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It is best to ignore show trials.

ramzpaul 8 Apr 21
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These show trials are the result of the Zeitgeist, The Spirit of Our Times. But the question is, who is holding the puppet strings of The Spirit? We can trace it back to the instincts of those in the media who stir the pot and fuel the fires of racial tensions in order to make a name for themselves in their career fields. And the INSTINCTS (for popularity and greed and ambition) of the University Professors who push the Postmodernist narratives.
But the question arises, Why is there this insane instinct to feed the Postmodernist Beast with their energies? (well, for one thing because that Beast feeds them in return)
It is because some kind of Collective Subconscious has been parasitically implanted into the brains of our society by our schools, ie by the Bolsheviks and the Frankfurt School Marxists going back to the 1930's and before.
Now the question arises, why do the Frankfurt School and the Bolsheviks wish to do this?


I disagree - ignoring a show trial is to tacitly approve of gross injustice.

iThink Level 8 Apr 21, 2021

this was exactly what I expected now we will have more show trial on appeal

KeVince Level 8 Apr 21, 2021

Man was railroaded and needs to appeal

Header Level 8 Apr 21, 2021
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