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Your friendly neighborhood reptoid.


VIDEO: Nearly 200 Crazed Leftists Mob Conservative Students, Harass and Tear Town Display at ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 15, 2019:
Hey, I'm not familiar with Spotify.
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 10, 2020:
You can't download. Paying gets rid of ads. You can save to your computer, but that only allows you to play a song when you're offline through the apps, not access the actual files.
Blame Narratives?
WilyRickWiles comments on Feb 11, 2020:
The left and right have similar criticisms, different scapegoats, and different prescriptions. The current center is that professional managerial class that uses identity politics cynically. A real center would be economically left and socially toward the right (see Bannon, Tucker, and Tulsi), but that is a non-starter for the left because it means throwing minorites under the bus.
Let's Rock! Post something good. []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 26, 2019:
Nice 97.9 The Loop tee.
VIDEO: Nearly 200 Crazed Leftists Mob Conservative Students, Harass and Tear Town Display at ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 15, 2019:
Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn counsels President Trump on impeachment - The Washington Post
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 27, 2019:
New York Times endorsement virtue signals between two far-left female Senators.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 21, 2020:
LOL in what universe is Klobuchar far left?
Having trouble coming up with a punchline for a new Communist joke .
WilyRickWiles comments on May 31, 2021:
The funny thing about conservatives is that they blame communism, a system that does not exist in the US (or meaningfully in the world after the fall of the Soviet Union), for all of the things they don't like about capitalism.
"The real criminal is the white liberal, the political hypocrite." - Malcom X
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 19, 2020:
I wouldn't interpret this as a criticism of the left. Here he is blaming white liberals for offering nominal but not structural support. For keeping blacks trapped in slums and introducing vices into them. He was pessimistic that whites or successful blacks in the American system could actually provide opportunity for blacks as a whole. Elsewhere, he made comments similar to what Dr. King said about the white moderate. Malcolm X supported a militant, abolitionist politics and used John Brown as an example of a real ally.
Very Little Is As It Seems…
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Reminds me of Orwell's take on conservatives.
Jesus sounds totally commie just saying.
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 24, 2021:
The true Jesus:
I don't know what happened, but in times of draconian laws and communists everywhere, this felt ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 26, 2020:
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 10, 2020:
Um, no.
Sleep is for privileged white people, popular magazine says — so now activists call for ‘rest ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 18, 2020:
Have you considered posting these things straight from the source so that we can judge them first hand rather than, e.g. in this case, third hand?
Serious question, how does a vaccine passport square with HIPPA?
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 31, 2021:
Pretty sure every American has a vaccination record and that they've already had to share it, e.g. when attending schools and universities.
Tlaib and Omar are huge anti-semites and wonder why they are barred from Israel.
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 15, 2019:
Criticizing Israel doesn't make you anti-Semitic.
Are we willing to stop the Communist take over of America? Can we? Know thy enemy! []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 22, 2020:
Trever Loudon is a creep.
Teachers Should Teach, Not Indoctrinate…
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 28, 2021:
I'm sure this will agree with the poor white parents' sensibilities.
Let's re-enact the Storming of the Bastille.
WilyRickWiles comments on Feb 4, 2021:
The plebes don't live in cities?
As the impeachment trial begins, Democrats are losing their minds... []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 22, 2020:
Lawyer lawsuits! Can you believe it?
Demo Communist say no evidence for vote fraud....lololololoololololohahahahahahaahahahahah
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 5, 2020:
You need help.
Are we willing to stop the Communist take over of America? Can we? Know thy enemy! []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 22, 2020:
Trever Loudon is a creep.
A little truth.
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 14, 2019:
The fact is that the US broke pretty much every treaty it made and then carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing so successful that it will likely never be held accountable. I've learned a lot from genealogy, following my ancestors west as they moved into areas newly open to settlement time and time again. And sometimes they moved or waged war before areas were open!
Who is really PUSHING systemic racism against blacks and people of color?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 19, 2020:
You ignored me before, but what side do you imagine the left is on? A left that was targeted by the KKK for its fight for social equality (see below). What side was John Lewis who fought against Jim Crow? What side was Goldwater who voted against the Civil Rights Act, campaigned with the first #Walkaway, segregationist Strom Thurmond, and inspired the next generations of Republicans?
