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Why is BlueLivesMatter such a big thing ? Blue lives matter and black lives matter are two weeds from the same root. Now that black lives matter is waning a bit, I start to see another resurgence of people virtue signaling for the thin blue line. I can’t go past every four cars in my neighborhood without seeing a thin blue line bumper sticker. When did this position become associated with the “the right”?

The people who push this nonsense kind of remind me of the neocons in Washington. I support law and order, as a law abiding citizen, but I can’t help but cringe every time some NPC says “durr i back the blue!”

I guess my cognitive dissonance kicks in whenever I see bad publicity with cops. They get sweet pensions, retire early, have incredible leeway in court systems(regardless of duty or not ) and get massive hero parades when one dies during or off duty. I’ve seen people buy random cops meals. So cringey.

I guess all I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to support police at a very HIGH level, but those who are vocal about supporting blue lives as a banner all over their interactions, I cAnt help but view them as traitors who would throw people like us under the bus and spit on our constitutional rights.

Wafflestomper 4 June 30
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Its the boomer way of saying all lives matter without being ousted as racist.
But yeah, its a hobson's choice for the same political direction.


In my city they are the same people who chased Dr. King out of their neighborhoods. And the same neighborhoods that had offices of the American Nazi Party.


@dd54 How profound! By that definition I guess Trump is a Democrat. Who needs to study politics when the teams are the only things that matter?

Disenfranchised police will be an important element in the movement to shut down the anti American subversive activities of the left.

@Triumph Brown shirts?

@WilyRickWiles Not brown shirts - anti Communist, anti leftist, proponents of liberty and unrepentant observers of reality.


Making a choice between the cops and the man bun wearing idiots and the air headed women who follow them around is a no brainer.

Triumph Level 4 June 30, 2020

Ive has run ins with some cruddy cops but I’ve known, and worked with dozens more who were regular guys doing an extremely tough job ... not White Knights completely but Solid and Steadfast.
I don’t carry banners or wear bumper stickers but i’ve been known to have current PBA, FOP and several Specific Window Stickers not to mention Wallet Cards.
If I ran into an Officer in Trouble I’d help them without hesitation.

I don’t know that the “blue” is some “right” or “conservative” virtue signaling thing ... its been around awhile and there seems to be a resurgence whenever an Officer is KIA ... but it happens I know lots of people who either are, or are related to Police Officers.


Because there are a group of people so God, Country, Eagle that they will support cops no matter what because its all wrapped up in blind patriotism. They are the people who argued we needed the Patriot Act, too, until years later.

The founders of the US were smart but too trusting. The gave a great Constitution that enabled states to work out regional conflicts, individual liberties, free speech, self-defense, and the power to revolt and we've had big government and corporations collude to remove individual rights under various machinations of identity politics.

Gay vs straight, patriot vs foriegner, black vs white, rich vs poor--all of it in truth is Us vs Them.

We often agree but Bush and the FBI, the DOJ and the swanp rat politicians are responsible for the Patriot Act. People are feeling threatened and rightfully so by the propaganda dumped on their heads daily and that's exactly what the neo-liberal marxist SHW progressives want. They want prople intimidated, angry and turning on each other because they feel helpless, the plandemic has been one lie after another to terrify people into compliance so they can lock us down using international law. I refuse to be distracted by this type of squabbling. We either join together to defend our country, our liberty and the Constitution ( the foundation which defines our rights, our freedom and liberty or our country is lost.

@dd54 AUSTRALIA HERE. I can see that right over here. Sadly, the United States, have never been united ever since that Civil war. It's like two separate countries in one. Australia is getting just as bad with the States here. This is what happens when we import too many different nationalities from all over the world. Authorities say we are a proven multicultired country, no we're not! They don't ask those that have been put out onto the streets so others can have their home instead. Cheap labor I reckon we'll call it. I'm with you, you have to defend your Constitution, your freedom and your liberty, or all will be lost to, The New World Order!!! I wish you well.

@dd54 Right but if you don't think the police are there to enforce those laws you are kidding yourself. When N Virginia passed the anti-gun legislation in VA only 1/4 of the police departments decided to not enforce it. That means 3/4 of the police will in general.

Now, add all the other criminal laws they have chosen in the past to enforce--locking people up people for possession of a plant--I don't have any faith in them.

I will stand with anyone who wants freedom. Having accidentally dated a cop who was former military and a Republican and having these arguments I know where he stands. Hypocritically. He will enforce laws that say you have to wear a life jacket when canoeing but someone will NOT enforce the gun laws? Nah. I don't believe it.


I think rational minds would say that Life Matters. Nothing more need be said about it. No need to qualify or quantify it.

iThink Level 8 June 30, 2020

I've been getting their posts on Facebook since 2016. They are simply people who support the police. I agree with them.

Xtra Level 8 June 30, 2020

Blue lives matter not that much now


It's really a direct opposition to Black Lives Matter. A lot of people on the right see Black Lives Matter as leftist propaganda, and so they they try to oppose them by puffing their feathers to support Blue Lives Matter - trying to "own the libs" by supporting the ones committing the violence against their liberal opposition.

Funny though, how that goes right out the window when police are preventing them from getting into a Capitol building to protest the lockdown, or when Republican Senator Brian Boquist essentially claimed he would shoot / kill any state trooper who tried to bring him back to do his duty in voting on a bill.

Black Lives Matter itself (not the believe that they do, because they do) is leftist propaganda, if you research the founder(s). It really has nothing to do with caring about the black community. They incite the black community to riot (obviously there is nothing wrong with peaceful protesting) and I know in Florida they have done nothing but divide the community in general. Also, it was created from outrage of the murder of Trayvon Martin, but his mom does not support their main message.


Black lives have always mattered. It is illogical to defund the police. Why don't they encourage getting involved in change, for example, push law enforcement to have their protocols reviewed and change as needed? LE needs more training on trauma informed care and cultural competence. I've been to two countries without law enforcement and it is scary. I am white, and myself, my husband and my brother have had scary involvement with law enforcement as have many other white people I know. I was always told to do what LE says but every black person I've been friends with was raised to fear LE. Is change needed? It has been for years, but abolishment I think is ridiculous.

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