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What plans did you have that got canceled because of Covid?
When the lock down started it was supposed to be for 2 weeks. Now it's turned into 3 months. Our state is basically opened back up. You still can't go to a movie or a concert.
My big thing was a concert this summer.

Sacha799 7 June 2
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I couldn't go to church. Blatant violation of our first amendment rights. Now we have a depression era farming situation. I can't sell cattle unless I take a huge loss. The price in the stores are record highs, if it is even there.

It's stupid people can't go to church. If you want to riot that is ok. They won't stop you from robbing or setting fire to things.

@Sacha799 churches are open again. I think there is a connection between closing churches and the present chaos.

I wasn't sure if churches were open yet or not. I think it should be up to the people to decide if they want to go out or not.


Working for a living. Yeah... that about covers it

I hope you are at least able to get unemployment. I've been fortunate to get to keep working.


Well What plans you ask !? Well it affected 3 in my family My sister eye surgery cancelled Same for brothers knee Surgery. And i had a bad tooth abscess and had to pull my own front tooth it took 3 days to pull and yes it hurt just like your thinking . ...... I'm feeling much better now.

Docfun Level 5 June 3, 2020

I think its ridiculous how they are cancelling peoples surgeries. A guy where I works father was supposed to have heart surgery. They pushed it back a couple months. He was finally able to get it. He couldn't have any visitors tho.


I was going to protest injustice but then it got canceled by Covid... but seems like some people here must have gotten a vaccine or something as they were able to go outside and play. I wish I got a vaccine. 😟

Admin Level 8 June 3, 2020

Expect the lock down to be longer. Until a vaccine for this is distributed, it won't be safe to go out in crowded areas.


I was planing to get a lot of things done around the house, I do maintenance on some buildings down town so when every thing got shut down I was the only one that was working every day to check these now empty buildings to make sure that they were ok.

KeVince Level 8 June 2, 2020

So far, my company convention and one concert. Still waiting on info on the other 2 concerts I have tickets for.

I was supposed to go to a concert too. I thought for sure we would be able to see shows this summer. They just keep extending this crap.

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