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Tom81 comments on Apr 14, 2021:
So covid is their new trump. Their 'news' is trashier than a Jerry Springer episode (and their acting skills are just as bad).
Voting machine firm demands pro-Trump attorney retract bogus claims about 2020 election
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
Meh, article is full of slanted views, obvious bias and clearly pushing an anti-Trump narrative that avoids facts. You might as well listen to CNN. Democrats have bought up these same issues prior to this election. Dominion's own manuals back up Powell's claims. Most of the reason the cases didn't go through was based on procedural issues, rather than weight of evidence. I suggest you get a better source of info than MSM. Plenty of alternative sources out there, to get a balanced view.
Cheap mexican labour, anyone?
Tom81 comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Emo sink? When you turn the taps on, does a noise come out that sounds like a whine about how depressed it is?
I lived in Asia as a child.
Tom81 comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Travelling around in Europe, some places would have little cards on the table reminding people not to give money to gypsy beggars, as it only encourages them to beg instead of working. I saw plenty of buskers and street performers around - they got my change - but not the ones who just block your way with their hands out. Grew up in Sydney and saw plenty of junkies all with some made up sob story. One would tell people that her partner abandoned her and took all her money, and all she needed was to get home to Newcastle. Saw her do that almost every night for 6 months, must have asked me more than a dozen times. So many of these beggars are junkies and scammers.
Are We Witnessing the Beginning of the End for Fox News?
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
Personally, I find Epoch Times/NTD news to be the most professional and give the most in-depth analysis. They have started their own social-media video site (youmaker) after censorship issues with YouTube. Crossroads with Joshua Phillips gives some good solid break downs too (he's affiliated with Epoch Times).
This is the time to come together as a nation, especially under the virus threat and stop bickering ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 14, 2020:
🀣LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚... ...😐oh wait... you're being serious...😬 Yeah, the virus is definitely the biggest threat. A well sealed plastic bag around your head will work wonders (πŸ˜‰ trust me, I'm a nurse).
One year since Australian border shut.
Tom81 comments on Mar 18, 2021:
UN declarations are only used when they're politically expedient, and to virtue signal to the public.
America rates China as number one threat.
Tom81 comments on Apr 19, 2021:
At the moment, America is America's biggest threat. Implosion and self destruction.
Where is a facepalm emoji when you need one?
Tom81 comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Wait till we can identify as a different age group and ruin kids sport too
Tom81 comments on Apr 14, 2021:
So a typical year then. Actually, no it isn't - we haven't had a summer of bushfires.
Pope Francis and the Vatican enter a "global alliance" with Mastercard, Visa, Bank of America, the ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 14, 2020:
I guess the pope sees himself as CEO of Catholicism as a corporation. He's already been doing deals with China, so this comes as no surprise.
Now THIS is how you kill murder hornets.
Tom81 comments on Dec 14, 2020:
How long before they use it against people?
This Staten Island Bar Owner Who Hit a Cop Is So Lucky He's White
Tom81 comments on Dec 14, 2020:
Nice race baiting πŸ™„ I guess if you 'identified' as a woman, you'd call it sexist too...
Are vaccine passports freedom or coercion?
Tom81 comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Its coercion - to accept the covid jab. These 'passports' were never intended to give anyone actually freedom, and they won't.
Coronavirus Buttplugs
Tom81 comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Well if it saves just one lifeπŸ˜‚...
Seriously, []
Tom81 comments on Mar 27, 2021:
Right...🀦... it's pollution. Not all the added hormones they put in processed foods (especially the fake meats)...
Retailers Under Pressure to Not Call Police on Minority Shoplifters []
Tom81 comments on Apr 14, 2021:
Seems like a good way to keep stoking racial tensions and killing small to mid-sized businesses. This policy would not even slightly dent big businesses, and give them an excuse to increase surveillance and pricing.
I think it is a little disingenuous to use a title like Feminism = cancer, after all it was a ...
