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masks on your face.....Arrows on floor is the stupidest thing yet...
KeVince comments on Sep 1, 2020:
what arrows and I won't wear a costume unless they give me a paid contract.
Humans 2.0: GMO Vaccinations and Transhumanism - YouTube
KeVince comments on Aug 30, 2020:
for more information from a doctor
Dems endorse Trump.
KeVince comments on Aug 30, 2020:
where is this sign asking for all the people that are going to say Photo shop
Black Lives Matter protesters stand over diners at DC restaurant demanding they show solidarity ...
KeVince comments on Aug 28, 2020:
this would not end well for these idiots if that was me I conceal carry now get out of my face or die, this is also why I avoid places where this may happen.
Indeed who is Jeff?
KeVince comments on Aug 25, 2020:
He just makes them and has not found a buyer yet
KeVince comments on Aug 24, 2020:
It's time to press the reset button
Good old Microsoft.
KeVince comments on Aug 22, 2020:
the cure for Microsoft is Linux
Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Can Words Actually Hurt Me? - YouTube
KeVince comments on Aug 20, 2020:
the link did not work in this feed although I was able to open it in you tube To answer their question it can only hurt you if your self worth is determined by what others think about you. In todays social media culture where getting dislikes is viewed as failure the fragile people of today would have real problems with the world of the past.
Your Body, Their Choice []
KeVince comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Over 100 years of indoctrination with every generation not knowing what has gone on before is a hard thing to overcome in a short amount of time. The eugenics movement has been playing a long game to control who lives and who is to be eliminated from their Utopian society.
ADHD it's not all bad The Upside of ADHD: Psychologists Explain the “Superpowers” of the ADHD ...
KeVince comments on Aug 19, 2020:
both me and my son are ADHD I learned to deal with it before it was a problem my son never knew it was a problem because we homeschooled him , he learned how to deal with it and use it in an advantages way. the use of drugs and being told you are defective is nothing short of child abuse.
Are Male Brains Different from Female Brains?
KeVince comments on Aug 18, 2020:
When the fetus is in an early stage developing the growth of the brain is slowed and the Corpus callosum is actually partly destroyed when the testicles of the male are developed. The Corpus callosum is the connecting tissue between the two lubes of the brain, this causes a lack of emotional response in the male. The amount of Testosterone released at this time determines the amount of emotional disconnect caused by this partial separation of the two lobes. This is the only physical difference in male and female brains that I know of and is why males are less emotional than females.
Bill Gates is gonna own us all
KeVince comments on Aug 18, 2020:
let the revolution begin use Linux and
KeVince comments on Aug 17, 2020:
The problem is not age but the disconnect that comes from not being in touch with the average persons of America. Career politicians have been Isolated from the working middle class and can no longer understand the problems faced by these peoples. The economic gap is the problem that is causing the disconnect between the people and their supposed representatives.
Woketopia []
KeVince comments on Aug 14, 2020:
so these woke people what have they woke from, perhaps a hypnotic trance and now they are at the mercy of trigger words that make them do crazy stuff.
(Mask Hysteria Is Not without an Outcome) & this is just the beginning.. []
KeVince comments on Aug 11, 2020:
was complaining about this months ago only mask available are not approved for use in industrial use for PPE that protect you from real dangers like dust and vapors that can kill you in minutes if you exposed to them.
The USA Government is planning on a massive covid19 covid1984 vaccine propaganda campaign.
KeVince comments on Aug 11, 2020:
The theatrical measures that are being done are about as useless as the bunkers that were built in Albania, they are to reinforce the idea that there is a deadly epidemic because there is no empirical/real evidence. In the end this will only have the same result as the bunkers of Albania to bankrupt the country and destroy it government.
The Wall of Moms was just too white. I wonder if they've learned anything?
KeVince comments on Aug 10, 2020:
did anyone stop and think that the wight people that are protesting with groups have black spouses. I know of three couples that are active with these protest that have inter racial marriages.
KeVince comments on Aug 9, 2020:
one of the more accurate portrayals of war with about the same results insanity, drugs, and alcohol. wait till it returns to American soil.
Enjoy. []
KeVince comments on Aug 5, 2020:
Things he forgot to mention When the national guard/ military showed up at the Watts riots looters where shoot on site the riots stopped very soon after. funny how getting shot takes all the fun out of looting. India is still anti Muslim after winning their independence from Muslim control, the riot mentioned resulted in the complete removal of Muslims from India. Yes even peaceful Hindus have their limits when it comes to Muslims bigoted ideas of superiority.
Mid Life Crisis - The Cancelling of the Grey - YouTube
KeVince comments on Aug 5, 2020:
what kids now days have forgot is that the old folks they they are turning against have military training and will use it to defend them selves.
