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Could be a Charlottesville situation. Where the Trump supporters get pushed into Antifa. If fights break out, Antifa will go free and Trump supporters will be investigated under his justice department

ramzpaul 8 June 20
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If only we had some leaders that gave a shit and did something.

@sacha799 It would be very easy for these leaders to use RICO to infiltrate Antifa like Project Veritas did and give their leaders 20 to 30 year prison sentences.

@Robert100 It would be easy. They don't care. Even here now they have put up a BLM mural and our mayor has said "how proud he is of our city." It's this kinda shit that makes me want to move somewhere else.

@Sacha799 Yes although it almost starts to look like there is nowhere to run to. One odd thing that could come out of this is how do the new Hispanics and Asians flooding into the country feel about Blacks being the minority group receiving all of the attention.

@Sacha799 I live in a RED city (small), in a Red county, in a Red state!!!!!! But, even here we have a lot of RINOs, and a lot of people (LIBs) moving here from states they ruined before moving here!!!!!!!!!!!!
They claim to be "conservative", after talking to them you find out that they may have been considered "conservative" where they came from, but by local standards, they are still LIBs!!!!!!!!
I tell them not to vote on ANYTHING for at least five years!!!!! Hopefully, that will keek them from ruining this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 I live in a red state too. I live in a blue city tho. A lot of what we are experiencing is because of our cucked mayor. He even applauded some local artist for making a mural of BLM! The rest of the state is pretty red. The RINO's are worthless and don't have spines. They always pivot to the left. Some are even doing it on this BLM stuff.

@Sacha799 The RINOs are everywhere!!!
I tried to talk to some of the local people in our Republican Party about the RINOs, you would have thought that I had shot them in the foot!!!!!!
They didn't want to talk about ANYONE with an "R" after their name, no matter how they voted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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