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Is prostitution a core conservative value? The GOP struggles with the answer.

ramzpaul 8 July 20
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Oh my. Not just some GOP fund raiser.
A church.

REN777 Level 7 July 20, 2021

The Republican party is a prostitute, by any definition of the word. They gladly sell themselves to the rich and powerful for a pittance.


Is Conservatism only synonymous with Christianity and puritanical religious views? If so, you are alienating a huge section of your base, as religion is consistently dwindling.

I thought Conservatives were all about limited government and not telling people what they could do. I thought Conservatives were all about free market values.

You are blindly claiming that pornography destroys lives, when there is no evidence to back that up. You find one study that says it does, you can easily find another that refutes it. You are just pushing your own morality, which is anti-American.

You can't claim that being a porn star is antithetical to being a Conservative, and then turn around and worship the porn star banging adulterer that is Trump, with his escort wife. You can't make a 10 minute video railing against a porn star for being what is wrong with the country, and then support the Twitter pornography watcher Rafael Edward Cruz.

Just admit that you want a theocratic police state that enforces your own brand of morality on the populace, and that Conservatism has nothing to do with the Constitution.

Forget the hyperbole the thought that a story that has survived such a long time about someone who could have been Joe Blow died a long time ago was used to set a standard to make the world a better place should be enough for the rest to question whether they are really being selfish and contributing to the decay of society and indicates a great willingless for a meaningless existence.

@Inspiration you mean a story has survived so long as a means to control? How many different translations and interpretations and offshoots of this story have their been? It's like whisper down the lane. And did it really make the world a better place? Think about all the things this story condoned and even encouraged which did not actually make the world a better place, and things that adherents to this story defended - slavery being a big one.

No, being selfish is pushing your personal moral views onto someone, telling them they must conform to your viewpoint. I'd argue a porn star who is paid to have sex for money is less selfish and better for society than a holier-than-thou religious nut who thinks their god ordained white men to be the ruler over black people and women.

'They' say be careful what you wish for (or maybe agitate) the New rulers could be a different colour but unfortunately still will think the same. A biscuit is most certainly what you may become.


Possibly yes, especially if the prostitute advertises her services with pix of her wearing an American flag bikini and holding an AR-15.

sqeptiq Level 9 July 20, 2021
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