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Colin Powell, an 84 year old man riddled with cancer, unexpectedly dies of COVID. His vaccine did not work, because of the unvaccinated. You killed this war hero.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 19
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Correct heading " Died of Covid19 related complications" or "of old age, cancer & Parkinson's disease after being vaccinated for Covid19 & receiving boosters"... I choose door #2 😉

azjc Level 7 Oct 20, 2021

Most likely the case, but all they have to do is to tell a lie enough times and no matter how outrageous the lie is, it will be believed.


First off he is a war criminal, and he killed himself when he took the jab.

Kheare Level 7 Oct 20, 2021

What a stupid thing to say. The unvaccinated aren't lepers you know they don't automatically have the disease and they don't automatically infect others with it either.


The total counts of both cases and deaths are HIGHLY exaggerated!!! Here in Canada, people with stage 4 cancer are declared COVID deaths when they are moved to the hospice to die...and they test positive upon arrival at the hospice. "DIED FROM COVID"

This is criminal deceit! It is a government level lie on the biggest scale!




Hopefully, your comment above the picture is meant as a joke!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Oct 19, 2021
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