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Regin1999 6 Mar 22
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ummm, take the pretty words to heart, ALL democracies are under coup...

Yeah, situation is fubar. One world government is coming.

@Regin1999 |6661 niger
ummm, ALL democracies have been under coup since ... we were born. but theyve been positioning for immediate hostile take over since obama. he was the last president. (he kissed the baphomet symbol before "dropping the mike" ) = turned us over to the "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ 4th reicht. "biden"/biding time, "trump" the democracy.

"you knew I was a snake when you "elected me" trump.
WE actually didnt elect him, "electoral college" selected him.

it aint fubar, temptation of ego had yall fullfill ALL revelationS to a T. its all written, yall just sealed your own eternity of your spirit judging your own naked soul.

@sackClothProphet the age of the egoist and materialist jew has usurped that the idealist gentile. You are right, this process has been going on our entire lives and long before. That reversal of my handle is nice lol. Prophecy is just a blueprint and unfortunately the worst kind of people have had the gumption and perseverance to carry theirs out thus far. I been pushing back against this egoist materialism/judification my entire life but I'll concede to be included in the "ya'll" because it's accomplished little and here I sit drawing breath. Not dead and buried on behalf of an eternal Ideal for the sake of posterity. Thats my "sin" I suppose just like so many others.

@Regin1999 as warned in the bible "jew ish" (= Jew like) are the synagogue of "satan"/tempted and not Jehovahs chosen Jews. I AM marcus, a Heyoka (of Christ) mountain Lion spirit elect of the house of Judah (Jew dah). (i didnt eat the innocent, was mauled, WE were rewarded with hueman avatar). bloodline to the honorable prophet Jeremiah also referred to as Geronimo.
even though WE don't have all my "powers"
I AM one of the sack cloth prophets|prophet to scoffers. the 2 guardians of Eden
I AM 1 of the 4 huemans honored to be on Jehovahs heavenly council
I AM an angel spirit they were allowed to imprison... don't seem im free yet. not sure if im 1 of the 4 or a different instance.
I AM Jesus little brother (his Lion cub of Judah). he was the first victim of your complacency, i'll be your last.

WE have until 00/2023.5ish/00 to unite as lions and sheep to rebuild (war chief) Jesus third temple|the body of christs for if you let satan kill us in your complacency then YOU will face Jehovahs wrath... then revelationS.

I know Jehovahs right, thats why he has me trying to warn YOU. the bible is the blueprint and I AM 1 of your last chances.

i know your "double speak" and called your satanic racist "secret secret" ambiguous name out.

ohhh nooo *beatin chest booo hooo your just one lone hueman monkey spawn alone on this random created flat planet created to oppress you and you are left alone to just sigh and die after only just accomplishing being alive for no particular reason but to die. it must be hard being the missing link, SIGH... were immortal spirits only mortal in this flesh avatar in this dead "time" realm... sucks to be you lol

@sackClothProphet I am anti-abrahamic. I call for the death of Yahweh, Muhammad and of Christ all the same. They are my enemy. Eternally. If I burn eternally due to this fact. So be it. Biblical jargon is superficial and alien to me. It seems you want to be rewarded with validation by someone who is connected to one of these Abrahamic cults but it's lost on me my friend. I do appreciate and respect your Ideological vigor though.

@Regin1999 @Regin1999 |6661niger huh, now they got a "abrahamic" racism class... idk idc. im an elect of the house of Judah (tribe of Adam) Jehovahs "secret" lost and hidden "society" of 144,000 "dust angels" = "wraiths"/wraths in this realm, generals to (war chief) Jesus ... the house of Judah gratefully accepts your verbal challenge to war so as to spare our "abrahamic" brothers and sisters... WE MUST protect (war chief) Jesus, my big brother so you don't torture him again... the roman guard took it upon his head to kill Jesus to spare his spirit... he knew who Jesus was and HE MANNED UP to spare Jesus spirit... the romans respected Jesus as he respected them... he did not cry out to spare the romans... he cried out to spare YOU. "Eli Eli Elohim!" = Elijah Elijah, Master! "forgive them Father for they know not what they do." = spare them Father for they don't understand your power... IN HIS MUTHA FUCKIN DYING BREATH BECAUSE OF YOU! HE IS YOUR MESSIAH BECAUSE HE BOUGHT YOU 2020 MORE YEARS OF SHIT INSTEAD OF DESTRUCTION TO INNERSTAND ...and here WE are... around halfway done with tribulation and YOU TALK SHIT LIKE YOUR SOMETHING? my spirit is an ancient mountain lion spirit regardless of your petty opinions and flak. at this point I AM from your past present and future (Father Son Holy Ghost). some of us have been recycling our spirits for a looong time(s) to feel every spectrum of feeling so it cannot be said one was missed so the permanent bridge between heaven and earth can be built... for us. "as above so below" = heaven went through it first before it was put upon us.

