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Scientists now claim Dark Matter may not be real. What other popular scientific narratives might be false?

ramzpaul 8 Feb 3
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That vaccines work and save lives.

CLSr Level 4 Feb 4, 2021

When you say Dark Matter is not real do you mean to say that Dark Matter is apparitional or that Dark Matter does not exist at all??


In the case of science the religion analogy doesn't really work.  The problem is that science is just a technique.  What you mean when you say science is becoming a religion is that the science industry has taken on characteristics of religion.  The same could be said of any organized effort such as a political party.  

I think why the science as a religion analogy is so powerful for many people is that science denies faith as a legitimate state of mind.  All that really means is that scientists are not good philosophers.  Had religion embraced science then the whole faith issue would never have been so contentious.  Unfortunately science poked holes in a lot of religious dogma that religious institutions could not adapt to.

Like money, freewill, home runs, and any other abstraction faith is real it just isn't what you think it is.  All language, even the language of mathematics is abstract.  Language should be thought of as a tool, the tool that proceeds all other tools.  The first stone tool that was not just a rock was first an abstraction in the mind of some ape.  As culture advanced so did the language tool that made abstracting more powerful.  The question then is not if faith is real or not but what is its function as a tool. 

Faith makes life bearable.  Not in the sense that the religious may think but in a more practical sense.  Without faith we would be paralized by our imagination.  Faith is fundamental to life just as intelligence is.  All living things make decisions or are intelligent in a very loose sense.  The intelligence of all living things is limited including humans.  Faith fills in the gap between intelligence and the need to move.  Quiescence is death.

If you think of science as an organism instead of an organized industry or activity it becomes clearer.  Science has intelligence but not sufficient intelligence to always know which way to move.  Faith fills in the gap between not knowing which way to move and not moving at all.  Like all organisms science has logic circuits.  Those logic circuits that limit the range and direction of motion to maximize efficiency.  The logic circuits evolved like that of all other organisms based on trial and error passing the memes that survived environmental testing on.  Which brings us to another poorly understood abstraction randomness.

On randomness I'm not on such solid grounds but I think it is the source of everything.  It is you may say the formula for everything physicists are searching for.   It is clearly what makes biological evolution possible and I believe what makes the big bang and subsequent evolution of the physical universe possible.  Things not subject to randomness are quiescent "dead".

Another fundamental element of this "philosophy" is entropy.  In classical terms it is a fairly simple concept.   "a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system."the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time"."  Life is essentially the magic of reversing entropy by logic.  It doesn't actually reverse it; it just postpones it long enough for replication of other units that carry on the temporary reversal. 

I hope that helps lol

I think I need to better understand what you mean by faith.
Faith in gods, not so much.
Faith in what our senses tell us and somehow making sense if it all? Ok maybe.

I am not sure faith makes life bearable, unless you mean that it helps us to accept it.
For me, faith (in gods) made my life unbearable due to the cognitive dissonance it created. I only came to peace once I was able to let go of that faith.

I am not so sure that faith is fundamentally to life, neither is intelligence...unless you mean it in some way I do not understand.

Plants and bacteria etc does not need faith or intelligence and abiogenesis definitely did not need it. Else you would have your proof for the existence of gods right there.


Faith is derived from the latin fides or reliability.  It comes down to us by way of Old French feid or confidence.  Confidence has several meanings but for our purposes we will equate it with bravery.  The ability to face the unknown.  Every time you move you may die.  When you get up out of bed and get in the shower you can slip and die, when you step out of your house and get in your car you can die on the way to work.  But we have faith that those things will not happen.  Faith is what allows us to roll the dice.  We can make an assessment of the risks but we cannot eliminate them.  All living things must move or die so at some fundamental level assessing the risks and moving forward is built into life.  The fact that some life forms have very simple algorithms for assessing the risks doesn't change the nature of the process.

Intelligence has no agreed upon definition.  Like consciousness we simply know it when we see it.  To see it as a feature of life requires you look a little deeper.  From Wikipedia  "intelligence can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment".  Life is the process of acquiring more energy than expended.  To do that always requires motion.  It is helpful to think of it as an algorithm.  Even plants and bacteria move toward energy and away from harm using simple algorithms. Even if that movement only involves internal processes.  They acquire information and retain it chemically to act adaptively.

The important thing is to understand language as abstract.  A bacteria has a chemical language.  An inexact and incomplete but sufficient representation of its reality or environment to act adaptively.  You simply have to scale up the complexity to see our intelligence in the same way.  We just have many more tools for probing our reality.

As to the definition of life that also has no agreed upon definition.  Abiogenesis assumes life from not life. What if life was determined in keeping with our understanding of determinism on which science is built? That means that the inevitability of life was contained in non life. The dividing line becomes one of degree not kind. All of our red lines are abstract. It doesn't take much imagination to then see reality as an algorithm or what some physicists call a mathematical universe. God is the algorithm if you like. Personally I don't care if the supernatural exists or not I'm too busy acquiring information about my reality.


My theory on black holes.... Stars burnt to a charcoal, sun can't reflect off them, so they call them holes because you can't see other stars in the universe through them. If these large pieces of charcoal are moving, it would give the illusion that they are swallowing up stars ( blackholes swallowing up whole galaxies🤣) if there were as many thousands of blackholes swallowing up galaxies like they claim, would there not be one close enough to observe, or maybe sticking earth into it now 😲😳

Derf Level 6 Feb 3, 2021

There have always been scientists who thought the concept of dark matter and dark energy were more religious than scientific. The same data used to predict the existence of these dark things can also be used to show they're not real.


