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Should Americans flee to Europe?

ramzpaul 8 Mar 17
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The plot shows state migration. It quantifies that people are fleeing blues states for red states.
The data is for moving vans. []

I would move to Asia. Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan. They are the future of civilization.


I can't think of a European country that's better off than the United States. I used to think about Poland and Hungary due to how based they're being lately, but then I see they are super strict on Covid, so maybe not.

kwg2005 Level 4 Mar 21, 2021

I don't think the situation is much better, if any better in Europe. I think eastern Europe is more homogeneous racially, but they are also more strict into letting foreigners in. Also, I keep seeing stories about how strict European countries are about covid.

kwg2005 Level 4 Mar 17, 2021

Politics 1 .......... some saudis killed a guy in a hotel room .........biden said ...forget about it ..........

.........some israelis killed an iranian scientist ....that story quickly disappeared ....biden is told to forget about it

atlook Level 5 Mar 17, 2021

Holy crap the border , they are putting children in cages ........their parents aint gonna like that.........

atlook Level 5 Mar 17, 2021

If you're unhappy where you are, and you have the means to emigrate and the willingness to go through the process to change your situation - I say go for it!

In terms of where to go... if you're "fleeing" America, you're probably not happy with the political environment where you live, or at least the results of it. Europe has countries at various positions on the political spectrum, so there's a fair chance you'll find a country where you will have a broad agreement with the dominant political paradigm.

There are options in the rest of the world, too. I'd be happy to welcome more conservatives to Australia! Most of the country is leaning left (some of it pretty far), but with our political system the way it is, the state of Queensland (which leans right, thanks in large part to our significant rural population) can decide federal elections. If you're conservative and want to leave America, come to Queensland and help us keep Australia on the right side! You'll have to give up your guns, unfortunately, but hey, every decision comes with its sacrifices.

In NZ you can do all that and keep your guns!

@Hanno Really? Even Comrade Jacinda hasn't implemented Australian-style gun control yet? Amazing!

Well, as long as they are hunting guns... and we have a large conservative group thanks to rural and hunting areas.
And just like Aus, we need every conservative immigrant we can get.


how come when you watch the news in america........ there are only women anchors ( except tucker and the five) ....and all you get is the womans perspective ........."won't somebody please think of the chilluns" ....america is so evil not giving them everything they want at the snap of a finger , sniffle.........blah blah blah..........need some adult males ( hopefully non jewish or the conservatives will grovel to them)

atlook Level 5 Mar 17, 2021

EU just talk about vaccine passport


"Flee" to Europe? Like seek asylum or something? Try to leave a country you see as becoming oppressive in order to seek a better way of living?

Yeah, no. If you are critical of people coming to the USA for that reason, you don't get to go somewhere else for the same reason.

Hello. Many on here seem to have a low opinion of Europe because of the socialist systems we have. It would be double standard if they took the advantage of our socialist systems by immigrating to Europe while still acting as libertarians. But then, we all find it hard to stick to the principles we want to support sometimes.

I'm not critical of anyone trying to leave their country, unless they have malicious intent (which I believe to be the minority). That doesn't mean I think governments should just let them all in. What I'm critical of is governments that don't manage their borders properly!

Hi DaveO276,
And as long as they are willing to assimilate themselves in the new environment in which they decide to settle. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Americans won't be able to live by the US constitution any more in the UK. No more carrying guns for a start. Lol


Other than countries of the former Soviet bloc, where would you go that would be an improvement over the current situation stateside?

I mean, I read something the other day about Belgium being pressured into reparations. Say what? Did Belgium even have slaves?


No, don't come. We already have enough immigrants to cope with in Europe. Lol!!!

Naomi Level 8 Mar 17, 2021
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