The first rule of Condescending club.
bobbo666 comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Potential responses: Oh, you must be in a teadhers' union, then. So, shall be try a different language?
Revenge of the former employee....
bobbo666 comments on Dec 16, 2021:
And, "Oh, I breathed heavily on all the wine glasses."
Study Finds Many Uninfected Adults Still Have Strong Pre-Existing Antibody Protection Against COVID ...
bobbo666 comments on Jun 19, 2021:
My bet is that these are people who got infected way back in late 2019 or early 2020. And, since it is really just flu (i.e., unless you suffer from >1 co-morbidities) you worked thru it like all the rest of the years in your life. I had a slight fever back in 1/20 and hardly ever get the flu. I whined to my wife and laid about for 1-2 days and then had to get back up to do chores. I've not taken a test. They are being called uninfected 'cause they hadn't been tested until now.
Why is California banning gaming computers? []
bobbo666 comments on Jul 28, 2021:
I call BS on the article. It seems to say that some states, including my own (sigh) CaCaLand, is banning a class of PC's because they use too much power -- which violates one of rat-crazy regs out this way. Remember, this is the breeding ground of goofy warning regs like: careful on ladders. Anyhoo, I doubt the veracity of the article since the banning limit is an energy unit, kwhr/year. OK, the PC's might gobble a lot of power when running. But, if I don't run it long enough to bump into the energy limit, which is cumulative, why can't I still buy and run it for shorter period of time? I think this is just Dell running a scam.
New York Times quietly corrects story on CBP Agents ‘striking’ Haitian migrants as narrative ...
bobbo666 comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Annnnd, as with most if not all previous progressive (aka, commie crappola) lies, too little, too late. The zombies who live for CNN and MSNBC, et al, have already ingested the point on the lie -- they will not recognize the "new fact".
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
He got two. First went down, so the pan guy swung again and got the 2nd one behind him. A gong, tho, indicates it was a steel pan. Cask iron pan, while harder to swing, would have given a nice crack -- not a sound from the pan, BTW. I loved watching that. Sort of like an old Looney Toones (sp? ) cartoon. Almost as enjoyable as the dancing doofus when an Antifa terrorist went to throw a Molotov into a crowd and dropped it -- on his foot. His "allies" just stood there watching him burn (what do you expect from friends like that?) and coppers had to run in and put him out.
'We see a conservative government going down the line of the socialist state': Farage (Vid 1:58)...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 8, 2021:
Don't forget "V". That is the path.
The best solution to this tyranny and fascism/communism is a massive boycott where every American ...
bobbo666 comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Not targeted enough. MSM will not report and will explain away with lies until the time passes. What I would recommend hearkens back to the gas shortage protests during another failed presidency, Carter's. Truckers blocked roads with their rigs. Can't miss them, way too big. So, block all the incoming roads to a selected big (blue) city. Choke off food, etc, going in, and trash going out. I've heard a saying, ~"any society is only three missed meals away from rebellion". Do it for 24 hours first time. As a "taste".
Facts about IQ never taught in schools | Thomas Sowell Vid 12:48 mins. []
bobbo666 comments on Sep 28, 2021:
If you want a more in depth, but still layman explanation on IQ go take a peek at Jordan Peterson's YTube videos. He did quite a few as part of his lectures in Uni. It is a basic characteristic. He also warns that discussion about IQ vs race is forbidden -- has been for decades.
US Billionaires 10TIMES RICHER Over Last 2 Years []
bobbo666 comments on Jan 26, 2022:
I really don't care if some other guy gets richer. What is important is whether or not everyone else benefits. Yeah, yeah, the old "rising tide raises all boats" excuse. But, it does work for most. At least better than any existing, tested, or imaged collectivist scam.
Why Can’t They??
bobbo666 comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Suggesting the banning of alcohol is awake? Another sleeper during the history lessons. Geesh.
Salty Cracker: The Oscars Continue to Attack America Despite Plummeting Ratings []
bobbo666 comments on Apr 29, 2021:
They don't care. Ratings are for plebes to care about. Worrying about that is as peasant-like as worrying about starring in a film that got a 98% critics rating but a <2% audience rating. Worrying about such trivial issues is beneath them. Umm, my font appears to be colored. WUT?