Fauci has been blocking access to life saving drugs his entire career.
KeVince comments on Aug 3, 2020:
to quote a child why is this one man the ultimate authority on drug treatment
Elon Musk Says Aliens Built The Pyramids, Egyptian Officials Are Not Amused. []
KeVince comments on Aug 2, 2020:
of course we did and look what you people did to them.
Well, this is one of the looniest stories I've heard recently, is there an end to the "woke" ...
KeVince comments on Jul 10, 2020:
the persons who are offended by this statement are the problem "all life matters"
RANDOM THOUGHT: Every person is a mosaic.
KeVince comments on Jul 10, 2020:
this made me think of the art of Kintsugi were the broken is made into a work of beauty instead of being cast aside. the same can be done with people when instead of pushing the less fortunate aside we restore them and elevate them. there is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man, if you want to be noble help your fellow man become greater than you are.
I just had me a realization about tearing down the statues.
KeVince comments on Jul 9, 2020:
our history is being removed from our libraries and rewritten by our colleges and universities, larger book stores are also not promoting truthful history, the censoring of our history and culture has been going on for a long time already.
I guess amplifyblackvoices doesn't apply here []
KeVince comments on Jul 8, 2020:
this goes to show the amount of censorship that is done on TV it is rear that anyone gets to a point of even getting to speak and if they do they will be stopped like this.
Is it time to cut our losses and go our separate ways?
KeVince comments on Jul 7, 2020:
the large democratic city centers will be walled off and the rest of us will keep the country anyone causing trouble will be sent to city for punishment.
The Purity of the Shitstorm []
KeVince comments on Jul 5, 2020:
As with the natural immune system to insulate ones self from all undesirable things will weaken your ability to resist these concepts. To know these and recognize there source makes them easier to combat. to be mindful of them does not mean you have to agree with or participate in them, in fact the most strong opponents to most things are those who were once part of these things.
Just going to drop this right here.
KeVince comments on Jul 3, 2020:
The problem is that only the old are being exposed the people groomed for there replacement are not even considered. The older people are being exposed and dealt with to only appease the masses that are lulled into a false sense of security. this is only a changing of the guard were the older are being killed and replaced with yet unknown younger leaders taking their place. This has happened many times through history when supposed organizations of evil have been rounded up and killed or Imprisoned only to reemerge even more vile than before with new names and leaders.
Amazing! Snow and floods slowing down China's takeover. Way to go, Christians!!
KeVince comments on Jun 30, 2020:
is there supposed to be a link with this??
I work in an environment that is contaminated with air born particles like concrete dust or wood ...
KeVince comments on Jun 28, 2020:
these pleated mask do not fit properly and are not approved to be used in such an environment I am letting people know that these mask do not work and are not approved for use in a contaminated. These are the approved type of mask depending what type of environment you are in.
need to clean trackers and bloatwear off your phone. []
KeVince comments on Jun 26, 2020:
for those of you that are unsure of what you can delete here is a list
OKay, it seems this sight is just becoming a place to repost MSM dribble and American ploitics.
KeVince comments on Jun 25, 2020:
go into groups click most popular 40 groups per page went through 8 pages before I got to groups with less than 10 members, spend time going through groups see what they are talking about join the ones that interest you this is not face book you have to look for things that interest you. there are new groups starting every day explore and most of all let us know what you think on concepts, issues, and life practices. I have been on here about a year and still have not been through all the content.
What views can get someone kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc?
KeVince comments on Jun 24, 2020:
when your govern makes a declaration that wearing mask will be mandatory and you ask if anyone knows where you can find a Tar Baby mask your comment will be deleted but not before it got 5 likes
Bill Gates - who was this &@! globalist asshole before Microsoft? - YouTube
KeVince comments on Jun 23, 2020:
this is more on bill and his eugenics connection
Where the fuck is Inslee? Witness describes the scene after second CHOP shooting - YouTube
KeVince comments on Jun 23, 2020:
This is only in Seattle any where else they have tried this they have been met with strong resistance, democratic govern, that was running for president, and democratic mayor, both want to destroy this state and country.
Interesting video linked below: []
KeVince comments on Jun 22, 2020:
love this girl also open this up in youtube and like her video
What did you expect honestly ? []
KeVince comments on Jun 22, 2020:
this is footage of the police tiring to get to the victims
Evil 60's marxist radical Angela Davis, apparently is still alive, and has declared that the police ...
