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So cool to see a bunch of you coming to hang out here!

The lads who created Slug are really nice. I'm hoping it becomes a free-speech friendly version of Reddit or Facebook πŸ™‚

SydneyWatson 7 May 25
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Am brand new to Slug, so far, darned nice. Not to take away from them but another (i.e., possible additional recruiting site for more sane people: Again, not to take anything away from Slug -- just another site with similar ....... environment. If WuhanFlu/Covid is mentioned the Karen's pop up like death cap mushrooms. Just ignore.
As to Ms W., just spotted videos on YouTube 2 weeks ago. Insightful and hilarious. I like snarky. A question occurs tho, on those dating back to circa 2018. Looks to be a living/family room downunder. Over left shoulder (right hand side of screen) is a little silver dude holding something over his/its head. WUT?


Thank you Sydney for mentioning Slug nice people free speech i also wanted to say i love all your videos the wide world web needs more people like you that are touching on all the subjects keep up the great work that you are doing mad respect for you cheers.


Great place it is at slug. I'm 75 and was talking to a fellow about sexing my plants. How wonderful to be exchanging pot growing tips on line and not worry about my door being kicked in.


Thanks Sydney. We’ve been looking for a platform for debate outside of Facebook. We tried Minds and Gab but we’re not impressed. Thanks for the tip.


Your newest video seriously made me laugh and nearly cry, huge fan! I'm hoping this site is better than facebook. I've been in jail constantly over there πŸ˜‚


I really like it persionally I feel free express my right wing views and not be attacked, I have accepted that I have to be really carefule about what I post on both facebook and twitter. I really hope slug grows.

ChrisPB Level 4 May 25, 2020

Reddit was starting to ruin my life lol, I'm glad to have found a new place where I don't feel toxic for existing. Thanks to Sydney for the ref for real!


I really hope so too! This has to be advertised through more great youtubers like you


Yeah, it definitely feels small right now. But, I think it has serious potential. I am here to watch it grow.


It would seem you are responsible for more than a few of us.


With the exception of one other member I've been on this site the longest, and IDW/Slug is certainly the best social media site I ever experimented with. Welcome to the community.

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