Biden Urges Businesses To ‘Institute Vaccination Requirements’ After Supreme Court Blow ...
bobbo666 comments on Jan 14, 2022:
Companies will still enforce, since this admin will punish all those that don't. Yes, you can sue. But, at best you will be awarded back pay and not get your job back. The only way to actually win is to shut down the company.
Fauci "logic" tortures the mind.
bobbo666 comments on Jan 15, 2022:
I think JPeterson hit on the theme of those types of morons when talking about commie flavors: "Well, THEY didn't do it RIGHT!" "If I had been in charge it would have worked!"
I once was called a son of a bitch.
bobbo666 comments on Jan 25, 2022:
Did it occur to you that this was her way of easing into the "you are adopted" talk?
Every 'Racist' Confederate Statue the House Voted to Remove from Congress Is of a Democrat via ...
bobbo666 comments on Jul 5, 2021:
Well, only Demos owned slaves. So, you can't claim they were GOP "heros" . OTOH, the term racist ha been re-defined by the MSM to mean anything non-communist.
bobbo666 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Am not at all convinced that this will accomplish anything, but I admire their hutspah (undoubtedly misspelled) . I am not Yiddish. Nonetheless, attack by any means necessary. Constantly. From any direction.
David Horowitz calls Biden a 'lifelong White Supremacist' I haven't seen him sniff a black ...
bobbo666 comments on Aug 3, 2021:
The POC ones are kept in the back rooms with the older slaves. He was probably told that this is the proper procedure by his slave-owning ancestors.
Funny, in search results.
bobbo666 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
There is ample evidence that the jab contents migrate from jab site. That is what is weird and bad about this tech. Vax material is supposed to stay put -- body is supposed to learn from it at the site and spread its "goodness" throughout body.
Washington University in St.
bobbo666 comments on Jan 25, 2022:
Decades ago when I lived there, WashU was a pack of liberal (back when liberal didn't mean commie trash) ding bats. No surprise there.
The fascist cops are piling up a huge pile of hatred against themselves which will one day explode ...
bobbo666 comments on Aug 3, 2021:
I have come to agree with Tim Pool's position: if coppers enforce mask/shutdown orders, defund them. They no longer honor their pledge to Const, they are taking the pay and doing as ordered. Defund. No coppers to enforce anti open carry -- shoot first to protect yourself. Remember, an armed populace is a polite one.
Are These Vaccines Even Working?
bobbo666 comments on Aug 17, 2021:
This is a liberal trope -- see global cooling, global warming, etc etc. All they require is a bogus headline to get started -- and stampede the mindless sheep who vote for them.
Good boy! Good boy!
bobbo666 comments on Sep 28, 2021:
My dog is insulted by your use of that term to compliment that........ thing.
Can anyone tell me why I hear my laptop click 2 or 3 times every time I click on a link here on this...
bobbo666 comments on Oct 21, 2021:
Arthritis? My wrist clicks occasionally. What does it sound like when you wave at someone, maracas?
"The history of white privilege in America" | Townsends Vid 11:52 mins. []
bobbo666 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Yeah, horse pucky. Like selling condos. Predators.
The dirtbag who plowed into innocent Christmas parade performers must be a commie Christmas hater.
bobbo666 comments on Nov 22, 2021:
The end justifies the means -- in what passes for a mind in the people who support this stuff: BLM, BeijingBiden, forced vaxxes, etc - long bloody list. Now that they have been told for the hundredth time that there is no justice in US (i.e., see KR getting off with shooting 3 black guys for peacefully demonstrating about the murder of Jacob Blake by white police) then anything is OK.
Everyone, should use this free service, immediately! You can’t be too careful!!
bobbo666 comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Ooh, I can just feel the rumblings of the stampede of NPC's, Democrats, etc to this site. Living here in CaCaLand I thought it might be an actual earthquake. Nope. Just the usual parade of losers.
Why Do Democrats Keep Warning They'll Unleash the Horrors of Nuclear War on American Citizens?
bobbo666 comments on Jun 25, 2021:
They are not warning, they are just blathering. And, the MSM with not two neighboring brain cells among them, repeats it 'cause they think that makes tools like BeijingBiden seem tough. Or, at least, possessing a spine. Swalwell is seriously a moron, and he said the same thing. He is also just down the road from me--sigh.
