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Whose fault is it that Jews died in Nazi concentration camps?

I say it's 50% Germany's fault for putting them in the camps and 50% America and Britain's fault for bombing German supply lines that would've fed the Jewish prisoners and supplied them with pesticides for typhus.

tenslein 5 June 28
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I love how people who weren't there talk shit. you never fail me internet.

solopro Level 6 June 29, 2020

Wow, this RamZPaul group is extremely one-note. Don't you have anything else to complain about other than "JEWS BAD" and "HOLOCAUST HOAX"? Your JDS is terminal.


100% is on the Nazi state.
I think the British did look into bombing the camps but it was too far in. WW2 bombing was a low accuracy operation. It would take hundreds planes just to hit a target and even then sometimes they would totally miss.
Priority number one was to win the war, anything else was secondary.


I’ll never believe that. We’ve been giving billions to places like Somalia, Yemen, etc for decades to feed the people, and the money goes into the pockets of corrupt leaders and warlords, food winds up being sold to the people while the politicians and war lords take the profits, and pick and choose who gets food. Human nature is terrifyingly faulty, and laying blame far away from the root of a problem is just ignorant.


People were dying in Nazi concentration camps years before the United States dropped a single bomb.


Fixing blame is a way to absolve our own responsibility to speak and/or take action.

A better question might be, why does the person posting framing the question that way? It looks very much like someone trying to get people to impugn themselves. Think about it. Is this a real question of importance? Of is this someone trying to make trouble?


The Jews carry all the blame for that. Germany was good to them when they were fleeing the Russian pogroms, only to be stabbed in the back by them during WWI.

gadsden Level 4 June 28, 2020

So an entire race is at fault for the actions of a few? How many Jews could've betrayed Germany during WWI? Probably no more than a handful.

@tenslein An eye for an eye. They hurt our innocent people, so we hurt their innocent people.

@gadsden Fair enough, but by that logic 9/11 was a good thing.

@tenslein Well, I never claimed any of this was good. I'm just saying this is to be expected given the nature of human retaliation cycles. I would very much like every group to have a homeland and we call a truce across humanity, forgiving (but not forgetting) all past aggressions.


Don't go down this rabbit hole. What relevance is it in 2020 America? Almost everyone involved in ww2 is long since dead.

Presidents and politicians still talk about the Holocaust all the time. I hear muh 6 million from guys like Stefan Molyneux every other video.

Like Ramzpaul says, the Holocaust has become a religious event rather than a historical one. The resurrection of Jesus is still relevant after 2000 years, and so will the Holocaust be.

@tenslein So, then what's the best way to deal with a religion? Why are many "churches" dying? Because they, like the Holocaust, are not relevant to modern day life.

@frankdracman I think the way to kill a religion is to mock or talk about it. Like the South Park Scientology episode.

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