KeVince comments on Jun 22, 2020:
this sounds like the things said about nonwhite's during the eugenics movement of the nineteen twenties Darwin’s son Leonard was the president of the First International Congress of Eugenics. Leonard wanted to register the names of every “stupid” and otherwise “unfit” person in Britain. His plan envisioned that teachers would report “all children to be specially stupid.” To this would be added the names of “all juvenile offenders awaiting trial, all ins-and-outs at workhouses, and all convicted prisoners” (Black, p. 215). Those so registered would be prohibited from propagating. Also, “their near kin were to be shipped off to facilities, and marriages would be prohibited or annulled.”
Are we willing to stop the Communist take over of America? Can we? Know thy enemy! []
KeVince comments on Jun 22, 2020:
This is globalism, communism is just one of there tools. democracy without the protection of a constitution to protect the people is the other and has been used to install dictators in third world nations for years.
You know you are facing Civil War conditions when the President has to call out the troops to allow ...
KeVince comments on Jun 21, 2020:
the Marines have a unit that is there to protect the president so anywhere the president go you will find a detachment of marines this is nothing unusual.
The cancel culture strikes yet again... Bye bye to Eskimo Pies- []
KeVince comments on Jun 21, 2020:
 The term Eskimo is a name given to the indigenous peoples of the far north by people to ignorant to ask the who they are, the Inuit, Inupiat, Yupic, and Alutiit peoples still know who they are, despite the ignorant people who still call them Eskimo.
About time. I can hardly wait to hear the testimony. Thoughts?
KeVince comments on Jun 21, 2020:
about time what happened ?
Hi everyone, I'm an artist making a series of photographs in Los Angeles.
KeVince comments on Jun 20, 2020:
Nice shot, love those 60,s cars,I have an old box camera that I still use for taking pictures.
One killed, another injured in shooting in Seattle cop-free zone
KeVince comments on Jun 20, 2020:
Know this would happen,the next thing is someone who gets loose after being held against their will.
Bibliophiles unite!!!
KeVince comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Here is a good place to start
Dollar Collapse Coming
KeVince comments on Jun 19, 2020:
what will replace the dollar, the even more worthless euro, maybe the peso I know the yen. All fiat currencies are failing.
"It’s widely assumed that interracial marriage will solve all racial problems.
KeVince comments on Jun 18, 2020:
My grandfather had to deal with this also, his mom was half Native American he was raised on the Yakamia Indian reservation because the native culture is far more tolerant than evolution indoctrinated americans that had been taught to see Indigenous people as lower forms of life. There was very little racial problems before the origin of the species and the eugenics movement that grow from it. If you want to stop racism you will first need to eliminate the root the teaching of evolution.
I oppose open borders!
KeVince comments on Jun 18, 2020:
Is this a me too thing cause I oppose them too
What views can get someone kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc?
KeVince comments on Jun 18, 2020:
I keep trying to get kicked off FB but so far I haven't got got baned, you know like "muslims are Christophobic" and "Black wives matter, stay with your girl and help raise your kid"
KeVince comments on Jun 18, 2020:
acting to soon will only give these people time to spin a twisted story and sway opinion, when a kid throws a tantrum in public respond to quick and the crowd will side with the kid let the actions of the kid annoy the crowd and when you respond the crowd will praise you.
The sensitive crowd is at it again.
KeVince comments on Jun 17, 2020:
and they also can't think only react to stimuli like a well trained dog just ring the bell and watch them drool on them selves.
I hope you all have hard copies of your favorite dystopian books.
KeVince comments on Jun 17, 2020:
we have our hard copies, about two years ago our local community collage did a play of 1984
How our anti-American education system made riots inevitable- []
KeVince comments on Jun 16, 2020:
the wide spread corruption in all forms of government has not helped with the image of America.
Contact tracing is a fiasco rejected by most Americans- [thefederalist.]
KeVince comments on Jun 16, 2020:
it is also a good idea to turn off your location on your phone and delete or disable Google and use an alternative like Brave
Every day😕
KeVince comments on Jun 16, 2020:
crayons are smarter than some of them because crayons know what color they are.
KeVince comments on Jun 16, 2020:
they have already changed the name to CHOP this is my future prediction of name change CHAZ capital hill autonomous zone CHOP capital hill occupied protest CHIT capital hill independent territory SHIT socialist hill independent territory
Back in the day when cotton wool was in short supply and bubble wrap non-existent.
KeVince comments on Jun 14, 2020:
I remember stuff like this can you find the fat kids
Why do those born and raised in the free West protest about how terrible it is and tell us we should...
KeVince comments on Jun 10, 2020:
It is a small percent of the population that is made to look like a large portion of this country by a bias media that stages events in an attempt to sway the thinking of the masses to a particular way of thinking. most people in the USA are law abiding citizens that wish this country to continue to prosper.