Seriously Williams?
bobbo666 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
BeijingBiden was/is right, right on script. He's doing exactly what the CCP told/paid him to do.
SCOTUS Again Invokes ‘Standing’ to Dodge a Constitutional Question In a stunning abdication ...
bobbo666 comments on Jun 18, 2021:
Well, of course SCOTUS will dodge this issue. Roberts violated the Constitution when he rewrote it to be a tax law, and then did not return it to Congress so it could be re-submitted by the House -- and the Const requires that all tax laws originate in the House. Since Obama-Care originated in the Senate, he blew it. Once he set that precedent he has been busy dodging all cases that might raise issues like this. So, once again rejecting an issue on standing is a load of crappola. He did the same thing when he bullied the court into not hearing Tx (and a bunch of other states) request to investigate/overrule/whatever the unConstitutional voting changes that some states made to ensure that BeijingBiden could "win". If SCOTUS is not the proper venue for states to "sue" each other, what the 'Ell is? This kind of partisan crappola is how civil wars can start -- leave an aggrieved party with no peaceful, legal redress is how violence is merited.
Chinese Government Scientist Filed COVID Vaccine Patent Before Pandemic Began []
bobbo666 comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Also note that the vaccines peddled by the CCP seem to be an actual attempt at a vaccine -- using bits of the bug and intended to provide immunity. In contrast the crappola peddled by Pharm is a vax only because the FDA redefined/corrupted the word so that immunity is no longer a requirement -- unlike any other vaccine in history. So, it is possible that the patent application is valid and not in conflict with any of the crappola being peddled over here by BeijingBiden and his supporters.
Seriously: what is the US going to do if China takes Taiwan?
bobbo666 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Taiwan cannot depend upon any treaty with the US. Obama and Biden are both against American interests. Taiwan's best option is to purchase nukes -- and then "leak" to the CCP where they will go if an invasion happens. No need for ICBM's. Just junk freighters in China ports. Taiwan is like Cuba, a lot of refugees eager to take revenge for family members murdered by commies.
In Portland, the Prosecution of Crimes Is Subjective After almost a year of chaos and ...
bobbo666 comments on May 6, 2021:
Should be no surprise here. Since the very beginning of the riots the local prosecutors have summarily released rioters arrested by police. They did this because they, the DA's and rioters, have the same beliefs. All blue cities did this. And, most celebrities and politicos (e.g., Kamala Harris) raised monies to defend those arrested -- again because they share the same beliefs. So, if anyone wants to infer that I believe that the rioters were sent into the areas to spread death and destruction at the direction and funding of such politicos, celebrities, etc. -- Yes, I am. They are all the same beast, just different appendages.
I’m gonna have some killer abs! 😂😂😱
bobbo666 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
And, you found this research where? Oh, on the bag of pork rinds you are snarfing while sitting there.
Gwen Berry says "I never said I hated the country" as momentum for Olympic team removal grows ...
bobbo666 comments on Jul 1, 2021:
You don't have to write out a statement or get caught on camera to have made your position plain. Like the jerk on his knee in the NFL, she is simply another lemming spewing hatred.
NO WHITES ALLOWED: Black Supremacist Group Demands White Liberals Keep Their Kids Out of Ivy League ...
bobbo666 comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Well, maybe an inadvertent good thing. Some such schools are openly racist, like Harvard is to Asians. Keeping any kid away from that crappola is a good thing. Plus, the schools are no more than virtue signaling. You can get just as good an education in hundreds of others. Don't get the bragging rights, tho.
The Clintons and their ilk need to be in the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
bobbo666 comments on May 18, 2021:
That would have to count as ground contamination. Shame on you! To get rid of that ilk they have to be entombed like the poor dudes who worked to contain Chernobyl -- lead casts buried deep in concrete. And, still, IMHOpinion on a crossroads, between rivers, beneath garlic plants, etc. It is literally the "mark of Cain" that they are constructed of human protoplasm. Whew, that was cathartic. Thanks. :)
Not only is communism Biblical (Acts 5:1-10).
bobbo666 comments on Jul 28, 2021:
So was child sacrifice, yah TWOT. Squint real tight and you can find anything in there. That is part of its power.
