. Less than a couple percent said that global warming was a significant risk and humanity was totally to blame. 97% were very, very doubtful of any cause.
Who the hell does this Marxist think he is?
bobbo666 comments on May 8, 2021:
OK, farmerguy, for a bit there I thought you were one of the foaming at the mouth SJW cockroaches that occasionally scurry about this site. Then, I checked some of your other comments. Sarcasm. OK. Uhh, an old fart (like me) retired in Ottawa. Geesh. Isn't that a bit cold for old bones? As a resident of America's hat you can come south a bit, y'know.
Biden Jobs Report Was HORRIBLE, No One Will Go Back To Work When The Government PAYS Them Not To ...
bobbo666 comments on May 8, 2021:
A significant issue not mentioned is that many jobs were burned out by Antifa/BLM thugs. Those small businesses (especially restaurants) will never come back. And, since many city rules require outrageous "upgrades" (e.g., you must hire high priced union workers to clear the lot in accordance with absurd enviro rules ) before rebuilding, few owners can get coverage by insurance. And, that assumes that the insurer doesn't cop out simply because most contracts have a ForceMajeure clause that excludes coverage for damage caused by civil unrest. The MSM will never allow even the merest mention of this. That would be wrongthink.
PODCAST: So, Now Achieving Racial 'Equity' Requires the Dumbing Down of America's Kids?
bobbo666 comments on May 7, 2021:
"Advanced" classes contradict the mantra of equity -- meaning all results are equal regardless of effort, skills, etc. It's not really dumbing down, it's holding back. That is the goal of the Ca teachers' unions out this way for years. If every little darlin' is the same, the teachers don't have to exert themselves taking care of the extremes. Plus, the extreme, talented end of the distribution is where the kiddies are that are waaay smarter than any Ca teacher. The purpose of all unions out here is Ca is promoting communism, since that enriches the elites -- and every gov'mt funded boob considers themselves one of the elites. This is where every other state will be in only a couple of years.
In Portland, the Prosecution of Crimes Is Subjective After almost a year of chaos and ...
bobbo666 comments on May 6, 2021:
Should be no surprise here. Since the very beginning of the riots the local prosecutors have summarily released rioters arrested by police. They did this because they, the DA's and rioters, have the same beliefs. All blue cities did this. And, most celebrities and politicos (e.g., Kamala Harris) raised monies to defend those arrested -- again because they share the same beliefs. So, if anyone wants to infer that I believe that the rioters were sent into the areas to spread death and destruction at the direction and funding of such politicos, celebrities, etc. -- Yes, I am. They are all the same beast, just different appendages.
Red/Green Axis Reemerges – NOT Gunslinging White Supremacism A mass-shooting happens in ...
bobbo666 comments on May 3, 2021:
Two points. Much of the resurgent commies crawled out from where they were hiding within the green/treehugger camp. They fled there when the Berlin wall fell. Since then, they (i.e., pretty much all environmental activism) have been referred to as European watermelons: green on the outside and pink inside. So, it's not really a resurgence. They've been hiding in plain sight. Since then, all environmental "movements" are commie controlled. As to the Moslems, the activisty ones are after power, the power to kill or enslave all non-Moslems. They (again, the activisty ones) have been that way since the 700's. Once the entire bunch has destroyed Western society the purges will start in earnest. My money is on the Moslems. As to the non-activisty Moslems, uhhh. I'm not sympathetic. I put them, many of them, in the same camp as the Catholics in the Church that don't stand up and demand the excommunication of the pedo priests. Both groups badly need to clean house.
"Only in America can a mostly black city, run by a black mayor, with black cops be accused of ...
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Some goofy TWOT was going on and on in another "blog" and I mentioned this: Look at ghettos (i.e., not run down slums, just collections of like-minded neighbors, think Chinatown) in NYC. There is one over there populated by blacks descended from US slaves and totally bought into the urban black culture (e.g., single Mom, rap music, gangs, etc). It is a Hell hole -- kinda like south Chicago. Over there is a ghetto populated by equally black folk but their ancestors were ex-slave immigrants from places like Haiti. Nuclear families, family-owned businesses, really hostile to gangs. OK, if the "institution" of NYC is racist, against folk with black skins, how come the two ghettos are so radically different? Mebbe because the immigrants wanted to come to America because they knew it was a great place and once here they treated it as such -- a Gawd given opportunity? These are two black cultures in the same area subject to the same discrimination. But, one is a total failure and the other an overwhelming success by any measure. Culture matters. And, before the civil rights acts of way back when (i.e., they incented single Mom families) the home-grown black neighborhoods were doing even better than white ones. But, laws passed by the Democrats ruined that. IMHOpinion, by design -- to keep them "on the plantation", so to speak.