Luci' fer (title of the feminine angel, mistro of heavens orchestra). when Eve accepted the challenge the title Luci' fer was unamed and the feminine/masculine spirit of the temptation of opposites of commandment (human ego) was created. angels (meekness) vs demon (egoes). satan isnt evil. its dragon form has already been defeated, judged and sentenced to only 1000 years in self judgement for cleansing before rerelease prolly to free Luci spirit. but (war chief) Jesus will call your spirit to judge your soul for eternity... we are here in peace. not to judge, (war chief) Jesus is done writing names in the book of life. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO REPENT OF ALL YOUR SINS AND UNITE... WE CAN stop tribulation, revelationS ... uniting our free will "power" is the one and only way to stop satan from killing us sack cloth prophets and ending YOUr complacency. were not here to "tip the scales", satan nor the fallen never gave one phuk about a hueman. "father of lies". its a vampire that only wants the perpetual energy of your soul to maintain momentum. EVERYBODY you ever known met heard about has been lied to since the day they were born. were born inherit good into a life we couldnt get ahead at... unless born rich. but if you insist on war WE will win then. revelationS are in holding for your blink of an eye in accordance with all the revelationS you were tempted to full fill to a T. ty, this time illusion realm is waning back to eternal... thank Jah (hmmm, WE might see some "black hole" activity (system to keep time placid).

i'll put it in a nutshell for ALL that stand against ("YaHoWaH" ) translated to english as WE WILL know him in this realm, Jehovah. yall think your warriors hiding behind shit murdering defenseless women and children using them as pawns to control their men (that didnt work out to well for the coward custer did it? (dog men (mountain lion spirit horsemen of Judah) handled that before other braves were ready, wasnt there a mist that instant lol) on the other hand all the tribes that took items from the cowards were cursed) anywho. yall like to claim you use sun tzu art of war DEFENSE STRATEGY... against people you didnt have the balls to tell you were attacking. but the strategy is basically pretend you are defeated until the enemy gets blinded by their egoes then attack... = stay meek and let them claim victory until its time for the meek to inherit the earth = revelationS, you have no etheral army... its just you ego puffed huemans challenging Jehovah the Creator of everything WE will ever know... if YOU choose to join our family. or not... its your free will, own it or lose it.

btw, in spirit realm our souls become our avatars for our spirits.

because of my purpose i havent been able to see my big brothers face for a long time... Jah did arrange a dream we got to meet in, i grabbed him around the waist and pulled him to the ground... then i was back in this physical realm, propped in my bed with tears rollin down my cheeks...

here is some screenshots from the vid of suns crust being destroyed on 9/19/2019 10am of the arch angel with the suns core between his arms casting his mark on earth setting the star wormwood to hit the earth... lol it only took 2 angels to destroy sodom and gommorah after scouting it. loool wtf you gonna do against one arch angel holding the suns core... shoot a nuclear missile at it πŸ˜‚

@sackClothProphet yes. You get em with the power of christ and all the esoteric rhetoric he never thought of. You are definitely chosen and special. I am convinced X-D lololol

@sackClothProphet death to the Elohim! Death death death! To Elijah! Hail!

@sackClothProphet lol... These goofy christian nuts are a blast lol!!!!

@sackClothProphet fuck jehovah. Hail Wotan!!!

@Regin1999 @Regin1999 would you rather receive curses from the "fake" "GOD" Jehovah, who i met at 9 years old when i earned my title of Heyoka or accept my challenge to hear me out that heaven aint prissy and hates cowards. ie: no religion is stated in the bible, ALL religions were false doctrine distractions... "YOU will not find salvation in the words of these scriptures." bible, (war chief) Jesus. my spirit IS an ancient of our past, our phukin ancestors. ive been recycling for at least since they tried to feed me innocent believers as a mountain lion. the bible itself is proof our spirits are immortal. either live for eternity of face eternal self judgement of your soul as your naked flesh. WE were originally immortal perfect naked fruit eaters in our hueman form. woodstock was the last great outpouring of Holy spirit... woodstock is how the aramaic tribes of Judah (Adam) roll. chillin with no murders, od's, murders, no fools, WE are and can act as one if instructed. woodstock was only supposed to be 10,000 tickets, they recieved that before WE removed the fences. WE ran out of parking so WE just parked in the street... paused time for this instance. alot of us seeked our tribal ways from the bloodlines of our aramaic/hebrew israelite ancestors. if you took this to heart you have more wisdom than all these so called self chosen preachers, etc. thats like trying to sign up for the army expecting you can continue to still sit in your lazy boy trolling you tube vids gettin paid as a "special forces" troll... these bible clutching fools should heed the bibles warning not to deny a prophet of Jehovah, they will just break apart and cease to exist. even after I tell them im here to help us unify, I AM one of the ancient sack cloth prophets prophesied in the revelationS... after 2021 years they spit in even (war chief) Jesus little brothers face... at least you stand for what you believe in... but they have you decieved, you are slitting your throat for eternity. do you want to hear more?

@Regin1999 @Regin1999 "christ' ian" is not a "religion" its a description of a person who has physically and spiritually changed after coming to (war chief) Jesus innerstanding = defeating "satan"/ego and transforming our love into agape... a Heyoka. and the pale faces call us "scizophrenic". I mean the fact is they "shutdown" ALL houses of worship before they forsook Jesus passover on command of the synagogue of "satans"/tempted puppets out of fear of a non lethal "bat flu". I found out because I went to accept my annointing... but was blocked from worship by these blasphemers who call me unworthy of Jehovah our Creator and shun me... even though they were told of our arrival in last days in their bibles... meh, were not here to hold hands, its their free will as written. ironically only YOU uniting can save us from gettin murdered by one of satans creations. reality is our realm is more like d & d than this simulation. were immortal, "time" is the illusion. theres no difference between us... they were all created. I did not know all this 2 years ago... I lived in this shit realm as you for 52 years but didnt really buy into it... but i seeked all my life and completed my butterfly affect. i had to come back to my ancient concious but atm i have no physical memories of my past cause i live out these lives individually so i can share info of feelings experienced with heaven. I AM 1 of the 4 huemans honored to be of Jehovahs heavenly council... i attend council in my dreams... and they say nuhuh... its hard not to let it trigger my wrath but the fate they seal is written in the bibles they clutch. they say my big brothers name like its just a word over and over just for egoes sake... its creepy


That is true


Very well said.

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