Years ago, people laughed off Jordan Peterson’s warnings of the state someday compelling speech ...
bobbo666 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Pretty boy Trudeau's Gov'mt made it quite clear to JP that the intent of the law was to punish. They, the gov'mt, estimated that an "improper" use of pronouns would cost ~$300K. Yes, hundred. There is no free speech in Canada. Not in US, either, for that matter. Not since the commies took over.
I don't think it humorous when someone gets sick etc, but that couldn't have happened to a nicer (or...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Ok, ok, laughing or grinning is not nice, but how about a nice warming "Thank you Gawd"? These are people who have spent years and furthered their careers calling me a racist and hater. I've no more sympathy for them or their like.
Pentagon Believes The World Is Moving Toward Nuclear WAR As China, Russia Build Nukes []
bobbo666 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Oh, and who came up with this idea, that BoyToy in the Joint Chiefs of Staff position? Building nukes is not necessarily a sign of war, impending or not. Nukes age. They need to be replaced on regular basis. Also, different delivery systems require new configuration -- think hypersonic cruise missile. War? When the CCP decides it is time to end Taiwan and BeijingBiden does exactly what his owners tell him, nothing.
It's decided that I will choose to take the vaccine that is NOT a vaccine or many Boosters in 75 ...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 12, 2021:
You (and many, many others) seem to be under the misapprehension (correct word?) that those in charge think, even for a moment, that a soon-to-be slave is cognitively capable of being informed beyond: "Do what we say." Independent thought, like individuality, is passe'. A thing of the past. Old fashioned. Quaint. The goal is to start you out small like, take a knee. Then, stay on your knees. Not to get all Trekkie on yah, but, in some sense the officer class of the Kligons (sp?) had it right: It is your responsibility to usurp your superior, even to the point of assassination. Keeps them on their toes. So, if a State clearly intends to enslave you, what restraints still apply to you?
Numbers 3 & 4 were doozies.
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
As to #4, I'd substitute a toy store. Give them a mental quandary -- they only get to smash, no grab.
And that’s what friends are for…
bobbo666 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
You are a sick, sick person. I like it. If you created this, congrats. If you found it, please tell where.
This just in…
bobbo666 comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Bite me! I did not vote for any of this CaCaLand crappola. My neighbors did, but they are mostly commies and NPC's. Think of WW2 western Europe after the jackboots moved in. I do not fly a flag, for obvious reasons. I lay low and avoid political arguments -- as what is the use of arguing with an NPC? But, there is always a use for an underground. When you send out the : "Chansone d'Automne" use English. I don't speak Froggie.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Who Knelt For BLM And Accused All White Cops Of Racism, Pushes to Refund...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Like with the other dufus in Frisco, don't count on this. They are tokens, not competent even after reflection. At best, it is in line with : even a blind squirrel finds some nuts.
Joe Rogan Blasts Gettr's Grift Just days after joining the grift operation Gettr, Joe Rogan ...
bobbo666 comments on Jan 14, 2022:
I've tried Rumble and Parler, and like so many others they insist that you must use a "smart" phone in order to login. Nope. I'm using it via the PC on my desk. If you then turn about and tell my I have to use another device, bugger off. I'm not jumping thru any such hoops to please some IT TWOT you mistakenly hired. Gab, OTOHand, does not do this.
The term “human rights” has completely lost it’s meaning. There are only rights for some.
bobbo666 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
Officially, everyone in the US has such rights -- see BillofRights for a short list. These are human rights, yah get them when you are born and Gov'mt cannot take or limit. DNC believes differently.
bobbo666 comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Humans are brutal creatures. That is one reason we must study history and insist on teaching civilization.
Governor Newsom Unveils Plan To Get Millions Of Californians To Switch To Homeschooling ...
bobbo666 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Could well be closer to the truth than suspected. He is an idiot. Yeah, yeah, I know it is the BB. I still stand by my position -- he is an idiot.
