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Pretty accurate.

ramzpaul 8 June 20
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Still though, dudes and dudettes, That picture IS pretty funny.


Being in my 60s, (I know, I know, I don't look like it--thank my Dad's genes) I actually remember the 60s pretty well, But particularly, I remember the 70s and 80s because I was a teenager and young adult during them. The fact is that in my life time, the folks on the right of the picture were ALWAYS the counter culture. Everything relating to the left of the picture was--though some was organic--propped up and funded and supported and championed by large left wing organizations. The Media HAVE ALWAYS been left of center in my lifetime at least, and arguably much longer. This has possibly been the case since the turn of the 20th century or 1914 at least (when the Frankfurt school infiltrated Columbia University) or perhaps even earlier because proto-Marxists were mucking about in our country in the 1800s as well.

I don't know how to make this clearer:



Styx doesn't realize this because he is too young, and because he has failed to question the version of near history (written by the victors, of course)

Everything one reads about 9/11 era George Bush, for example is slanted leftist revisionism. Not to say that "W" was perfect, or anything.

But I was there.

I won't say "He wasn't that bad." I won't say "He was worse than people think."

I'll just say that the reality of who and what he was DOES NOT MATCH what is written TODAY about him.




@curvycom My memories start about 20 years before yours, but you are right about Socialist Ideas starting much earlier!!!!
I first recognized the trend toward socialism in junior high!!! That is when I became marked as a maverick and treated as such!!! Now I am talking about the early 60's!!! so, the socialist ideology was all ready in the education system!!!!!!!
Luckly, my father who was a SELF EMPLOYED logger back me up!!!! The principle called dear old DAD to see if Dad could change my attitude, so that I would be less trouble!!!
DEAR OLD DAD, told the principle to STOP screwing with me and he would have less trouble from me!!!!!!
Needless to say that ended any conversation between Dad and the principle!!!!
When graduation time came around, I was TOLD not to attend, even though I was eleventh in my class by grade point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 What a great story! I've been trying to tell my 80 year old mother this. She used to be conservative, but for some reason is now a Bernie Bro. I just don't get it, but I've told her that she already had some Marxist indoctrination in her schools in the 1950s.

I'm not too hard on people who fall for it though. It is DESIGNED to be fallen for. Most normal people are defenseless against it. They cannot conceive of the fact that their teachers are actively teaching evil destructive ideas.

After all... WHO would Do that, right?

"curvycom" Group

@curvycom To add to the story, my mother was a teacher, my Dad loved her dearly, but he called her an educated idiot!!!!!!!!!!
The other side of the coin was, Dear old Dad had an 8th grade education that ended in 1917!!!
The topper is that Dad taught Postgraduate Forestry and was considered one of the most knowledgeable men in the USA, re: early 1900's logging, and horse logging!!!!!!!!!!
Professors and writers would come to our house to get his input!!!!

@Serg97 amazing! People do amazing things when not corrupted by Marxism. The resilience of people of all types never ceases to amaze me. Following you, by the way.

@curvycom my wife went back to college in her early 30's to get her Masters and found out just CORPUTE the education system at that level!!!! She was told to write what she was told in class or not to expect a decent grade!!!
She said she looked around the room at th 19 and 20 year olds and realized that they had NO personal experience to counter what was being taught!!!!!
Our education system IS THE SOURCE of this Marxist thinking, and our kids are not given a choice!!!!!

@Serg97 I've been telling anyone who would listen about this since around 1979. Everyone thought I was exaggerating. Everyone laughed at me. No one is laughing anymore. I've even had a few of my old friends apologize for laughing at me 30 or 40 years ago.