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My company just announced a new policy. We’re not allowed to use the technical term “Master and Slave” anymore because it’s offensive. Most of the people I spoke with afterwards think it’s laughable, but in the meeting where it was announced no one snickered (I did not attend). Everyone is afraid to say anything.

The politicization is becoming downright oppressive. This is an American Cultural Revolution and it’s really accelerating! Unless people start to speak up against this nonsense, expect to be forced to speak up for it in future struggle sessions.

Choppy 5 June 24
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what next? Ebony and Ivory?


Heritage destroyed!


The same at my company. All large companies are controlled by a cabal of Jews that push these policies down to all companies at the same time by royal decree.


I retired shortly after my first encounter with someone who was crying because a job assignment wasn't fair.

wolfhnd Level 7 June 24, 2020

Employer employees is out?

angelo Level 7 June 24, 2020

What's next? Salt and Peppa????


They have equality, now they want control. They are now controlling what we can and cannot say. Some of the most common words set them off. These words have several different meanings and if they choose to take it personal and out of context, that is their problem. Enough already.

FEWI Level 7 June 24, 2020

What terms do they suggest replacing "Master" and "Slave" with? "Owner" and "Owned"? How 'bout "Prisoners with jobs" and "Bosses."

Tycho Level 7 June 24, 2020

Same happened when I taught in public schools. They insisted we refer to trans student as the wrong sex. Everyones head bobbled in agreement at the meeting, but afterwards there was clear discontent. But don't worry, they all capitulated.

Yes, everyone capitulates. It's how a crazy political minority is taking over the nation and making the majority say what they want them to say and do what they want them to do.


Two words I'm getting sick and tired of hearing: "I'm offended!" Call me anything you want. At least I'm grown up enough to understand that words are only noises in the air and cannot affect you if you don't feel that way about yourself. I let derogatory words roll off my back like water.

I have made a conscious effort for at least the last 5 or 6 years to avoid 'offended' in all contexts because I left 'sick and tired' back in 2013 and moved fully into HATE.


Master cylinder is out

That’s a bad one, and I guess do is slave cylinder? How we going to stop?

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