Sadly true
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
He obviously abhors free speech. So, he is anti-human rights. Since also in authority, evil. If evil cannot be redeemed, there is only one appropriate response.
Bloomberg columnist: We may have to force people to get vaccinated- [bearingarms.
bobbo666 comments on May 23, 2021:
Bloomie's attitude towards guns and forcing people to take meds he feels is worthwhile come from the same sick mind. If he is serious about either, I dare him to show up at my door. I'm old enough that I really don't care.
LGBT Movement is Now Called ‘2SLGBTQQIA+’ []
bobbo666 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
If this is supposed to be one of those cryptic vanity license plates, "Whhosh" right over my head. That is why I'm sticking with my original read: LGBT = LuggButt. If that offends, congratulations, you have two active brain cells!
Gun rights and gun control probably shouldn’t be part of the culture war, but it is.
bobbo666 comments on Oct 13, 2021:
Latest data from FBI database is that ~1.3Million violent incidents (e.g., thug pulls a gun, Ahole shoots up a church, etc.) were stopped entirely or ameliorated (i.e., latter is thug got shot -- stopping the incident) (i.e., former is thug saw someone else with a gun had drop on him -- he surrenders or runs for it) by a good dude/dudette with a gun. And, non-coppers do this more than coppers. An armed society is more peaceful, and more polite. Anything other than this and only thugs get to shoot others; and your guv'mt will turn you into slaves.
bobbo666 comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Antifa, like BLM, is a commie mob. A collection of attention-seeking losers taking directions from the DNC and its ilk.
This is very interesting.
bobbo666 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Kind of a turnaround. For ages the left has been routinely using their slaves as pawns.
bobbo666 comments on Oct 13, 2021:
No one in this regime' gives a damn what anyone not in power cares about anything. It is not the nature of any commie regime' to care about the losers. And, since BeijingBiden was allowed to be installed into the WhiteHouse, we are the losers.
Six black men have been charged with hate crimes and other offenses in San Jose, Calif.
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
It is this sort of behavior that is the source of Asian hate in CaCaLand. Which is why the political criticism of such is against whites -- blacks like this must always be pandered to if you want to be elected to office in CaCaLand.
bobbo666 comments on Jan 17, 2022:
Americans generally ignore such stupid mistakes -- except on Obama, he was repeated.
West Point Curriculum Includes Elements Of Critical Race Theory An honest and accurate history ...
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
All such programs have at least half-truths, and then go on from there. Which is why any program that cannot stand on every point must be rejected totally. Start over. Never compromise with evil, and CRT is evil to its core, as are its adherents.
Pelosi To Deploy Military Against American People In Federal Conquest of State By State - ...
bobbo666 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Before my PC suffered a senior moment and lost some of my favorite piccies, I had one portraying colonials at Yorktown facing off against Brit regulars. It was commented something like: "They told us to surrender our guns, we shot them." The US military is volunteer. They will not fire on assembled citizenry -- until after the new Chairman manages to purge all of those who honor their oath to the Const above obedience to orders. After that, Yorktown again. For the same reasons. And, oddly enough, coming from the same compass direction. History is weird.
'A Major Win Against The Socialists': Nicole Malliotakis Celebrates Last Night's Election Results - ...
bobbo666 comments on Nov 3, 2021:
What a delightful birthday present! Thanks Virginia. Now, if only it were possible to drub Murphy, too. I suspect the mailin ballot reserve in NJ is large enough to deliver a win for him, unfortunately. Ah well, 1/2 will have to do.
Birds of a feather
bobbo666 comments on Dec 12, 2021:
And the question from Gaetz was: "Who did BeijingBiden first ask for on Epstein's island?"
Schools Are FAILING Students & DESTROYING Society | @You Are Here [youtu.
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Wide spread education, even to only pre-high school level, is essential to a middle class. MC is essential to democracy and freedom. Kinda like bulk printing of the bible in non-Latin was essential to opening up the Church. Destroying these, and other institutions, are essential to (re)imposing a slave state. That is the goal.
Why don’t ppl trust govt?
bobbo666 comments on Jan 17, 2022:
Note the look on the face of the guy with the hat -- if looks could kill that lying sack would fall over right on camera.