Tom81 comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Originally feminism was about equality (NOT equity), but this current form (3rd wave or whatever it's called now), is essentially communist doctrine using the oppressor vs oppressed narrative to divide and weaken the male/female relationship. Ironically it's often women who have the upper hand politically (so much for equality thenπŸ™„). Current feminism also gives women more rights (without the extra responsibility), which feeds nicely into marxist power dynamic BS and makes the ideology more alluring. It's interesting to see how much of this trash ideology has been pushed by academia and massive commercial corporations and has become so mainstream...πŸ€”
James True share "trojan horse" - YouTube
Tom81 comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Strength through joy. Joy through vaccination?
Soon as masks are not mandatory majority stop wearing.
Tom81 comments on Apr 19, 2021:
We weren't all afraid, but none of us had a choice. If you get fines for not wearing a mask, cops stop you at the border and concerts are cancelled by the government - what choice do we have?
VIRTUAL EVENT: The New Intolerance: Critical Race Theory and Its Grip on America .
Tom81 comments on May 21, 2021:
It's the beginning of a new caste system. But I think that they are using the minorities to get rid of the majority, then they'll turn the minorities against each other till all that's left is a weak or completely compliant (slave like) population
I am wondering how your mothers have raised you.
Tom81 comments on Jun 23, 2021:
Trump Wins $500 Million Libel Lawsuit Against CNN - Robert Mike
Tom81 comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Written in November last year 🀨... ... if you believe this story, check your emails because you've just won the latest iPad and have an excellent opportunity to get rich, from a Nigerian prince πŸ™„
Is there a tax I can pay to stop COVID-19 or does that only work for Climate Change? πŸ˜‰
Tom81 comments on Mar 22, 2021:
Yes, if emission credits worked than we need to set up some sort of covid transmission trading scheme with other countries.
Is America on th brink of civil war? []
Tom81 comments on Jul 3, 2021:
On the brink? You're knee deep in it. It's an ideological civil war, much like the 'cultural revolution' under Mao, but updated, modernised and televised. And it's not just the not-so-United States, but all over the western world.
GEEE, we are having a flood of Fentenyl from Mexico, Imagine that!!!!!! Also, it appears that the ...
Tom81 comments on Sep 30, 2021:
Fentanyl was invented in China, and as far as I know is the only country that not only produces it, but all the pre-cursor chemicals for it too. On a side note, it was found a while back that the Mexican cartels were also receiving firearms and munitions from the Chinese.
Tom81 comments on Oct 29, 2021:
It's not a privilege, it's my 'right' πŸ˜‚
Trump supporter, 53, who was arrested at Capitol riot kills himself at his home [dailymail.
Tom81 comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Bastion, you are sinking to the level where you will defend paedophillia and bestiality if the left does (and they do. You probably already secretly do defend those positions). I'm not surprised a communist would make fun of and gloat at human misery and suffering (that is your aim after all). This was an exceptionally dumb post by you, congtats on sinking to a new level of depravity
I just read an article by Dr Atlas advisor to Donald Trump.
Tom81 comments on Dec 22, 2020:
Incidentally, Victoria didn't take Dr Atlas's advice. Everything that happened there is on Dan Andrews ( who sold his state out by being part of the Strong Cities Network and the Belts and Roads Initiative)
Jennifer Aniston: “I And All The Trump Supporter Celebrities Decided To Make A Pro-Trump Company ...
Tom81 comments on Jul 2, 2021:
More lame trolling?
I shared the video on Facebook, IMMEDIATE BAN.
Tom81 comments on Sep 21, 2021:
What video?
I have zero intention of voluntarily taking the flu-19 vaccine or, in the new media non-threatening,...
Tom81 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
If enough people resist and protest, what can they do? And more people are waking up to this. I'm probably going to loose my job, as I work in a public hospital, but better to loose a shitty paying job than my health or my life. There's a lot of people in health care that will quit or be fired rather than take the jab. Resistance and refusal needs to become more vocal, so that 'mandatory covid vaccination' becomes political suicide.
Tom81 comments on May 29, 2021:
Probably dodged a bullet by being fired (pardon the punπŸ˜…).
