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From the article;
"McCarthy said during an interview on Fox News on Thursday evening that “there is no place” in the GOP for the theory, which posits that President Trump and his allies are working to expose an elite group of Democrats, media figures and celebrities who are running an international child trafficking ring. “Let me be very clear," McCarthy told Fox News. "There is no place for QAnon in the Republican Party. I do not support it and the candidate you talked about has denounced it."

I'm not a Qanon guy. But I really don't see much difference between the Qanon people and someone who hopes Ghislaine Maxwell gets prison time. The only difference is your level of optimism over whether you will see justice anytime soon. It's astonishing that the Republican leaders feel the need to condemn people who hope human traffickers and sexual predators are brought to justice. Well, I guess if you believe that politicians, media figures, and celebrities are really partaking in this sin, then it's not hard to understand why the Republicans would condemn the Qanon crowd. They must be part of the same rot. How can you look at the Epstein situation and not at least consider that conclusion?

If the Republicans keep this up, it may not be the Bernie-Bro at a baseball practice that the Republicans need to worry about. It might be their own former voters.

2bears42youths 4 Aug 21
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They're equivocating Qanon with the existence of pedophile rings. They do this because Qanon is inherently disreputable and they wish to discredit the idea of child slavery among the elites.

By using this propaganda tactic (false association) they have confirmed beyond all doubt that they are accessories to child trafficking.


Surely politicions would not lie to us