America Now To Negotiate With Terrorists The Biden Administration : American News Updates ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 27, 2021:
Is negotiate a euphemism for "give orders to"?
West Virginia has no cases of Coronavirus.
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 17, 2020:
No cases or no data?
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 22, 2020:
It's the lizard people!
Bombshell: In 2018 Democrats Asked Ukraine to Investigate Trump posted by Ken Webster jr - Sep 25,...
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 30, 2019:
Not quite.
there’s a reason i put that im willing to admit there are radicals on both side in my fb post ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 13, 2021:
I know what you mean.
So will Trump have to follow in Gerald Ford’s footsteps and pardon his predecessor?
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 27, 2019:
Keep dreaming.
"The elites in Washington have grown fat and disgusting over the last decade, feasting and gorging ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 1, 2019:
And what exactly is that agenda?
Is the censoring of conservative news on Twitter a form of domestic terrorism?
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 28, 2020:
PR is terrorism.
Former Seattle Police Chief: Media malfeasance covering CHOP zone made violent activists look ...
WilyRickWiles comments on May 27, 2021:
Because cops always tell the truth.
After hearing that the "Whistleblower" did not even have direct evidence, but merely hearsay, I was ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 26, 2019:
You know Trump released a summary of the transcript of his phone call, right?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Woke NFL Just Keeps Digging: Will Play 'Black National Anthem,' Increase 'Social Justice Messages' ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 15, 2021:
Oh you poor baby. How will you manage?
Has anyone read Karl Marx Manifesto, written 1847?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 19, 2020:
Yes, I have read it.
A mercenary that works for free. Does that make me a socialist? lol
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 29, 2021:
I'm going to say that someone who willingly performs free labor for their capitalist masters is something else.
I'm worried about what seems to be the disappearance of a lot of people.
WilyRickWiles comments on Dec 9, 2020:
I'm worried about the disappearance of a lot of people from this community--one of whom owes me IDW Coins!
What have we NOT been paying attention to in 2020 but should?
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 6, 2020:
As demonstrated below, it may yet be QAnon. It's the one thing that can unify all remaining Republicans and obscure racism.
Finally we got him
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 1, 2021:
You seem to have confused balls for pussy. I blame our schools for bowing to the Republican campaign to end sex education!
Vote Trump To Stop The Destruction
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Who knew Trump would lead to so much losing?
It took the Cuban people 60 years to take to the streets to regain their freedom.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Heartbreaking images from the protests:
The Plot Against The President Full Documentary (1080p)
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Does anyone really have time for this shit, though?
[] Comedy Gold. More to come
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 5, 2019:
People trying to be considerate so that all members can be included in parliamentary session on a tight schedule. HILARIOUS.
So i was watching a clip and one thing that was mentioned was how Democrats have always been ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Conservatives have been making that "taxpayer" argument since Reconstruction.
Western civilization is under attack.
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 20, 2019:
"No individual is "equal" to another individual but that is how those clamoring for equality think of equality" Tell that to the people fighting the GOP's race-based gerrymanders in NC and elsewhere. Also:
Take heed all 5G enthusiasts.
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 27, 2019:
Are reptoids real?
No insurrection or violence at Virginia gun rights rally.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 21, 2020:
Why did they pick MLK Day to rally? Or do you call it Lee Day?
This is why we need Amy Barrett on the Supreme Court.
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 20, 2020:
We need GEE-ZUS!
Allegations that Joe Biden sexually attacked a young staffer may be a sign the Democrat ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 27, 2020:
It's not the establishment putting the story out--it's the left.
Ben Crosswhite on Instagram: "Sometimes you have to take it easy and let someone else do all the ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 16, 2019:
FYI, the theory is that he's into cuckoldry. He gets off on being bossed around and financially exploited by several young men who are having sex with his wife.
Jew hatred persists on this site and group.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Sadly, the state of Israel feeds the trolls with its far right ethnonationalist government supporting far right ethnonationalist parties around the world.