An open letter to Vice President Pence, from Neon Revolt _____________ December 28, 2020 by Neon...
Tom81 comments on Dec 31, 2020:
Pence does not have a spine... or a set of balls. He's just the quiet, fair-weather, milque-toast guy who only says what he thinks people will accept, trying to pass himself off as the honest, moderate voice of reason. He won't take a stand for his 'morals' if it is going to be political suicide. He's the bass player in the band that no one pays attention to. He might have been Trump's cuck, and served a purpose, but he will be replaced in Trump's next term (or just disappear into obscurity and be VP in title only).
Here are some questions I have.
Tom81 comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Usually the biggest thugs and criminals seize power by force (Russian revolution is a good example).
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Tom81 comments on Dec 26, 2020:
WTF, what parent would let their child be 'counsilled' by this creep? Who in their right mind would let this creep work with kids?
My company, the one I depend on to pay my mortgage and buy food.
Tom81 comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Clock in and out physically but never mentally. Just focus on your own needs and start preparing for an alternative. There comes a point when the money isn't worth the other costs. 'Atlas Shrugged' delves into this topic. It's a hard position to be in when they can use security as a form of blackmail, using family and responsibilities as leverage. Tough choice but only you know what's right for your situation. Hardest lesson I've had to learn is to rely on nothing, and that everything is temporary.
Tom81 comments on Dec 26, 2020:
Fuck that, South Australia is serial killer capital of Australia. Where is she planning to take you? Snowtown or Wolf Creek?
All delusional crazy eyes []
Tom81 comments on Nov 25, 2021:
Can't wait to hear how her pilgrimage to Mecca went
Documentary: 2020 Election Investigation | Crossroads with Joshua Philipp - YouTube
Tom81 comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Was going to post this too (but I've been busy arguing with another member, on another postπŸ˜‚). 'Crossroads' has become my favourite source of what's going on as it's the most in-depth and the least biased. Epoch Times has a YouTube type of video site call 'Youmaker' which hosts all their stuff.
I stand for: Equal punishment for men and women.
Tom81 comments on Jan 12, 2022:
You'd have to rid the world of Marxist ideology for those to get off the ground. But unfortunately there's too money and power involved with division and identity politics.
Apartheid is alive & well in the penal colony of Australia.
Tom81 comments on Sep 21, 2021:
There's a lot of sheep, cowards, compliant out of laziness types and brainwashed people... there's also a lot of people who will be happy to set up blackmarkets, or willing to go... 🀷 criminal...
Covid insanity! Landlord determined to force tenants to get vaccine or be evicted.
Tom81 comments on Sep 21, 2021:
Like most things covid related - probably doesn't have anything to do with health concerns and has an ulterior motive
German Doctor: Anti-Vaxxers Should Be Denied Intensive Care If They Need It [infowars.]
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
German doctors don't have the best track record historically, do they 🀨
VICTORIANS - it is time.
Tom81 comments on Sep 21, 2021:
Let me know how this goes. I don't use socials so I'm not always up to date. Working for NSW Health and about to lose my job at the end of the month for not getting vaxxed 😬
True story. This really appeared at Davie & Denman Streets in Vancouver this morning!
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
Why does Canada have a giant, Trudeau bat-cuck lego figure? Is that how you people celebrate Christmas? Most countries have santa, but maybe you guys have different traditions
If you are to be strict about it...
Tom81 comments on Dec 26, 2020:
The opposite of pro-life is marxism... Having said that, what do you do if someone is pregnant but unwilling or unable to look after the child? Or likely to abuse/exploit it? Or is the product of abuse/exploitation/incest? Or result in the mother's death if taken to full term. I can see both sides of the argument and there's no easy answers. In many ways this is like the euthanasia debate.
Leftist Mag: Black Votes Should Be Counted Twice As Reparations [infowars.]
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
Well if math is racist, why count them at all? We could just ask each side what number they 'identify' as.
In response to the death of a 48 year lady following vaccination.