Where's the science?
bobbo666 comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Science, schmeince. Much ado about nothing. Peasant concept. You are engaging in wrongthink expecting logic -- logic is racist! Pack a small bag (only valueables, we will take them anyways) and wait by door. When jab checkers come to door they will call van to take you.
Wearables can detect the onset of a COVID infection.
bobbo666 comments on Jun 13, 2021:
Alternatively, such faddish kit can tell when a couch potato takes a deep breath. Yee Gawds, you get a tingle down your leg when your heartbeat increases? That happens pretty much anytime, fella. Try exercise, you'll shock yourself.
The Federalist article on election 2020.
bobbo666 comments on Oct 13, 2021:
FB definitely spewed crappola causing a panic voting by ill-informed. But, there were hundreds of thousands of fake votes, actual paper. FB can't do that. Just ole' ballot box stuffing. Hundreds of affidavits were issued testifying to fraud.
The twitter mob didn't like this one
bobbo666 comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Since one of the founders was a eugenics fan, and PP primarily offs children (yes, children) of a dark-skinned persuasion, an appropriate footnote would be *primarily black . Oh, (not sure why italics is stuck) and once the fetus is recognizable of human origin and/or begins to circulate blood -- it is a human. A person. Not just a lump of cells one calls a fetus to soften the impact. It is a baby, just not ready to be decanted just yet.
The covid19 bots are active!
bobbo666 comments on Jul 28, 2021:
NPC's all.
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Too late by half a year. It will never get out of committee. Now, what he could do is make it a Tn law. This will cripple them in the state while a court case runs. Any info that comes out could then be used during political debates next year.
WAY TO GO CALIFORNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
bobbo666 comments on May 2, 2021:
Ca has been doing this ever since Moonbeam's 2nd term. They even redefined "violent" and released a bunch until they changed the wording in new laws. Don't laugh too hard. This is what will occur in all of the other states. With the communists now in charge and there is no going back, becoming like Ca is the least of your worries.
"The latest on the lawsuits around vaccine mandates and what Robert Barnes is strategizing going ...
bobbo666 comments on Aug 18, 2021:
For emotional appeal he needs to wear the armband -- piccie below. The punishment of un-Vaxxed is the same. The result will be the same, by design.
bobbo666 comments on May 23, 2021:
I didn't see the video. However, the idea of someone stepping in front of a truck hauling a horse -- terminally stupid. No one is gonna let some pack of losers bang on the side of a trailer -- exciting the horse to the point of hurting itself. Run them over.
This COVID thing is likely to be going on for around another 5 years.
bobbo666 comments on Jul 29, 2021:
Actually it is the vaxxed who are the petri dishes. Any pressure on a biological system (e.g., forest or human body) enhances natural selection -- those done in by "pressure" are replaced by other variants who have an advantage due to mutation. More pressure agents implies faster evolution, implies more variants pushing towards success. Vaxxed have more pressure agents, natural immunity system + vax. Now, the vax only protects you, the jabbed, not anyone else. So, whatever arises is free to hang around (and eventually either merge with human DNA or die) or get released. Generally, such mutations are less lethal. Generally. So, the vaccinated create more variants and freely release them into "the wild". Unvaccinated struggle with their one protective system, natural immunity system (e.g., Tcells, white cells, etc.). They will release fewer variants and less frequently. Claiming that unvaxxed are the source of the variants is BS. Coming from the left, of course, as they have a history of ignoring science all over the place.
It would take me ages to rub all the tummies before heading to work every morning. 😆
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
Go to the pound, get a dog. A feisty , little yapper. May not solve the problem but the video will be awesome.
Stop pretending opposition to gun control is racist- []
bobbo666 comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Putting the word "racist" into any discussion has the same effect as calling someone Hitler in an online discussion -- it stops discussion. The moment "racist" pops up, give up any hope of anything further being rational -- because someone has lost the thread of rational thought. Gun ownership is color blind. Gun control is not, especially in blue cities. Don't forget, blue cities are ruled (not led, not run -- ruled) by Democrats. And, Demos cannot ever forget how uppity blacks can get once they are let off the plantation -- their ancestors warned them about that.
