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Back in March 2020 I felt that the restrictions being placed on the people of the UK were over the top and I felt that the situation was being used by certain interest groups to push policies they otherwise wouldn't be able to get away with. I did however accept that Covid was real and some vulnerable people were dying but again I felt that the government were exaggerating the numbers to keep us all in line. So I've never been happy with the way things have progressed over the last 18 months but I've steered clear of the more fanciful conspiracy theories doing the rounds but now I'm beginning to really wonder. The New "Delta Variant" according to figures recently released in the USA is far less dangerous than the original strain although it does pass from person to person with far more ease, this is typical behavior for a virus and something most virologists had been hoping would happen over time, so Good News ? Apparently not even people who have been double vaccinated are being advised by the government to steer clear of people like me who have refused the vaccination on principle when restrictions are lifted on the 19th July 2021. The Vaccination drastically reduces the ill effects of people who have taken part in the program and the virus itself is demonstrably less dangerous so what's going on ? You could legitimately argue that Covid is less dangerous than flu at this point and i'm really beginning to wonder if I shouldn't order a roll of tin foil with my next Morrisons delivery.

ellism 6 July 12
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Pretty much how I feel in Hawaii. You're not alone!

AMRX Level 5 July 19, 2021

Boris hasn't been all he was cracked up to be.

sqeptiq Level 9 July 12, 2021

I don't believe in any 'conservative' good guys anymore, let alone saviors.

The last year and a half has been eye-opening. We got to see who caved and who didn't.

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