Tom81 comments on Apr 15, 2021:
'Today' show is just a bunch of middle aged, out of touch wannabe celebrities, preaching the woke BS propaganda in a pretentious and condescending manner. Just like 'Sunrise' and 'The Project'. These pseudo intellectuals just push government propaganda in a softer manner. Trash tv for mental zombies
Tom81 comments on Dec 13, 2020:
I'm sure that many will refuse and many will hide their guns. All this will do is cause a boom in illegal gun trade/trafficking, and kill small to medium businesses while gangs will flourish. This will end up being similar to the prohibition era in some ways, IF it goes through
Self defense shooting prompts calls to arm paramedics- []
Tom81 comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Makes sense but...does a paramedic then have to treat the person they shot, or wait for them to be cuffed before treatment? Not having a joke, serious question.
I'm nearing the end of my 2 week trial & have decided I no longer want to continue with 2021.
Tom81 comments on Jan 13, 2021:
98 was better, but ever since Vista came out, things have been getting crappier
Good news, residents of Baltimore Mike Huckabee Your City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby ...
Tom81 comments on Mar 31, 2021:
Gotta wonder if these legal changes are in preparation for 'peaceful protests' and 'autonomous zones". First they change the laws, then they have an excuse why they can't or won't prosecute.
Squishy Data Calculations Surrounding Deaths Associated with COVID-19 Counties and state using ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
It's getting to the point where so many institutions have been compromised that we're getting soviet (or CCP) style figures to prove whatever narrative they want to push.
My latest from Sky News! On how the pandemic is going to make it very difficult for Labor to make ...
Tom81 comments on Feb 15, 2021:
Australian politics be like shit choice vs equally shit choice
Now what?
Tom81 comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Why is it controversial to claim there are only three races(white , black and asian)?
Tom81 comments on Nov 28, 2021:
Interesting question, guess it depends on how you define race. The way I look at it is the same way people view dog breeds. All dogs are at the earliest point descendants of wolves, but through selective breeding and environmental factors, have created very different and defined groups completely different from the original. Applying the same thing to humans, add thousands of years of culture and you have what most people would call a race. And to your point - why 3 races? Why not just 1? Or why not 100? Just depends on how you define race
Callum interviews undercover journalist, expert on Antifa in Germany, and author Christian Jung on ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Another Anti-Vaxxer dies from Covid
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2022:
Whatever dude πŸ™„, more vaxxed people have died from covid then unvaxxed around the entire world
The Persecution Of Novak Djokavic []
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2022:
De Blasio: City of New York severing all contracts with Trump Organization ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 13, 2021:
At this point, who would want to conduct business in NYC anyway 🀷
And We wonder how Hitler got the average German citizen to go along with the Nazi agenda!!!! Look ...
Tom81 comments on Nov 25, 2021:
Here's a good insight into how it happened (make your own parallels):
Translating Joe's speech into English. []
Tom81 comments on Jun 16, 2021:
Joe senile Biden seems to be the same sort of puppet Boris drunk Yeltsin was in Russia.
Actually , the cow is somewhat aware pf it but as long as it's Netflix ( and to a very real degree ...
Tom81 comments on May 20, 2021:
Dead Kennedys fan?
Aussie Cossack - The NSW unvaccinated hit the pubs! FlauntingFreedom - First time at the local pub ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I have a feeling that this is the calm before the storm. The media is already trying to whip up a fear frenzy about an omicron 'outbreak' in Newcastle and trying to link it to anti mandate protests held nearby.
Is this what an antifa infiltrator looks like?
Tom81 comments on Jan 7, 2021:
And is this what life under the Harris administration will look like?
How Many People Need to Receive the Covid Vaccine for Normalcy to Resume?
Tom81 comments on Dec 5, 2020:
Before covid-19, many trials were done testing vaccines against corona viruses. Every single one, made the host more susceptible to the virus, and increased the severity of the virus. And now they're trying to force as many people to have this and saying that we may need to be vaccinated twice🀨...
Queensland Police Pay Home Visit to Author Who Bragged on Twitter About COVID-Violating Jog ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Welcome to Australia, largest open air prison in the world. Only the political elites may travel freely.