WAY TO GO CALIFORNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Ca has been doing this ever since Moonbeam's 2nd term. They even redefined "violent" and released a bunch until they changed the wording in new laws. Don't laugh too hard. This is what will occur in all of the other states. With the communists now in charge and there is no going back, becoming like Ca is the least of your worries.
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Too late by half a year. It will never get out of committee. Now, what he could do is make it a Tn law. This will cripple them in the state while a court case runs. Any info that comes out could then be used during political debates next year.
Pew: 56.
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Let's not forget that except for a handful of psychologists like Peterson, the entire field went off the rails years ago. They are the source of "gender confusion", "women studies', etc. They quit employing anything resembling the scientific method quite a while back (i.e., your theory has to account even for conflicting data -- yah don't get to just ignore). What really impressed me in one of his discussions was that if their work was really better than toidy paper how come not one of their articles or thesis papers is referenced in any other? That is one of the marks of a scientific paper -- is it useful, is it used by anyone else to further examination? If not, it might have only one other use. So, given this state of the entire field, of course they classify everyone with a disorder. At the least, it opens up guv'mt money to either study or treat. And, that is all these charlatans are interested in.
Slain BLM Protester’s Family Sues Seattle for Not Policing ‛No Police’ Zone The duplicity ...
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
I'm not sure duplicity is the right word. Let's not forget that BLM is nothing but a communist group with a side job of funneling money to supporters and elites -- not black neighborhoods. I've no sympathy for the mother or family as she apparently raised a loser, or she raised precisely what she wanted. Now, she gets a payoff. The term useful idiot comes to mind.
The answer to the question is - YES! But only if you are White
bobbo666 comments on May 1, 2021:
No, we need to pile on to this idea and endorse it whenever possible. That way the only tools that believe this kind of mind-numbing crappola will quit breeding. Keep in mind that these sort will be actually raising children if they are allowed to breed. Yes, yes, I realize that it is a trope that political positions switch with generations because kiddies rebel. But, we cannot count on that. Look at all of the total losers that were sent to college by rich, entitled, self-absorbed, total TWOTs (it doesn't mean what you might think!) and ended up racking up tremendous debt for a degree in gender studies. It will take a decade to clean out the cesspit minds of these losers -- all while they are on the dole. No, a different approach is called for. Planned Parenthood needs to be tweaked from their original mission to depress the black population. Instead, incent them in another direction. These are free government services. Tie the government funding for these free eugenic services to the "correct type of people". Don't offer such free services to the dangerous white supremacists. Steer them towards the right thinking group, liberals.
Woke Mob Tries Canceling Joe Rogan Over COVID Comments And Spotify Might Actually CAVE ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 30, 2021:
When JRogan made his financial decision to move everything from YouTube to Spotify the latter quickly revealed its intentions by deleting loads of videos. Yeah, the move was right as YT was simply starting its purge of all wrongthink. It has progressed at speed. Reporting with some semblance of balance and/or speaking any truth that contradicts YT's position of wrongthink gets you scrubbed. However, Spotify will be no better. They have too many embedded SJW's. JR will end up being controlled. Which is sad, darn it, 'cause I liked his videos. However, I am not going to pay if he is going to be throttled.
Democrats LIE That 85% Of Americans Approved Biden Speech DEBUNKED By Snopes, Biden Ratings FLOP BAD...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 30, 2021:
Uhh, these are the same people who insist that the election was without any fraud -- despite massive evidence to the contrary. Show me a communist that claims not to lie, and I suspect that his/her first lie is "I'm a commie, just like you, please don't hurt me.".