GOP lawmaker told officers to use guns on 1/6 protestors- []
bobbo666 comments on Nov 3, 2021:
Uhh, they did, yah TWOT! A HEROIC DC copper shot Ashlie (sp?) right in the face and killed her. Even tho she was unarmed and a threat only to worthless idiots like him.
"In Germany, children are being forced “to go to the front of the class and state their ...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 12, 2021:
Teach your kids: e.g., "Death rate from vax is higher than death rate from WuhanFlu". If your kid has to do this kind of crappola, have them create chaos. Will you get called in for a conference? Sure, go loaded with data. They will, like all liars, spin benefits. But, the ace is that the kid might die. That overrules any lies. Then, cough all over their desk. Create chaos. Get in their faces like teachers did at School Boards pushing CRT commie crappola.
Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx'd ...
bobbo666 comments on May 23, 2021:
At the direction of WHO (owned by CCP) the CDC has been hopelessly corrupted from the beginning. This will continue. Expecting anything approaching truth, factual, or based on science from them, well, mebbe your unicorn really does fart rainbows.
Like father, like son. 🤣
bobbo666 comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Wait'll Mom hears about this. And then, her Mom. It will end up on the refrigerator.
I'm still waiting to hear a rational (keyword there is rational) explanation from the leftwing ...
bobbo666 comments on May 14, 2021:
Did he really admit that he was the tool in blackface? I'd have thought that as a Demo, he was the guy in the KKK hood. Don't forget, Demos created/staffed the KKK, wrote all the JimCrow laws, owned all (anyone has yet to name five Repubs who owned slaves) the slaves, and do their best to keep blacks subservient to the DNC. It appears to be genetic, or in order to call yourself a Demo you have to demonstrate some ACTUAL racial hatred. The latter should be quite easy, BTW, just work for Harvard. :)
This is interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
bobbo666 comments on Dec 20, 2021:
I've totally given up on Parler. I'm not certain they are trying to be elitists or are run by idiots. At first they forced signin to an existing account by additionally going to a phone to "validate" signin. Now, their site won't even open on any of the browsers I use. Many commercial sites make this same stupid error. Because their IT bozos are obsessive about a particular browser (probably trained by M$) they prevent traffic and purchases. So, I go over to Amazon which maintains functionality regardless of browser -- 'cause they are in business to get your MONEY! Bezos might be an nasty person, but he puts his customers desires first.
Usually I don’t like camo wraps, but this one is really well done
bobbo666 comments on Jan 6, 2022:
Well, if you are going to steal a car, that is one way to avoid being ID'd. BTWay, is this in one of the goofy regions that demand car ## on front and back?
Lefty Uninvited From Family Christmas After Demanding Everyone PCR Tests []
bobbo666 comments on Dec 21, 2021:
Did he refer to a test considered still valid? CDC withdrew the initial one since it used only flu bits to "detect" Covid. Does the pinhead know of this? As to the response, good riddance.
Texas’ Abbott Drops the Hammer on Manipulative Democrats Over Election Reform In response to ...
bobbo666 comments on Jun 2, 2021:
Back when I used to live in Tx I was amazed/impressed that state legislature met only every other year. I asked natives. Reply was along the lines of : "gives them only half a chance of Fing things up ". They also had a habit of putting sunset clauses on some laws -- i.e., if not re-approved at end of XX years the law expires. It's like the Tx citizens didn't trust the folks they sent to Austin!!
Screw My Freedom, Arnold?
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
Just another has-been paid liar (all actors are paid to lie, part of the job) trying to claw his way back into limelight. Sorry to have foisted this TWOT on America. But, we really needed to replace GDavis as guv'na out here in CaCALand. He didn't work out as planned, but the episode did serve as a warning. We are trying again. Hopefully, it will work out better.
I see so many posting this and sure great you got vaccinated i dont care.
bobbo666 comments on Nov 9, 2021:
Two of your points are invalid. The fake vax provides no immunity, that is why the CDC re-defined "vaccine" to exclude it. The new definition only talks about a jab that protects the jabbed. So, by getting the jab you are not protecting "us" and should not hug anyone not also jabbed. Minor point on that, since the fake vax does not kill the virus, you become a host for additional (albeit less virulent) versions. Kind of a typhoid Mary with an ever diminishing version of the flu. AS to getting the jab for yourself, fine. If it protects you, cool. But, please spare us any righteousness about having done that for anyone but yourself. It looks like that was not your intent, but yah came close.