Tom81 comments on Dec 13, 2020:
Did they go around rampaging, beating everyone who didn't dress in all black, looting and burning the place down like antifa and blm have been doing for months? πŸ€”
Mass influx of illegals!! Justification to cease "immigration" Warnock, Ossoff Boosted in ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 10, 2021:
So... basically dems are importing voters like Hiter did in the region of Czechoslovakia known as the Sudetenland... How long before the annexing begins?
Now what?
Tom81 comments on Jan 6, 2021:
@JacksonNought - real question is, when will the shooting end?
Hell No []
Tom81 comments on Dec 6, 2020:
I like Kaitlin. Never agreed with her anti abortion stance (even though I understand where she is coming from) but I love the balls she showed standing up for her beliefs (especially in areas where everyone is against her), and her use of logic and reasoning (but I disagree with the religious aspects).
My editorial from my FIRST EVER SOLO HOSTING SPOT on Sky News! On how Australia is bumbling toward ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 15, 2022:
A step in the right direction, yet the unvaccinated are still barred from 'major events' in QLD.
Police Arrest Parents Concerned About Critical Race Theory | Slightly Offensve [youtu.
Tom81 comments on Jun 24, 2021:
Wait till they start building gulags and 're-education centres' for thought crimes. It will become like Soviet Europe, where people were sentenced to 10 years hard labour for telling an anti government joke
Hmm I cant seem to reply to post either?
Tom81 comments on Feb 4, 2021:
I've had that problem on and off from the start. In some posts (not all) the reply button is just not there.
All we are hearing about is how important it is to get the "JAB"!!!!! The other thing we are ...
Tom81 comments on Oct 20, 2021:
Some good news on the horizon:
Blatant bullying by the premier Daniel Andrews, Victoria, Australia.
Tom81 comments on Sep 7, 2021:
Just like prohibition didn't end alcohol consumption, this will only encourage underground criminal networks
Soldier sent to jail for 18 months for claiming school fees incorrectly.
Tom81 comments on Mar 26, 2021:
If he did it intentionally - that's fraud, jail is justified. If he did it unintentionally - that's negligence, shouldn't be punished with anything more than extra duties.
Christian terrorism in DC right now.
Tom81 comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Won't be long before the democrats will burn it (they have a history of that πŸ˜‰)
If you think the election was stolen, or Antifa, whatever that is, did this and MAGA, Qanon and ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2021:
So antifa is just an idea? Or a conspiracy theory?
Do Australian employers have the legal right to enforce mandatory vaccination of employees?
Tom81 comments on Sep 7, 2021:
The legal loophole that NSW Health is using is: we're not going to be fired, just 'exluded from participating' and placed on unpaid leave until we are vaccinated.
But if you got to be with Milo Yiannoupoulos, then go Daisy! Australians will fight on like ...
Tom81 comments on Aug 30, 2021:
Are you a cluster A or a cluster B?πŸ€”
People who voted for Biden/Harris.
Tom81 comments on Apr 6, 2021:
They'll still be able to afford cheap, chinese goods πŸ€”
Tom81 comments on May 11, 2021:
Hamas should save their rockets, the vaccines will do the job soon enough
Wu hu 武汉 lol
Tom81 comments on Mar 26, 2021:
When Joe said he was going to treat you like family, he meant that he was going incestuously rape you and make you give up a percentage of your wages to him. And that he was going to abandon you when you become an addict to deal with whatever trauma you've seen.
19 year old former worker of FedEx.
Tom81 comments on Apr 16, 2021:
Watch this story fuel the anti-gun debate. I bet the focus will be the gun, not the mental health aspect. Sad news, can't help to wonder though, if the shooting was directed or random.
CDC Admits Over 75% of COVID Deaths Were People “Who Had at Least Four Comorbidities”
Tom81 comments on Jan 11, 2022:
There's enough evidence now, to list the 'vaccine' as a comorbidity.
Well done Queensland morons - to enter Queensland, each person MUST pay $150 for a covid test to ...
