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Blacks don't just want Marijuana decriminalized, they want crime decriminalized.

Black's attitude toward property is similar to small children and dogs. If they can grab it, or really want it bad enough, then they believe it really is theirs. Multiply that mentality with the envy driven hate of the White man, and put it into a low IQ, violent primitives, and you no longer have a cute puppy that stole one of your shoes to chew on. You have someone who murdered your teenage son for his shoes.

PostUmbraLux 5 July 1
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I like this post. it appealed to me the minute i read it. The blacks and also the natives live in the past. what happened back in history has nothing to do with them today but they keep reliving wrongs done to past generations. stay in school, get educated and get a job, work for what you want, nothing is free. years ago agents traveled to other countries and enticed people to leave their country and come to the usa, they were told the streets are paved with gold. of course it was a lie. today they come from third world countries thinking they will get a house. it is a lie. you have to work, get a mortgage and buy a house just like everyone else.


Is this satire?

My black neighbors are farmers, God fearing, share what they have, invite me to church, stayed with my mom when she fell until I got home.

But...keep talking about primitives and low IQ. It's rather ironic.

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