Ashli Babbit's family to sue Capitol police; no-name shooter []
bobbo666 comments on Apr 30, 2021:
A better sub-image, the enclosed bit, would be Tianamin (sp?) square. In that one, the Guv'mt harnessed all of its power to put its citizens in their proper place. Kent State was not an attempt to intimidate. Tiansmin (still sp?) square was. As to Ashli, she is white. There will be no justice so long as a communist gov'mt is in charge here. It is not that the gov'mt hates white, most of its members are. Instead, this gov'mt depends upon spreading hatred towards whites. That is because at its core, there is a DNC component that has historically oppressed blacks with their slave ownership, JimCrow laws, KKK creation and membership, etc. That oppression delivers todays black votes, which are essential until the Hispanic vote can be fully owned. Until then, they must maintain hate towards whites to maintain power. Once their power is secure, the purges can start. Doubtful? Look at South Africa.
Joy Behar, a White Celebrity, Obviously Knows More About Racism Than Any Black Man Joy Behar, a ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 30, 2021:
Wasn't it a "thing" that no one could comment on anything, like something that offends women, if they weren't a woman? So, how is this lily-white TWOT allowed by the leftists to say anything about racism against blacks? What, she has a hidden black card or something? Or, perhaps, is everything that comes of out a leftist's mouth simply a lie? A lie to spread hate. And, if enough hate is spread around the CCP gets what it needs, the destruction of its greatest enemy? Just asking and speculating about motivation.
Supreme Court Will Hear Gun Case, Carrying Guns In Public Could Now Be FEDERALLY Legal ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
Don't count on it. Don't forget that this court, with "leadership" of Roberts refused to hear Tx lawsuit on election integrity. I wouldn't be surprised at a 8-1 verdict outlawing all carry provisions. Even tho the 2nd says "bear arms", they can find a way around this. In addition, don't forget that in an earlier ruling SCOTUS ruled that weapons in common usage fall under the protection of the 2nd. This applies to the millions of AR-15 style small caliber rifles. In spite of this the would-be tyrants on the left insist that still another totally ineffective "assault weapons" ban will be OK. Same sort of mindset is employed when some doofus insists that communism wasn't done right all times previous, "it will work this time." So long as people continue to cooperate (i.e., "unity) with this evil, it will flourish.
Salty Cracker: The Oscars Continue to Attack America Despite Plummeting Ratings []
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
They don't care. Ratings are for plebes to care about. Worrying about that is as peasant-like as worrying about starring in a film that got a 98% critics rating but a <2% audience rating. Worrying about such trivial issues is beneath them. Umm, my font appears to be colored. WUT?
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
He got two. First went down, so the pan guy swung again and got the 2nd one behind him. A gong, tho, indicates it was a steel pan. Cask iron pan, while harder to swing, would have given a nice crack -- not a sound from the pan, BTW. I loved watching that. Sort of like an old Looney Toones (sp? ) cartoon. Almost as enjoyable as the dancing doofus when an Antifa terrorist went to throw a Molotov into a crowd and dropped it -- on his foot. His "allies" just stood there watching him burn (what do you expect from friends like that?) and coppers had to run in and put him out.
The Tax Tables Have Turned: Democrats Are the Party of the Mega-Rich Now Far from what they ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
I don't see why anyone is surprised by this. Note the economic adjustment of any other nation that has become a communist state. The first thing that happens is that the elites who engineered the transition become protected and fabulously wealthy. Look at the ones still able to get food in Venezuela. Those that survive the transition (i.e., get past the purges like Russia experienced when the bolcheviks killed the menchaviks sp??) become the rulers and accumulate all the incoming wealth. It is a natural and intended result of all DemocraticSocialist/Socialist/Communist regimes. Tech companies will benefit as well, as did the industrial powers when the Nazi party's socialist/fascist policies kicked in. Those on the "IN" will profit, everyone else will die -- or go to a camp -- and die there. This happens every time. Get a bowl of popcorn (while you can) and take a seat for the show. Too bad about your kids, tho -- they will/can live long enough to experience a camp.
Who would YOU rather SIMP-OUT on via OnlyFans?
bobbo666 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
I keep seeing various videos of someone letting their cat stumble across a keyboard. Perhaps that is the source of babble above. An angry cat, obviously.
A quote: There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
Or, "for the children". That is also quite popular. Equally meaningless as there is never any follow-up analysis to show if any child benefited. The reply question always must be: "Exactly how, please give me one specific?" You won't get an valid answer but watching the politico bumble is always amusing.