BioNTech CEO - The Omicron Vaccine should be a 3-dose Vaccine (That means the 2-dose vaccine + the ...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
If you doubt this has been the plan since 2019, you are not paying attention.
There’s long been a perception among many that the Second Amendment community is really just a ...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
There is also a racist component to gun control -- against blacks owning guns. CaCaLand was open carry until a few decades ago when some "uppity" blacks showed up in the state capital with rifles. I forget the issue. Anyhoo, state laws were quickly passed (like days) to outlaw any sort of carry unless the person is issued a permit by the state . Does this violate 2nd? Of course. But, Demos were in charge and they were not going to put up with uppity blacks having more guns than their personal security guards. This behavior is endemic across the country. And, it is always the once slave-owning "liberals" who want to ban guns. ALWAYS!!!!
Girls talk in a higher pitch to guys they like
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
I had to look at this twice before I got it. Don't know the "artist". But, could be falsetto.
A quote: There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law ...
bobbo666 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
Or, "for the children". That is also quite popular. Equally meaningless as there is never any follow-up analysis to show if any child benefited. The reply question always must be: "Exactly how, please give me one specific?" You won't get an valid answer but watching the politico bumble is always amusing.
BLM Releases Statement on Jussie Smollett Trial, Claims He Must Be Believed Over Police via ...
bobbo666 comments on Dec 11, 2021:
So, the testimony of the two black Nigerians is discounted? Uh, huh. You racist crappola BLM thug! I want to see you call them liars to their faces. I'd also like to see what they do to you.
bobbo666 comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Nope. An argument will be made, valid or not, that one set of antibodies can't possibly protect against all. In addition, so long as we are being illogical, the passports proposed had nothing whatsoever to do with protecting against re-infection. Otherwise, the highly vaxxes Israelis wouldn't be ~70% re-infected. The passports were proposed solely to show that you have volunteered to be a sheep. Compliance and power. New regimes like that. Makes the corruption and lies they used to get into power justified.
Biden administration shelves plans to halt Title 42 expulsions - The Washington Post
bobbo666 comments on Jul 29, 2021:
It looks like this PedoPres is taking the approach of flinging random crapolla against the wall to see if it sticks, figuratively of course. Every few days there is another "news report" (is that now an oxymoron like military intelligence?) about a new initiative. When someone pipes up and says "That can't work." it is swept under the rug and denied later on. As to GOP, there present incarnation is crappola. Been that way for a long time. The TeaParty tried to reform and were lied into submission -- and persecuted by Obama's IRS Gestapo. MAGA now has a chance if DJTrump really pushes to get the Rinos out. It has to specify its conservative base, and totally abandon any semblance of "Go along to get along." No, no compromise on principles. Grey area in the middle, maybe.
THEY KNOW: 14% of Biden Voters Say Trump Will Be 'Reinstated' as President THIS YEAR ...
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
Naw. Impossible that anyone could have possibly found that many courageous folks who would have first admitted that they voted for BeijingBiden.
Their descendants have invaded the internet!
bobbo666 comments on Sep 5, 2021:
Bet fat boy ends up the last almost out at the next funeral memorial seal-up.
Columbia, South Carolina “Obama Mart” loses beer and wine license after black community leaders ...
bobbo666 comments on Sep 16, 2021:
Well, in most states a pub owner bears responsibility for what a drunk patron does. Ditto for a seller of intoxicants. If he is unwilling to call coppers to run off the drunkards and other losers, then the community has a right to go after his license. As to being Muslim. I guess it is OK with him to kill off non-Muslims. Nice guy, overall.
Why not go back to metal coins(since metal itself is valuable): []
bobbo666 comments on Nov 9, 2021:
It is easier and cheaper to simply print out Billions of BidenBucks, than stamp out bit of metal.
Hmmm... 2 weeks to flatten the curve....
bobbo666 comments on Aug 14, 2021:
Leftists are intolerant. Good way to end of walking home.

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