I would love to put Trump flags on this ride and drive it down the main drag in Portland.
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 14, 2020:
I bet you'd be proud to do that.
Dr. Peterson is back!
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Zizek really did a number on him.
"It was antifa!!!!" oh wait.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 6, 2021:
The video of the MAGAs breaking in followed by the shooting. Yeesh.
“Communism is as crude an attempt to explain society and the individual as if a surgeon were to ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Sounds a lot like capitalism, but then he probably had similar criticisms.
Neofeudalism: The End of Capitalism? []
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 31, 2021:
I fear that such neofeudalism is our present and future, rather than the potential social democracy-lite described here in the WSJ: Nevertheless, we may be at a fork in the road.
Kathy Griffin wanting to know if it's okay for her to come out of the box now?? []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 31, 2019:
She was put under two federal investigations and on the no fly list. And nobody cried about her freedom of speech being violated.
Folks you just can't make stuff like this up - well, actually it is almost exactly like a daytime ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Maybe we should get Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl back on the case!
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 6, 2021:
You hate to see it.
Random thought: Was Hitler a progressive?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 14, 2020:
No. There are two kinds of populism. Left populism, of which progressivism is a close enough approximation, and right populism, which is nativism. The latter is the one that treats minorities as second class citizens and engages in ethnic cleansing. What you are experiencing as a white person is not that. What immigrants are experiencing is closer. Hitler was a nativist authoritarian. Trump is a nativist but a lazy authoritarian. You'd be better off comparing Hitler to Trump.
Crickets From The Lamestream..
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 9, 2020:
Progressives are livid at Kyrsten Sinema because she understands long term consequences- ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 22, 2021:
Only Republicans are allowed to change the rules. And no backsies.
ACCURATE ASSESSMENT of 2020 Presidential Election by Newt Gingrich A smart friend of mine ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 13, 2021:
You (or Newt, I suppose) pick and choose to believe the worst of what Democrats actually do and the Republicans' distortions of them. If you paid more attention to the former, you might understand why the latter are false. You might still dislike the Democrats but you might realize that Trump and the Republicans are in on much of it and worse. And maybe you'd lose your sense of moral panic.
I’ve tried to avoid the politics of Covid.
WilyRickWiles comments on Apr 3, 2020:
I'm sure that will go as well as Afghanistan and Iraq.
Show of hands: How many people woke up this morning thinking, “What I really need to kick off ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 17, 2020:
They lectured you?
Dennis Prager: Media more of a threat than Russia - YouTube
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 6, 2019:
I'd argue that right wing billionaires, like the kind that fund Trump and Prager, are more dangerous still.
Labour Backs Abolishing Private Schools, ‘Redistribute’ Their Assets
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 23, 2019:
Ed, can we agree that elite private schools should be educating more people, particularly those of the lower and middle classes who make the grade?
Okay , now I'm just getting ridiculous but it helps keep me sane .
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Another traitor who must be booted out!! Over 100 Republicans have reportedly signed a petition ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 20, 2021:
Does Trump back this?
Anyone else make the same observation?
WilyRickWiles comments on Apr 4, 2020:
While there are a lot of people of color endangering their health for the greater good by delivering packages, working at grocery stores, and working in hospitals, some striking with support from socialists, I have not seen any Proud Boys or Blue Lives Matter setting up temporary hospitals or volunteering for anything.
Discussion about the "scandal free" Obama Administration.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 5, 2019:
Let me guess, they don't mention that it started in the Bush administration.
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 26, 2021:
You know the "global jihadists" are US-backed, no?
Socialist Math
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Rightist math: Trump said it, so it must be true!
And continued bullshit like this, GUARANTEES a Landslide for the GOP in '20, that will make the UK's...
WilyRickWiles comments on Dec 13, 2019:
You show him!