So cool to see a bunch of you coming to hang out here! The lads who created Slug are really nice.
bobbo666 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
Am brand new to Slug, so far, darned nice. Not to take away from them but another (i.e., possible additional recruiting site for more sane people: Again, not to take anything away from Slug -- just another site with similar ....... environment. If WuhanFlu/Covid is mentioned the Karen's pop up like death cap mushrooms. Just ignore. As to Ms W., just spotted videos on YouTube 2 weeks ago. Insightful and hilarious. I like snarky. A question occurs tho, on those dating back to circa 2018. Looks to be a living/family room downunder. Over left shoulder (right hand side of screen) is a little silver dude holding something over his/its head. WUT?
A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page and it got me thinking: Wanting to change to be a ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
She didn't say: "Change to be a BETTER person". She said, change to keep her, to please her. To borrow a line from "Cheers": "run, run like the wind". This type will constantly change the goal posts to keep her pleased. And, she'll still be pissy about everything. An aside, if you pick a partner with the intention that they change their ways, you picked the wrong person -- your fault.
FBI names first Chief Diversity Officer []
bobbo666 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
If the piccie is the intended guy, well, imagine my surprise. Looks just like I expected: just swallowed the lemon he was kissing, likes choking but without the work involved in wearing a tie, and is one of those dudes who can't figure out how to shave. As to the latter, a pet peeve of mine. Kinda of "fish or cut bait" thingie: either grow a beard or take it down to the skin. Just partially growing out hair all over does not make you look masculine. It just makes you look lazy and/or really indecisive. Just what we need more of in the FBI.
Hope you have a big enough heart to laugh with me, American folks! Non-Americans Are Sharing What...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
From the header and piccies I assume that you are implying that furriners found the idea of pink handguns funny. I agree. That is weird. When buying a first gun for my wife in 2019 I sought like 'Ell to get a pink one. No such luck, backorder for ages. A potential downside to the off-normal color schemes is that the TWOT staring down the barrel might assume it is a tazer. Oopsie! Surprise, this is gonna hurt a heck of a lot more than that -- iff you decide to back off after the first round.
Leftwingers on this site take note.
bobbo666 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
"sticks and stones" and "get over it" are reasonable, in fact commendable reactions to name-calling. Myself, I prefer laughter. However, this only applies when an actual discussion (exchange of ideas) is taking place. That is not the case in almost all of the public situations in the last few years. It is now a preamble to violence. It's sorta like yelling "rabid dog", and then you (or someone ) shoots it. These drones are trained to first apply a horrific label and then follow up with the (obviously) justified punishment. It is a justification for violence. This, IMHO, is deliberate. If a frothing at the mouth canine were to come running up to you, if unarmed, you ought to reach for a rock. 'Cause that mutt is gonna attack.
BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER UNTIL WHITE LIVES MATTER ! blm blacklivesmatter racists racism ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Not a terribly informative graphic just as is. From just raw numbers I suspect this is just for those that got shot, not having gotten shot doing anything in particular. E.g., if a white bank robber gets potted on way out, is that a count? Sounds justified to me. OTOHand, in 2020 only 9 unarmed black dudes (i.e., if I recall correctly) got killed (i.e., Floyd wasn't shot) by coppers. These 9 might (MIGHT) be objectionable if they had not resisted. But, in almost all cases, they did -- which is just dumb, fellas. Nonetheless, it was these 9 that were whipped up by MSM to cause riots. Whipped up with lies in many cases (e.g., "hands up don't shoot" -- it never happened), though. In the same timeframe as the graphic, I believe we average 4-5k coppers getting killed each year. Uhh, the body count doesn't balance. Coppers are always armed, so why wouldn't they shoot more? Restraint? Training? Mebbe 'cause they are the good guys?
The twitter mob didn't like this one
bobbo666 comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Since one of the founders was a eugenics fan, and PP primarily offs children (yes, children) of a dark-skinned persuasion, an appropriate footnote would be *primarily black . Oh, (not sure why italics is stuck) and once the fetus is recognizable of human origin and/or begins to circulate blood -- it is a human. A person. Not just a lump of cells one calls a fetus to soften the impact. It is a baby, just not ready to be decanted just yet.

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