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When covid19 emerged out of "nothing" i was surprised and started "digging". And it did NOT came out of nothing.
China let french spezialised firms build them a lvl 4 research lab in Wuhan, a chinese general declared that china as raising new super-power was planing to start a biowarfare program and the public new 2 cases , where chinese virologists where stealing viruses all over the globe. (And before i forget: ty american counter spionage service. I know against "who" chinas biowarfare program was aiming. I have seen wolf warrior 2. Better they, then us...What i 2 want to say: China would have been the third state with an offensive biowarfare program. And America has pumped an amount of into defensive (sic!) biowarfare research, since 09.. It is comparable with the Manhattan Projekt...The Darpa has researchprogramms within they want to use insects as vectors for plant viruses, to sterilise agrar plants...And israel worked for decades on germs, where yews would be immune against, but for sandniggers (exspecially iraquis) they should be a deadly threat...)
I mean, if there may have been ONLY Chorona, or ONLY the locusts it could have been something "naturell", but both together same time overlapping in the same year ? Together with the first greater useage/attack with weathercontrol technique in history of mankind. (The airforce wanted to have aprooved tech, for usage within a "conflict" till 2025, i thought. No prototype or so. Approved usable Technology. Seem to be that haarp were really productive....)

And iam really curious ....China needed in "good" years a lot of food imports.And rice is planted in flooded acres, but normally not flooded this high...seem to be that china won't produce a lot of rice this year (70-80% of their rice producing fegions are flooded for nearly 2 months....), and where is the Problem? Then they will simply import more food this year. I guess that won't be the case, cause theire african colonies suffer locust swarms at an apocaliptical scale. Often for the second time this year. In conclusion they will have to import food , too. But instead of China, which could for food, they are to poor for this...

But i think there will be no difference, both will have crucial, bloody and inhuman civilwars over the few food ressources "left"....

And maybe already on the end of this year earth won't be overpopulated anymore. And if my theories may all be "right" america will push the usage of biodiesel hard. One time a car filled with biodiesel is equal the amount of food of a family for 4 weeks...

Oh i forgot, if i would be in their strategic command , i would decide to sink ALL food transports in Chinas direction. No relive. Endgame.

And beside it is the most horrible , imaginable crime (compart with annihilation through hunger at that scale even the crimes of nazigermany are Kindergarten) i have to admit . I am really impressed. The american empire showed , that it may be decadent , degenerated and corrupt. But the next china will definetly think twice , before searching open confrontation with the "" hawks...

PS is here anybody, who want to bet if iam right and before this year ends mankind will be less then a billion ? The people surround me did not want to, they told me i would be Mad and that such a bet would be "unethical", as if i personally produced the chinese hunta, aka covid19.

PPS where in africa would be a climate like in the mediteranian region btw ? I have the feeling there will be a lot of empty lands , for settlers , who do not fear nigger-ghosts...

GermanGrunt 5 Aug 22
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