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If the white race is destroyed, it will not be at the hands of our enemies. No matter how numerous and strong, they cannot overcome the race that built Western Civilization. No, if we fall, it will be at the hands of our own people, either those who have been indoctrinated into hating their race or those who wish to further “diversity” by through inter-racial marriage. Either way, these are people who display what the great 20th Century Christian apologist, C. S. Lewis called “the spaniel in us.” By this, Lewis meant the innate desire by mankind—and especially white mankind—to be liked at all costs. As the dog fawns over its master, so these people will say and do whatever they believe will bring about the approval of that person or group they wish to impress even if reality demonstrates that the exact opposite should be desired!

An excellent example of the consequences of this mindset concerns the former head of the Museum of the Confederacy, a man who had no compunction whatsoever rejecting and destroying the reason and meaning of the Institution entrusted to him—as well as the Institution itself—to gain the approval and good opinion of the NAACP! But whether or not he achieved that end, under his “watch,” the Museum of the Confederacy was betrayed into becoming just one more politically correct version of their “American history.”

It is tragic that those who bestowed upon that institution priceless family treasures, must now see them reduced to being displayed as examples of Southern wickedness—that is, if they are seen at all! For such “good opinion” our enemies deign to bestow upon our foolish brothers is fleeting indeed and soon whatever was supposedly gained by their capitulation is quickly—and irretrievably—lost.

I no longer concern myself with the threat of minorities for I see most of the damage that is already done and that awaits just over the horizon is and will be achieved not by gangs of Somalis in Minnesota or drug crazed troglodytes in our inner cities, but by (and not so ) whites who hate their own race and Western Civilization including the Christian Faith that is its foundation.

Sadly, there are more Marxist whites than blacks or Muslims trying to destroy Christianity—and that’s saying something! Is there any hope? I don’t know. Our and grandchildren have been indoctrinated by an educational system designed destroy our culture and I don’t see how it can be stopped barring some cataclysm causing people to rethink the belief that a socialist, minority-run “utopia” can be created once whites are gone forever. But what I do know is that every day brings us closer to a point of no return. . . .

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Tyrants never last. God will not be mocked.
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years in a Romanian prison, under communism, for refusing to stop preaching the Gospel. They beat him every day, not to get information but just because he was a Christian, with a doctor present who would advise them when to stop, so he would not die. They would drag him back to his cell and when he regained consciousness, he would pray for the salvation of his torturers. When they let him out, he was unable to wear shoes initially, so badly deformed were his feet from the beatings.
He said, "I love communists, but I hate communism and I will oppose it with every fiber of my body". He formed "The Voice of the Martyr". Read his book "Tortured for Christ".
One of the "gifts" of the Spirit is the gift of "faith". It is a kind of faith that enables a believer to maintain his faith and trust in Christ, no matter the circumstances. Pray for that gift.


Na, it will still be the kikes


This is true. We allowed Hollywood and the pop culture and academia (that is NOT controlled by white people but by people who sometimes pretend to be white) to mold and shape the “reality” of generations of whites.

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