Ephesians 6:5 And if you are black and you follow the damn Jew Book, then you deserve to be ...
KeVince comments on Jun 9, 2020:
If the word slave was proceeded by the word debt this could be said about 95% of todays work force. debt slaves, obey your masters (employers) according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as to Christ
KeVince comments on Jun 8, 2020:
this is a link that started me on a jurinory to find the real people of god Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices
Some old comments - enjoy.
KeVince comments on Jun 8, 2020:
Postmodernism The quality of life after modern society collapses
KeVince comments on Jun 8, 2020:
Nothing about this virus was believable to begin with, unless it was a bio-weapon. If it was a bio-weapon then they failed, if it is a virus then the experts need to go learn more about viruses. The media also needs to be held accountable for helping to perpetrate this fraud.
The false theory of systemic racism in Education Leftists like to give the simple equation that ...
KeVince comments on Jun 8, 2020:
the amount of money and the location of the school have little to do with the the problems that our schools face. The manner in which it is taught and the content of what is taught is what is causing the problems. There are three different learning types the so called modern schools still only use one the visual. auditory and kinetic learners are labeled as ADHD and given drugs. The content based on an evolutionary model teaches no absolutes this is a problem with math and the sciences that are based on absolutes. Then we come to the Origin of the Species that started the whole master race thing and sub species that is the base for all psychological teaching that has become a way to excuse bad behavior. Now our schools have become indoctrination centers that train useful idiots to do the bidding of rich psychopath dictators.
Intolerance and education.
KeVince comments on Jun 6, 2020:
The problem is that most so called education now days is Indoctrination, this also creates intolerant people. If you are throughly indoctrinated you will be given a doctorate degree, this is why some of the most ignorant people I have met have been PHD's.
Another from Minds.
KeVince comments on Jun 6, 2020:
Ignorance is a preventable condition, don't me amused to muse is to think put an A in front and the meaning is changed to anti or non thinking just muse about this for a while
Bald and bankrupt one of the fastest growing travel vlogers a great vloger learn more about Russia ...
KeVince comments on Jun 5, 2020:
it drive people nuts when you go through round abouts that way
WOW! Another prank from 4Chan that has become a hashtag! goBaldForBLM, really?
KeVince comments on Jun 5, 2020:
nature has taken care of this for me and a sunburned head is not fun
Do you see the tragic killing of Floyd George more an act of pure evil or pure incompetence?
KeVince comments on Jun 4, 2020:
The hiring practices of police forces are mostly to blame these have happened in the state where I live also all have been done by city or county police. The state patrol has had none that I know of and I have lived here for 45 years. The difference is the hiring and training the first thing that a state patrol applicant gets is a psychological evaluation they then go through a 6 month training kind of like boot camp and at the end they are reevaluated. This weeds out people like Chauvin. County and city police precinct don't have the resources to do this type of training though and end up with people like this on the police forces.
The Coronavirus lockdowns were one big scam- []
KeVince comments on Jun 4, 2020:
at this point the only people that would disagree would be the WHO. DNC. CDC and MSM that is why whey are now using violence the last resort of the desperate
KeVince comments on Jun 3, 2020:
If you want me to kiss your feet then you better apologize for living in a country that stole my ancestors land my great grand mother was native American from the Yakima Indian Tribe.
KeVince comments on Jun 2, 2020:
the thing that get me is the people that did the rioting and demonstrations that got the communist in were the first ones rounded up and sent to the camps so the would not cause trouble for the new boss, guess that's why they are referred to as the useful idiots.
What plans did you have that got canceled because of Covid?
KeVince comments on Jun 2, 2020:
I was planing to get a lot of things done around the house, I do maintenance on some buildings down town so when every thing got shut down I was the only one that was working every day to check these now empty buildings to make sure that they were ok.
As long as Keyboard warriors can remain anonymous you will never have civility, in order to create ...
KeVince comments on Jun 2, 2020:
I believe there is a song about that
Covid-19 contact tracing apps spotlight privacy, security rights- [healthitsecurity.
KeVince comments on Jun 1, 2020:
after finding one on google chrome i delegated chrome, I have already been using brave browser so this was no problem. I have been looking for a replacement for google maps also so far no luck, may have to go back to paper one, they worked fine for 50 years.
I hope most of you here realize that these events taking place are perfectly suited to be hijacked ...
KeVince comments on May 31, 2020:
get out of the large city centers this is only effective in places where there is large population centers
SpaceX makes history, launches NASA astronauts into space from US soil for the first time since ...
KeVince comments on May 30, 2020:
reminds me of watching the Mercury and Gemini flights.
