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LINK Jordan Peterson Returns, Is Promptly Canceled - YouTube
WorldSigh Nov 26 Nov 26 11
Ms. Cousens, There is someone I would like you to meet.
RidgeRunner Nov 26 Nov 26 11
I listened to much of the testimony of the special committee on the recent Presidential election in Gettysburg PA USA yesterday. The head lines are: Significant, pervasive illegal activity was involved in several large population centers. Most, ...
RidgeRunner Nov 26 Nov 26 22
Peterson's work is often misrepresented or misunderstood. One reason: his texts are complex and his lectures are long. One digital artist/JP fan is animating these ideas and will take them further afield. Want help understanding Maps of Meaning: ...
APoizner Nov 26 Nov 26 11
"Marxism represents the most striking phase of the endeavor to eliminate the dominant significance of the individual in every sphere of human life and replace it by the collective power of the masses. We can observe the fatal effects of it ...
bastion Nov 26 Nov 26 11
TOP Highlights: Numbers That Back up the Legal Path.
eschatologyguy Nov 26 Nov 26 00
here is the link to the Act 77 that maybe in violation of PA constitution if you would like to read it and here is PA's constitution
TheHerrDark Nov 26 Nov 26 00
Some info and links down below
TheHerrDark Nov 26 Nov 26 00
LINK Kayleigh McEnany Destroys CNN Journalist - YouTube
KanjaG Nov 26 Nov 26 00
My latest from Sky news! On why Donald Trump has no reason to concede. Enjoy!
DaisyCousens Nov 26 Nov 26 22
Daisy, interesting article; "In other words, there may be no better barometer of the state of our economy than the mason jar."
TheHerrDark Nov 26 Nov 26 11
Just for fun and a little alleviation. Daisy, Why Minerva McGonagall left the public school system. I did not even know Maggie worked with Carol Burnett.
TheHerrDark Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Daisy, California put Santa out of work. Bastards
TheHerrDark Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Sam Harris on Trump
BlurtReynolds Nov 25 Nov 25 22
I’m here because you asked and cause you’re the best.
DyDy Nov 25 Nov 25 00
What are your thoughts on this?
eschatologyguy Nov 26 Nov 26 22
OK Daisy I'm here but only because I am inclined to trust you. Please note that I am a nearly 80 year old who is neither on any social media sites, including Twitter, nor understands why, in light of the way they are known to operate, anyone, any...
jp42 Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Daisy's panel appearance on Chris Smith Tonight. Nov. 25th
CodeBuster Nov 25 Nov 25 00
It is degrading to adult dignity and intellectual integrity to allow a woke mob sway or say over anything. And most emphatically over what may or should be written or said. Rex Murphy weights in on the employee uprising at Penguin-Random House ...
GeeMac Nov 25 Nov 25 55
Is anyone here interested in seeing the results of a survey which looks into the possible connection between divorce, abandonment and death of a father and atheism in adults? The survey would ask about the respondents gender, country and ...
Ian_Newton Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Patriots FIGHT Back! Best Examples | Louder With Crowder
eschatologyguy Nov 25 Nov 25 00
‘Who knew’ common sense would become the ‘code word for the resistance’
eschatologyguy Nov 25 Nov 25 22
Woke-leftists want to kill Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order scheduled for publication in 2021. The campaign is similar to one being waged against Joe Rogan inside Spotify. In a dramatic meeting, Penguins-Random House employees openly ...
GeeMac Nov 26 Nov 26 77
One of the many things that I admire about JBP is his self-awareness, his ability to see his own flaws and shortcomings, and his ability to concede or give-ground to those who's arguments or positions have merit. That's not something you see a lot ...
Haraldson Nov 24 Nov 24 00
LINK CNN Runs UNHINGED Show Claiming Trump Will Form Shadow Government, Another Says The US Is Decoupling - YouTube
guru Nov 24 Nov 24 00
POLL Employment Diversity
RealBadBadass Nov 24 Nov 24 00
How the hell was a free speech antiestablishment ideology so manipulated and twisted that now it’s a pro establishment ideology
RMSPT Nov 25 Nov 25 33
eschatologyguy Nov 24 Nov 24 00
These stories have to be told. Look what can be achieved by people, using the ideas put forward by Dr. Jordan Peterson.
APoizner Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Just curious ... any planned appearances on SkyNews now that Andrew Bolt is taking leave until next year?
CodeBuster Nov 25 Nov 25 33
LINK Allen's Redskins Become More Offensive, Wayne County Republicans Are Racist?! - YouTube
KanjaG Nov 24 Nov 24 00
I have NEW MERCH! This is my 'Social Justice Is A Cult', release, designed by my very excellent fiancé Calum! Stay tuned for another big merch drive towards the end of the month...just in time for your Christmas stocking stuffers haha. Enjoy! ...
DaisyCousens Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Must-see interview from Tucker Carlson's show about how Google manipulated votes towards Biden!
DaisyCousens Nov 24 Nov 24 77
LINK Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Delegation Vote - YouTube
guru Nov 23 Nov 23 00
LINK DC Passes Bill Allowing Children To Get Vaccinated WITHOUT Parents Knowing, People DEFY Curfew Order - YouTube
guru Nov 24 Nov 24 22
LINK Man Spits on Hikers Not Wearing Masks, Claims He Has COVID - Louder With Crowder
WorldSigh Nov 25 Nov 25 11
JUST IN... After posting this, I'm placing my order.
JeffHoneyager Nov 24 Nov 24 55
Hello Daisy...thought you and the group may get a kick out of this little paint app number I created you on SKY...please continue your good work and thankyou for your informed contributions.
Scorn Nov 23 Nov 23 00
I just re-read 12 rules and I think I get more out of it with each read through. JP has such a brilliant mind. Today rule 3 comes to mind, “Make friends with people who want the best for you". I used to think having (intellectually) diverse ...
RitBorg Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Thought Daisy and her group might like to see and hear a good dose of sarcasm and mockery (if they missed it earlier) The Progressive Left won't get it of course and will go into a deep dark winter of denial.
Lightman Nov 23 Nov 23 00

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