David viner's comment, snowfall will become a very rare and a exciting event, children just aren't going to know what snow is.




What others....?
The theory of climate change.

To be fair though, the climate has been changing since the earth formed (long before humans were here). But I get your point, climate change politics (and the science that supports their agenda) is a trojan horse.


Hi. I just signed up here on your recommendation. I’m an ex pat living in Ireland.. I enjoy your videos. Keep rocking dude!


Any scientist will tell you that the answer is simple. All scientific narrative may be false. Science is a set of theories that attempt to explain what is observable. As soon as we observe something that contradicts the theory then the theory is rejected. It is that simple.


So are atoms and electrons and protons and molecules. None of those things can be physically seen or felt, however we created them based on other observations and deductions.

We don’t even know what light is. Our observations are contradictory. We just created the concept of a foton because that fit some observations and then we use waves because that fit other observations.

We have no idea what gravity is. Yet we can extremely accurately predict how it will affect everything.

We also created the concept of the Higgs boson, that now appears to be correct.
We also created the concept of flogiston, which turned out to be not correct.

Similarly we created the concept of dark matter. We don’t know if that is correct however it is the best thing we could come up with to explain our observations.

Hanno Level 7 Feb 3, 2021

Everything in science is theoretical, that is the best science can do. Theories that attempt to explain what is observable. I note your comment about gravity. The theory behind gravity is one I like the most. The theory is that gravity is the three dimensional curving of space near a mass. We cannot visualise 3D curving but the cone that you can throw coins into at some shopping centers best simulates it. The coin rotates slow at the top of the cone where the slope is shallow. As it falls it speeds up which counteracts the increasing slope (gravity well) with centrifugal force. Friction causes it to keep falling so centrifugal force does not remain in balance with the slope (gravity). Friction causes the orbit to keep declining. This is a good representation of the orbital dynamics in space. Earths atmosphere does not suddenly stop at some boundary between space and it (space officially starts at an altitude of 100 Kilometres). The atmosphere just keeps getting thinner with altitude. The Van Allen belt (charged ions held by earths magnetic field) extend up to 30,000 kilometres. This is why the orbits of low earth satellites decay fairly fast, atmospheric resistance.

I'm pretty sure we can see an atom with the technology available today. I'm pretty sure it has been done, can't remember when just that it was done.

We can “see” even electrons and quarks... however it is not really seeing. We just build up a picture based on what detectors tells us.

We don’t know if electrons and quarks are solid materials, force fields that somehow retain mass, or some form of dense gas or plasma or something completely else.

We think they exist because experimental evidence is so strong that they have to. However they could also be waves that act like particles the same way photons do (or don’t). Very unlikely to be the case of course, but the point is we don’t know for sure and science always allow us to be wrong and correct when we know better.

That is the beauty of science.

@Hanno No we can see atoms...there's even been a photo taken I believe. Strontium I think it was... boy now you are pressing my memory on this one.
I did Physics so no need to write me explanations etc. ok.

You are referring to the Nadlinger photograph?
It does not show you what an actual atom looks like. It simply activates the electrons with laser energy and allow them to radiate their absorbed energy again. It is this emitted light we see.
That is what you see when you look into a flame or a any lightbulb, however it involves vast numbers of atoms.

What is so cool about the Nadlinger photo is that it the combined light from just one atom taken without magnification.

Now we can also “see” individual radioactive atoms on x-ray plates, however again, it the radiation from the atoms we see, not the actual atom.
You can also see this radiation from a single atom, through a technique called liquid scintillation, however you need a little magnification to see with the naked eye.

So yes, you can “see” light emitted by a single atom, but is a bit like looking at a candle from a long distance. You see it’s emitted light , not the candle itself.

I think I am boring everyone so I will concede that you can indeed “see” an individual atom.

You made me study a bit today.
I also found that now we can see (or rather build images of) actual molecules with atomic force microscopy that I was unaware of.
So I have learned some stuff today and my original post stands corrected.

We used AFM to study irradiation damage to materials, however never to the detail to actually see molecules.
These things were all done after I retired from physics so thank you for making me look at it again.

@Hanno No problemo.... just had me stretching my memory... what's left of it. 🙂


Comapred to 30 year average, Jan 2021 lower troposphere only 0.12 degrees higher than the average 288 Kelvin.


But since you asked: Out of Africa, String Theory, Covid being something that we have to do anything particular about, and we could go on and on - we are being overrun by an evil New Religion, and the Old Religions aren't laying a glove on it.

PS Gab going great, isn't it time to start crossposting your tweets?


is dark matter any thing like black lives matter, because they both seem to be causing controversy

1 to move forward ...not throw up your hands and




Granted, the amount I know about astrophysics could fill a thimble, but I was under the impression that dark matter was just a placeholder to account for mass that we know exists but cannot observe by any scientific means we have at present (hence the name "dark matter" ) versus an actual phenomenon that we have observed and measured?

EDIT: Never mind; watched the video. You're being critical of their use of a placeholder.


It is an interesting take. I have been watching Suspicious Observers for a number of years, and Ben Davidson has been debunking the main stream narrative on Dark Matter, WIMPS and some other 'grant' based politically funded 'science' for all the time I have watched him.

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