What is the most offensive joke or meme that you can come up with?
KeVince comments on May 30, 2020:
truth in adverting
What is the most offensive joke or meme that you can come up with?
KeVince comments on May 30, 2020:
remember when Monk was a joke instead of a role model
This is not Minneapolis or any other city in the U.
KeVince comments on May 30, 2020:
you all need to start carrying cricket bats to deal with this gang violence
So if you are looking or wanting a relationship let us begin with the - Why?
KeVince comments on May 30, 2020:
If you are thinking about a relationship your first thought should be how can add to this persons life to help them achieve their goals. Both people need to have this perspective or they will only be used by the other person until that person can no longer profit from them. My reason for coming in to relationships is top help the other persons.
These riots have shown me how racially & politically disingenuous everyone is.
KeVince comments on May 29, 2020:
agreed the use of vigilantly justice should never be condoned, this has happed many times In the past and has never helped make the world a better place.
Concerning the rioting in Milwaukee: According to Bloomburg “95% of crime is committed by males...
KeVince comments on May 28, 2020:
what I don't understand is if they are upset with the city why are they destroying there own homes and not the neighborhoods of the people that did the offenses.
[] any bets on the next outrage?
KeVince comments on May 28, 2020:
someone will be upset because Catlin Jenner can stand and pee and they can't
People are out of patience with CV especially when the CDC lowers the fatality rate to about 0.
KeVince comments on May 27, 2020:
CV is a joke two days ago I spent 5Hrs unplugging a clogged sewer line,yup packed full of shit , TP, and who knows what else. then had to reset the two toilets and clean up floors and tools, you relay think I'm worried about a common cold.
"The state of Arizona is less the 5 percent Native American, so there's no reason that there should ...
KeVince comments on May 27, 2020:
The jury is to be made up of your peers so if you are a middle age wight guy that is all that should be on the jury, same goes for the native American only native Americans, seems simple enough.
Remember the Boston Tea Party?
KeVince comments on May 25, 2020:
just meet people at the door and scream at them get your shit and get out
KeVince comments on May 25, 2020:
The advanced players learn to keep track of where they are so you only needed to say they're right over there.
You may have noticed that there looks to be a copy of IDW.
KeVince comments on May 25, 2020:
this site is not accepting my user name and password on my phone got it fixed auto complete is now off on my phone
So, I was wondering.
KeVince comments on May 24, 2020:
On the matter of polygamy there has been court cases that have created statutory law thus making the practice illegal, these could be challenged in court as a matter where the state has made a law that pertained to a religious matter. It can be shown that marriage, which includes polygamy existed before the formation of the country of many current governments as a religious institution. The idea of polygamy as being bad came from the catholic church as a edict of the pope so that in it self is a religious preference. In the US it should be a easy matter as our government is prohibited to make any laws effecting religion or the establishment there of, marriage being a religious institution.
What a beautiful day.
KeVince comments on May 24, 2020:
I live just north of Mt Saint Hellens that erupted back in 1980
California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns
KeVince comments on May 24, 2020:
this is an article that states the medical problems that are being caused by the lockdown
California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns
KeVince comments on May 23, 2020:
Suicide is just the tip of the iceberg add to that the deaths we will see because of the people that were denied screenings for cancers , increase of diabetes, heart diseases that have gone undetected. as well as the increase of alcohol and drugs, the relapse of recovering addicts, because of a misinformed media caused hysteria about some thing that happens about every 4 years.
Could Homeschooling Really Grow by 500 Percent?
KeVince comments on May 23, 2020:
we home schooled all our kids and helped others school their's most of the kids that were in the home school co-op went on to college and are homeschooling their kids.
Is there evidence that face masks have any value? Spoiler: not found here: []
KeVince comments on May 20, 2020:
you could always read the label
Yes, I think that's plausible. 😂
KeVince comments on May 18, 2020:
Easy enough just go around cutting 20Ft pieces of their cables there is no high voltage current to worry about and most pole pruners will cut the cable with ease
Is there evidence that face masks have any value? Spoiler: not found here: []
KeVince comments on May 18, 2020:
As to the value of face mask they do improve the appearance of some people.
LOL, wasn't this maladjusted cunt just complaining about not being able to find a 'stable' partner!...
KeVince comments on May 18, 2020:
So is this were Michele Obama got started
Forwarding a post (Translated from Afrikaans).
KeVince comments on May 17, 2020:
The Chinese were trying this in America until Trump stopped them they still have land holdings but can not bring in their own labor force.
Honey badgers are bastards! []
KeVince comments on May 17, 2020:
My spirit animal

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