Politicians say ‘break up BIg Tech.’ What would that look like?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 30, 2019:
This looks like PR. Regardless, I don't think the point is to "slow down or control the pace of change." The point is to combat monopoly, monopsony, and the economic and social problems inherently caused by such concentrated power. There are a few natural approaches to take: 1. Undo mergers and break up units (e.g., Youtube, Google Search, G Suite, etc.), 2. Standardize and decentralize platforms (e.g., Facebook, Uber, and Apple's App Store), and 3. Nationalize (e.g., using a social wealth fund) monopsonies like Amazon that can't easily be broken up and have achieved desirable efficiencies.
Yep it looks like a mental disorder
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 3, 2021:
It's OK to get help!
This is cool...the left instigating shit []
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 7, 2020:
Yeah, it's "the left instigating shit." Definitely not Donny boy.
I am often asked what immigration patriots a.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 24, 2020:
Where did the coup hurt you?
Evangelicals and Race Theory by Carl R.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 15, 2021:
There was a white supremacist coup attempt last week.
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 15, 2019:
This looks pretty real:
Take note Democrats: the UK election was a referendum on progressivism- []
WilyRickWiles comments on Dec 13, 2019:
Similarities: 1. After decades of neoliberalism and the resulting loss of trust in left-wing parties, the white working class increasingly votes on cultural rather than economic issues 2. Populist economic policies are popular Differences: 1. Brexit dynamics, which Labour mishandled (due to jugging working class and professional constituencies) 2. Corbyn's unpopularity, due to years of smears by a media dominated by a few right-wing tabloids 3. Different demographics, with the UK being 87.2% white
But he got 80,000,000 votes
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Sad to say but Trumpers are more in denial about Trump being one of the most unpopular politicians in America than Clinton supporters were.
We were never 'all in this together.
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 17, 2021:
It's called neoliberalism. Cuts for working people and inflated assets for the rich.
With every riot, support for the Second Amendment grows- [bearingarms]
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 8, 2020:
America loves irrational fear.
DCCC faces mass staff upheaval after uproar over diversity - POLITICO
WilyRickWiles comments on Aug 1, 2019:
Don't worry, us leftists are paying attention. Bustos is a garbage centrist.
What are we going to do about all these fascist Corporations?
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 15, 2021:
You don't fight fascism with fascism.
In the middle of watching 1984 for the first time right about now.
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 29, 2020:
George Orwell: one of my favorite socialists!
Any of yall think that big tech is making a move to help microsoft restart their smartphone ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I am putting this out for discussion!!!! I thought came to me that the "MASK" has become the NEW ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 20, 2020:
It's less that its won. The leftist protesters are a clear example that you can resist the government and wear a mask at the same time. It's more that the government has failed, forcing us to take a multitude of extreme measures.
During New Hampshire Democrat Debate, Elizabeth Warren Advocates for "Race-Conscious Laws" to Uplift...
WilyRickWiles comments on Feb 10, 2020:
VDare, a white nationalist website. Nice...
SHOCK STUDY Shows GEN Z 18-Year-Olds Are as CONSERVATIVE as 40-Year-Olds!!! [youtube.
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 13, 2020:
Keep dreaming.
Do was discussing political yard signs and a friend of mine who lives in nyc said her street is ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Long Island (certain parts)? Staten Island? Nothing new.
So once again Trump loses the popular vote, but if you take California out of the mix, he wins.
WilyRickWiles comments on Nov 5, 2020:
Numbers aren't your strong suit.
Media is at it again!
WilyRickWiles comments on Jun 19, 2020:
By media, do you mean random people on Twitter?
The mini-fascist 😂😂😂
WilyRickWiles comments on Sep 4, 2019:
someone correct me but it seems BLM has removed references to their Marxist ideology from their ...
WilyRickWiles comments on Jul 20, 2020:
It's not a centralized organization. There are a couple prominent leaders who have spoken of having some grounding in Marxism. What the others probably have in common is a Black abolitionist politics. The left in general is rather heterodox these days though they typically recognize Marx as an important thinker.
Is this man an elected official or just a clown hired by the Democratic Party?
WilyRickWiles comments on Dec 10, 2019:
He's kind of like this guy who was hired by the Republicans:
Soon America and Canada will be Saudi Arabia in the West
WilyRickWiles comments on Mar 29, 2020:
No they won't.

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