Tom81 comments on Nov 22, 2021:
At the moment it's the border, soon enough the distances will be restricted further to local government districts, and then suburbs...the goal is to stop people traveling to anywhere other than work.
Sour Chunk Yogurt []
Tom81 comments on Jan 9, 2022:
Must have been a slow news day, Chunk's meltdown happened weeks ago.
Many of those who voted for Biden were voting against Trump, they were voting against the media's ...
Tom81 comments on Dec 6, 2020:
Most that voted against Trump were low info voters, sheeple that believe the media narrative or just radical leftists (with a misguided and uneducated hard-on for communism). Sure, Trump has said some dumb things but generally done well for the country. Biden has done nothing good, for anyone but himself, ever. Not even his own party, or even his own family. No one likes him, and it's pretty clear by now that virtually no one voted for him (obvious voter fraud). I can't imagine him physically lasting more than 6 months and I'd be surprised if Kamala wasn't usurped in a short period. But if this is allowed to go ahead, the US will only have fake soviet/CCP style elections...
The calvary charge vs the machine gun WW1.
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2022:
Autonomous drones already exist. I remember reading about about one going on a spree in Libya. There's also been drone versions of landmines created - cylinder with drones that are activated by a lazer trip wire. The drones are relatively small (smaller than a basketball) but well armed and equipped with thermal sensors. After the lazer beam gets broken, the drones fly out, search out, swarm and kill anything that's living for about an hour. I definitely see more future use of AI and drones. AI won't protest and refuse to kill civilians, children or commit 'war crimes'. It won't disobey psychotic orders, it won't whistle blow on atrocities committed, it won't have relatives demanding answers, it won't try to sway people against the war. And it's cheaper and easier to mass produce machinery than to train and equip a decent army.
Tucker Carlson Not Sure How to Respond to Doctor’s Question About Viagra and Covid Tests A ...
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2022:
Viagra wasn't intended as an erectile dysfunction medication. It was designed as a cardiac medication for low blood pressure. It has also been used by people who operate in high altitude (low oxygen) environments to increase circulation to peripheries (as your blood also carries oxygen) e.g. high altitude mountaineers would use it ensure good blood supply to their fingers. So it makes absolute sense to use - the viagra got her heart pumping harder, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels.
Don't make them like this anymore
Tom81 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
I saw a model T ford in NZ, spoke to the owner (circa 2005). He had owned it (bought new) since he was 14! and the only thing he'd replaced was tires and seat covers. A lot of brass plumbing under the hood
A lot of conservatives haven't heard of Blackstone's ratio and it shows.
Tom81 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
πŸ˜‚are you bringing that up ironically? What's any socialist state's experience with that? Communists practised the inverse of Blackstone's ratio more than anyone else in modern history. Do your homework chump, and research how many innocent people perished in gulags/concentration camps under your preferred system
Trump got Zucked, he’s definitely up to something.
Tom81 comments on Jan 7, 2021:
And the beginning of rewriting history begins now...
Tom81 comments on Feb 20, 2021:
Not surprised. Nursing homes are cruel places where many inexperienced or incompetent doctors 'practise' (same for nursing/orderly staff).
Why is the FAKE COVID virus killing so many REAL people? []
Tom81 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
Real deaths, fake attribution to actual cause of death.
Let’s Let’s have the list so we can start the boycotting!
Tom81 comments on Jan 8, 2021:
Private business won't exist under communism anyway. Boycotts don't work when you don't have a choice, or everything is rationed. What will we do when only mega-corps that work with/under government exist? At best, we might end up with something similar to the sort of capitalism that existed under the nazi regime.
There's no proof the Oxford vaccine causes blood clots. So why are people worried?
Tom81 comments on Mar 20, 2021:
Ah yes, 'The Guardian'. Great source. From it I learnt that architecture is sexist. Who needs real journalism when we have opinion peices to dictate what we should think and how we should feel. Meanwhile, enjoy one of my favourite guardian peices:
Amazing animals
Tom81 comments on Apr 24, 2021:
So even cats are more in-tune with their patients than doctors?πŸ€”

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